Do Tonneau Covers Save Gas Mileage?

Have you already purchased a cover for your cherished vehicle? It should fit it like a glove. Your stuff is completely secure now. So, you can start any journey you like. It can be a camping or hunting trip. However, do tonneau covers save gas? Do you care about your family budget? Or do you want to protect the environment? Actually, you can kill two birds with one stone. Don’t you believe it, guys? Let’s check, how it happens.

Benefits of Tonneau Covers

do tonneau covers save gas

Taking a drive would be great now. For example, riding along the LSD (Lake Shore Drive) is a perfect idea! Do you like fishing? Both Chicago River and Lake Michigan offer you a lot of unique opportunities. I’ve seen several smallmouths and crappies. They are not large, but delicious.

So, why don’t you stay in Chicago? If you’ve got the best tonneau cover for Silverado, it safeguards your stuff. Your fishing rods and the other tools can remain there. Until you see a museum or take a walk in Millennium Park, the items are safe. Thieves, if there are any of them, won’t catch sight of your luggage.

Additionally, the covers:

  1. Protect the vehicle from rain and debris.
  2. Make it look elegant and sleek.
  3. Increase the resale value of the truck.

Can you keep the stuff organized? With the quality tonneau cover for f150, it’s easier. The wind won’t shift them along the truck’s bed.

How do you keep things dry in a truck?

truck bed luggage storage

Do you like driving when the rain is pouring on you? By the way, strong thunderstorms and shower rains are expected just at the beginning of July. Going to a grocery store, would you like your cartons and bags to be dry? I think so. If they soak up with water, it’s crap.

Install the best tonneau cover for Tundra Crewmax, if you’ve got this truck model. No matter, if it’s made of durable vinyl or metal.

The accessory protects you from elements, such as:

  • rain;
  • hail;
  • snow;
  • sleet.

Is rainy season in your state coming only in fall or winter? It doesn’t matter. The cover protects the staff from heat and sunlight. Just shadow your belonging. The fabric won’t be discolored. The metal items, for example, parts of the tools, won’t heat up. So let’s discuss how to cut down the fuel costs.

How to Save Gas Mileage in a Truck?

The question is topical nowadays. Why is it vital to save fuel now? Quite naturally, money is a big deal. What about the environment? Waste of fuel is associated with the emission of greenhouse gases. According to the EPA Agency, transportation is among its basic sources.

Diesel and gasoline are combusted. The harmful carbon dioxide (CO2) gas is emitted to the air. What are the alternatives? Environment-friendly options include:

  • hybrid and all-electric vehicles;
  • new cars and light-duty trucks;
  • diesel hauling units with low CO2

What about gas savings? Will a tonneau cover improve mileage? Actually, you reduce your expenses if you avoid traffic jams. Tailgating and braking waste a lot of fuel. Bad weather is undesirable. However, modifying your vehicle is within your power. Streamlining the relief, you reduce drag. So, there are several steps that help you pinch pennies.

Do Truck Bed Covers Save Gas?

Aerodynamics of your truck is easy to improve. It’s smoother if you:

  1. Keep the windows closed at high speeds.
  2. Reduce the truck’s weight.
  3. Cover the truck bed department.

So, do tonneau covers really increase gas mileage? The empty bed creates resistance. During the movement, the air encounters a kind of barrier at the tailgate. Open windows create a similar effect. The air circulates, rotating, and a wind drug springs up.

Low-profile, smooth accessories eliminate this effect. The air flows directly, without any whirls. It streamlines the motion.

Truck Modifications

does truck bed covers save gas

Quite naturally, the installation of the accessory to the truck bed is a great opportunity. However, it’s not the only alteration that helps decrease mpg. To customize the vehicle, you can:

  • lower the tailgate;
  • replace the air filter;
  • keep the tires properly inflated;
  • use synthetic oil.

Consider transmission and engine options. I think diesel is more affordable. It’s a bit more environment-friendly. The automatic transmission offers better startability. Quite naturally, all vehicle components are to be in good shape and in the best possible condition.

Meanwhile, are there any acceptable alternatives for the truck beds? Caps are solid accessories. They are made of aluminum or fiberglass. The caps don’t only cover the bed. They cut the corners between the trucks’ tops and the bed departments. However, tonneau vs cap gas mileage is still a bit better. The covers are sleeker and they make the vehicle’s aerodynamic structure smoother. What do the experts say?

Do Tonneau Covers Save Gas, According to Mythbusters?

Do you watch the Discovery Channel? The popular fiction show has criticized the common opinions. The authors have tested the mileage with several options, such as:

  • tailgate down;
  • mesh tailgate;
  • the AC on.

Actually, a lot of mpg gains are myths. For example, Tacoma tonneau cover gas mileage would be similar, if the speed is low. If the traffic is high, on the city streets, you can hardly feel the difference.

Tonneau Cover Gas Savings Calculator

The fuel quantity depends on multiple factors. The speed, traffic, the vehicle condition matter. However, the difference exists. A 2007 study, conducted by the SEMA Association proves it. The drug coefficient at different conditions changes. Commonly, with a Ram 1500 tonneau cover, mpg reduces at 5-6.5%:

Tonneau CoverSpeed, mph/CoefficientImprovement, %
Vinyl40 - 0.966//68 - 0.966//85 - 0.9505
Fiberglass40 - 0.947//68 - 0.938//85 - 0.9356.5
Hard40 - 0.963//68 - 0.951//85 - 0.9505

At ideal conditions, tonneau cover fuel economy can make up 10-12%. However, I would take 5% as a real-life performance.

So, let’s estimate the results. Are the savings you get per year significant? The reference data are the following:

  • in Illinois, the average price per gallon of gas makes about $3.93;
  • average consumption is 18 miles/gallon;
  • you drive 10,000 miles per year;
  • the savings make about 5%.

So, you save about $110 per year. The amount is small. However, does a tonneau cover improve gas mileage? Of course, it does.

Common Judgment

I sincerely recommend this accessory to you. Not only because I like it. It looks like a final touch to the truck. The stuff is always dry, clean and well-organized. As to the savings, just calculate them. Or install the cover and feel the difference. The turn is only for the best.

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