How to Calibrate Speedometer for Larger Tires Chevy?

how to calibrate speedometer for larger tires chevy

The speedometer informs the driver about the speed of the car. These measuring devices are usually calibrated for the standard spare parts. Replacing spare parts, including the tires, may result in a malfunction in the speedometer performance. Tires of a bigger size can cause the device to show a lower figure than the true speed of the car. And tires of smaller diameter will indicate a higher speed of the car than it actually is. In this case, you can calibrate the speedometer. Let’s figure it out, how to calibrate speedometer for larger tires Chevy!

How Does Tire Size Affect Speedometer Reading?


How to Carry Luggage on Top of Car?

how to carry luggage on top of car

Spring is coming. Weather in April is still wet and cold. It’s changeable. Many states suffer from thunderstorms and heavy rains these weeks. They occur in many regions, from California to Florida, from New York to Texas. Would you like to go out for vacations right now? Bring a lot of essential stuff along. How to carry luggage on top of car? You’ll need a lot of things. Warm clothes and sunglasses, an umbrella and a swimming suit are necessary. How to handle your bulky stuff? There are several perfect options. Let’s consider each of them, studying their pros and cons.

Can I Put Luggage on Top of my Car?

Fortunately, it’s possible. Use your car roof as a second truck. It might be pretty spacious, able to hold your big and bulky stuff. Anyway, secure your load. You are to abide by your local road rules. In Illinois, each of your suitcases should not weigh more than 2,000 pounds.


How Many Amps to Jumpstart a Truck do I Need?

Summer adventures are amazing! With your commodious pickup truck, family trips are fascinating. You get the most possible flexibility, being able to haul and tow a lot of stuff. However, getting stranded on the road is not a piece of cake. How many amps to jumpstart a truck? A handy, heavy-duty jump starter saves the situation. However, use it properly to avoid damage or fire risk.

how many amps to jumpstart a truck

Cranking Amps vs Peak Amps


What are the Best Car Seat Covers for Hot Weather

best car seat covers for hot weather

Summer is coming soon. Here, in Illinois, it’s pretty cool yet. We enjoy some sunny days now. In May, it can be hot in daytime. Thus, it would be great to select best car seat covers for hot weather right now. They keep you cool in summer. The accessories allow airflow and stop you from sweating. So, which material is preferable? Do you like neoprene, leather or endure most of all? Let’s discuss their properties and benefits.

Weather Considerations


Tri Fold vs Roll Up Tonneau Cover – What is better?

Do you realize that you need the accessory? Whenever you are going camping or to a large city like Chicago, it’s essential. However, which type to prefer? What about the covers’ usability, durability, ease of installation? Let’s compare tri fold vs roll up tonneau cover.

The Need for a Tonneau Cover

tri fold vs roll up tonneau cover


Best Subwoofer for Trucks, Solid, Easy to Install

best subwoofer for truck reviewsHaving got a heavy-duty, full-size pickup truck like Chevrolet Silverado or GMS Sierra and taking care of its safety, performance and fuel economy is a good job. However, if you like listening to your favorite songs during the rides, the best subwoofer for truck is essential.

The speakers are designed to reproduce low bass frequencies, ensuring high sound quality, offering the best possible experience to the users. So, let’s check what are the best subs for trucks nowadays, which design and size to prefer, which materials are durable and which features are to be included. Let’s think about the installation peculiarities and the necessary output to enjoy the music like heavy metal or rap.


The Best Truck Mud Tires, Aggressive and Durable

best truck mud tires reviewsHaving got an impressive pickup truck like Silverado or Sierra, you definitely would like to go off-road, fishing, hunting or racing. Therefore, the best truck mud tires are certainly essential. Large or medium-sized, they secure the rides during any weather conditions, harsh and windy, when it’s snowing, raining, evacuating you easily from the muddiest spots and nooks.

Big mug tires for the truck may be noisier on concrete roads that all-terrain tires, suitable for gravel trackways, but indispensable on rocky terrain, snowy, sandy or muddy paths. Due to large lugs, big gaps in the thread, they provide reliable traction in dirt, sand, and mud.

So, what are the best mud tires for trucks? Which ones are the most functional, quiet and aggressive? Which tires ensure maximum gas saving? What are the best brands? Let’s check.


What do Fender Flares Do?

what do fender flares do

December is coming. Do you guys prefer cocooning in winter? I am sure you like gifts, celebrations, and cozy family parties. It’s pleasant to get useful Christmas gifts. Especially if they include accessories for your cherished vehicles. Do winter months suit off-road trips? Of course, they do, with proper safety measures. What do fender flares do? They protect your truck, enhancing its rugged look. Let’s discuss their role and function once again.


What Does BSW Mean on Tires?

what does bsw mean on tires

Tires are one of the car consumables that we buy most often. Sometimes you may hear the question: “what does BSW mean on tires?” Meanwhile, some people have gained so much expertise that they can buy tires with their eyes closed. Similarly, others experience problems when facing a wide range of options. Numbers, letters, codes, abbreviations – sometimes it seems that tire manufacturers have invented all that just to confuse us. But the truth is, all those specifications are needed to help us make the right choice. Once you figure out how to read tire codes, you will realize how much easier tire shopping will become. In this article, we are going to mention the most widely used markings and codes. Among all other things, you will learn what BSW abbreviation means and why it is important.

Tire specifications chart


How to Charge a Jump Starter Pack?

Do you experience issues with your truck battery? If these cases are often, it’s crap. Getting stuck along the way is a distressing thing. A portable battery booster is essential. However, how to charge a jump starter pack? The device is to be kept ready and at hand. In this case, just connect the cables, wait for some minutes and move on.

Benefits of Jump Starters