Best Tonneau Covers for Silverado, Water-resistant and Easy to Install

best tonneau cover for Silverado reviewsQuite naturally, you’ve got your awesome truck, spacious, powerful, and the factory option is quite sustainable. Meanwhile, selection, purchasing, and installation of the best tonneau cover for Silverado is very reasonable.

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The covering is essential to prevent moisture and eliminate any damage it could cause. The same concerns sun damage, debris, and thieves. Additionally, the sleek, low-profile truck design can ensure up to 12% fuel savings.

So, check our selection of the best pickup bed covers for Silverado. They are reliable, sturdy and fast to install. Their properties and durability are proven by the experts, backed by the manufacturers’ warranties. Above all, I have tested them personally on my cherished vehicle and those of my friends. So, what are the best truck beds covers? Let’s check.

Top Best Tonneau Cover for Silverado in 2019

Brand and nameMaterialWay of openingTypeWeight, poundsWarranty 
Tyger Auto TG-BC3C1007
(Editor’s Choice)
vinyltri-foldtent33lifetime Check Price
Tonno Pro 42-108
(Editor’s Choice)
vinyltri-foldtent32lifetime Check Price
BAK Industries 39120aluminumretractableroller shutters813-years Check Price
MaxMate TCC371004vinyltri-foldtent3210-years Check Price
Truxedo 272001 TruXportleather-grain, vinyl-coated (Velcro)roll-uptent265-years Check Price
Gator 59102vinyltri-foldtent30lifetime Check Price

1. Tyger Auto TG-BC3C1007: a Sealed, Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover Silverado

tri fold tonneau cover silverado reviewsThe product’s installation is beneficially intuitive, fast and easy. It takes only about 10-15 minutes. But only if the truck does not include a bed liner, installed over the rails. Otherwise, secure the cover by drilling several holes. If the bed liner is under the rails, no modifications are necessary.

Commonly, no-drilling mounting is stipulated. The tonneau cover package for Silverado vehicles is durable, proudly designed in the USA and patented. It includes a LED light, the assembled tent, the rear clamps (made of stainless steel). Also, weather seals and 6 securities (snap) straps that enable the easiest possible installation. Folding up and securing the tonneau cover to a vehicle is convenient, intuitive and straightforward. The clamps tuck away easily, without any efforts.

The tent itself is produced from the soft and reliable, vinyl (marine-grade). Also, the fabric is very tight, well-constructed. The frames are aluminum, strong and reliable. The rear clamps are rust-resistant, perfectly durable. Therefore, the covering is weather-resistant. Coming with the seals, protecting your cherished cargo from debris, moisture and any damage that could be caused by storm, rain or snowfall. It fits tight, even along the tailgate section.

Interesting benefits

The product is really durable; it is backed by the lifetime warranty. After the installation, it stands out by high stability. By design, it’s elegant and low-profile. Therefore, your Silverado vehicle looks sleek. Additionally, it allows for significant gas savings (10% – 13%). So, I advise you this product as the most long-lasting and user-friendly item among the best pickup truck covers.

Note! The item fits 2014-2018 Silverado, GMC Sierra 1500, 2550 and 3500 vehicles. But only the models that come with 6.5-feet long beds, not equipped with Cargo Management System (utility rails). The cab size can be disregarded, as it actually doesn’t matter.

  • quick mounting;
  • durable;
  • weather-proof;
  • water-resistant;
  • sleek design;
  • tight fit;
  • strong fabric;
  • lifetime warranty;
  • reliable construction.
  • if the bed liner is available, holes are to be cut to secure the clamps.


The tonneau is durable, protecting the cargo protection safely, fast-to-install. The heavy-duty frame and rear clamps are backed by the lifetime manufacturers’ warranty. The tent fits the Silverado, GMC Sierra models with 6.5-feet long beds. However, for the vehicles, coming with over-the-rails bed liner, some modifications are to be made before the installation.

2. Tonno Pro 42-108: The Best Folding Tonneau Cover for Silverado

waterproof tri fold tonneau cover guideThe product is very similar to the previously reviewed item. It is black, sleek and reliable, made of vinyl (marine-grade), double-sided. But a bit different, 24.5 oz-thick, polyester material. It comes with the textured finish, being extremely strong and durable. A LED light, gloves and vinyl cleaner are included, being a pleasant addition or complement to the set.

The package includes nylon connectors and aluminum, epoxy-coated frames, Terylene stitching, a Q-seal gasket, and rubbers seals. That is watertight! The snap clip fastening system and rim-sealing technologies are patented and unique.

Thus, the tonneau cover for Silverado is durable. It is backed by a lifetime warranty, withstanding really harsh weather conditions. It is easy-to-install, during up to 10 minutes. Additionally, due to low-profile, sleek design, it ensures up to 10% of fuel savings. Therefore, I recommend this product as one of the best Silverado cases. For beds with a length of 6.6 feet, Chevrolet Silverado 2014-2018 and GMC Sierra 2500 truck models.

  • tear-resistant;
  • durable;
  • strong fabric;
  • easy to install;
  • weather-resistant;
  • low-profile design;
  • compact folding.
  • the tonneau cover does not fit the Silverado vehicle’s front part.


The Tonno Pro tri-fold tent is weather-proof and durable. It is produced from the strong vinyl fabric, with aluminum frames, seals and connectors. The design is patented, slide-lock. Tonneau cover fits the tailgate section of the Silverado or Sierra vehicle. But not the front part.

3. BAK Industries 39120: Chevrolet Silverado Hard Tonneau Cover

retractable truck bed covers waterproof reviewsIf the question “Are tonneau cover waterproof?” is primary in your opinion, when you are selecting this essential accessory to fit your cherished vehicle, turn your attention to the BAK products. 39120 Revolver X item is one of them. It is beneficially made of hard aluminum, standing out by automatic rolling technology.

The roller shutters fit 2014-2018 Sierra and Silverado truck models that come with 5.8-feet long beds.

Quite naturally, no tonneau cover is 100% water resistant. But the rolling rails are reliable to keep your cargo safe, dry and clean. They are lockable, protecting the load from snow, water, debris and even burglars in the most reliable way. The accessory is equipped with the specially designed and patented drainage system. That is very efficient and durable. It collects moisture into the unique, shock-proof canister. And removes it through a hose. Therefore, it is recommended for the northern states and the regions with cold, snowy winters.

The tiny gaps in the 4 corners still exist, but they can’t allow any damage to the stuff that is temporarily situated within the Silverado or Sierra tonneau. The cover that is completely made of metal is the strongest and the most reliable. The frames are made of aircraft-grade aluminum that is black, powder coated, ensuring a stylish, elegant look.

Interesting benefits

Meanwhile, the retractable tonneau cover for pickup trucks withstands heavy weight. For example, an adult person can be standing on it without causing any harm to the construction. So, you can imagine any uncommon use of the item. Additionally, the item that consists of the separate slats is extremely easy to operate. It can be opened from any side, with one hand only. Enabling the ergonomic use of the tonneau area for cargo transportation. It fits all truck bed parts tightly.

However, the installation to your Sierra or Silverado vehicle can be a bit complicated and tiresome. It commonly takes up to 45 minutes, being not the fastest for the beginners. The tonneau cover comes with a 3-year warranty, standing out by top quality and durability.

Warning! The coat contains harmful chemicals that can cause birth defects or cancer, being known in California state. So, I would recommend you to avoid staying in the garage for a long time.

  • durable;
  • water-resistant;
  • reliable;
  • lockable;
  • easy-to-use;
  • one-handed operation enabled;
  • efficient drain system;
  • strong structure.
  • a bit complicated to install, especially for beginners.


The Revolver X from BAK Industries is a hardtop cover for Silverado, durable and moisture-resistant. It is made of the strongest possible, aircraft-grade aluminum that is black. Powder-coated for a great, stylish look. It is easy to use, openable from any side. Meanwhile, the mounting is not very easy.

4. MaxMate TCC371004: a Pre-Assembled Chevy Silverado Truck Bed Cover

chevy silverado truck bed cover guideTonneau cover is very similar to the first two products that were previously reviewed. Its basic material (the fabric) is vinyl, 24-oz-thick, and 3-layer, as well as the Tiger Auto product. This fabric is initially designed for jet skis, yachts, and the other marine applications. So it guarantees reliable protection against moisture.

The product belongs to the watertight truck bed covers. As its moisture resistance is pretty good. 10-year manufacturer’s warranty is great proof of the fact. The frame is aluminum, strong and durable. What is unique and patented, is the sealing system. That includes the tailgate seal, metal clamps, produced from stainless steel, safety straps, weather-sealing hinges, and crossbar supports.

Interesting benefits

Quite naturally, the tonneau cover ensures low-profile Silverado design, enabling up to 13% gas savings. However, fast and easy installation is among its basic benefits. The tent is pre-assembled, so it takes only 10-15 minutes to mount it, following the necessary steps:

  1. attach the item to the bulkhead, located in the front part of the freight area;
  2. unfold it;
  3. fasten the available clamps.

Any complementary tools are not necessary. However, if the bed liner is over the rails, 2-4 small holes are to be drilled. A LED light and the essential hardware are included in the package.

So, I recommend the tent for the 6.5-feet tonneau vehicle models (fleetside type), such as:

  • 2007-2013 GMS Sierra and Silverado 1500;
  • 2007-2014 2500 and 3500 HD vehicles.

Warning! However, it doesn’t fit 2007 Classic model.

  • pre-assembled;
  • easy to install;
  • water-resistant;
  • reliable;
  • patented design;
  • durable;
  • 10-years warranty;
  • low-profile;
  • comfortable access.
  • minor modifications are required for the vehicles with bed liner.


The MaxMate product is produced from vinyl, with aluminum frames and metal clamps, being perfectly water-resistant. It is pre-assembled, easy and fast to install, durable and efficient, coming with 10-years warranty.

5. Truxedo TruXport 272001: A Roll-up Tonneau Covers for Pickup Trucks

roll up tonneau cover silverado guideIf you have measured your truck bed, making sure that its length is 6.6 feet, and your vehicle model is 2014-2017 full-size Chevrolet GM. The roll-up tonneau cover from Truxedo is the suitable one.

A great tent is soft, economical, easy to mount and, quite naturally, weather-tight and moisture-resistant. Unlike the hard truck bed covers, it is lightweight. Thus, being almost as strong as the items that come with the frames made of aluminum, the roll up bed cover is beneficially versatile. She being easy to roll-up when necessary. It fits the vehicles with irregular beds. You can remove it. Going to transport large items. Or close instantly when it starts raining.

The latching system includes two rails, a spring-loaded header (pre-assembled) and the tailgate lock. Additionally, the lockable soft tonneau cover is adjustable, coming with the tensile control system, allowing you to keep it always tight. The installation is the easiest possible, clamp-on. It takes only about 20-30 minutes, requiring no drilling or additional tools.

Finally, with the tonneau cover, your truck will take on the stylish, neat and sporty look. Due to the low-profile design, sleek appearance, aerodynamic contouring, you can save up to 10% of fuel. It also maintains security thanks to the latch system. So, I recommend the tonneau cover as a durable, reliable and moisture-resistant accessory.

The fabric is lather-grained, soft, but long-lasting (Velcro), backed with 5-years warranty. It is liable to reproductive harm and cancer California state warning, but it’s ok if you are using the tent outdoors and don’t contact it for a long time.

  • soft;
  • versatile;
  • intuitive, clamp-on mounting;
  • reliable latching system;
  • 5-years warranty;
  • elegant, sporty look;
  • fuel savings up to 10%;
  • sturdy.
  • the tent rubs against the rear window of the vehicle.


The tonneau cover is roll-up by nature, soft and versatile. Fitting the vehicles with irregular beds. It is water-resistant due innovative latching system. Adjustable, equipped with tensile control. It is durable and reliable, featuring 5-years manufacturers’ warranty.

6. Gator Tri-Fold (59102): a Locking Tonneau Cover for Chevy Silverado

tri fold hard tonneau cover silverado reviewsIf you focus on the question “Are truck bed covers hard?”. Don’t reject this top-quality item that is beneficially soft. It fits 6.5-feet long fleetside bed, 2007-2013 GMS Sierra and Chevy Silverado vehicles.

The item belongs to the most popular, tri-fold type. Being easy to mount, open and use. The tent is made of the textured, tear-resistant, vinyl panels. The frame is made of rust-resistant, anodized aluminum. Including support cross-bows. Due to the unique tailgate lock and full-perimeter sealing, the tent withstands harsh weather conditions, snow, rain, and hail. It guarantees complete protection against debris and elements. Additionally, the frame is backed by a lifetime warranty. Vinyl is backed by 10-years warranty.

The tent is equipped with the manually adjustable and reliable latching mechanism (tailgate lock). Belonging to the bed locker truck bed covers. Additionally, being low-profile, it makes your cherished vehicle look stylish and sleek. Thus, fuel savage is definitely enabled. The percentage is not specified by the manufactures. Check it personally, and be favorably surprised!

Finally, the mounting process is intuitive and quick, taking up to 15 minutes. The set includes the handy fastening buckles that help the tent stay secure during the rides.

  • durable;
  • strong frame;
  • easy installation;
  • fastening buckles;
  • perimeter sealing;
  • tailgate lock;
  • stylish look;
  • reliable protection.
  • the fabric is not completely tight.


The Gator tri-fold tent for Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra is soft but weather-proof and moisture-resistant. It is made of the up-to-date vinyl fabric. Includes the strong aluminum frame. As and the reliable latching mechanism. It is black, sleek and low-profile. Looking great and enabling gas savings. So, I recommend it highly for the corresponding Silverado and Sierra models’ owners.

Buyers’ Guide: Best Tonneau Cover for Silverado

The better and quality coating to Silverado is essential as it offers several benefits, such as:

  1. fuel savings and improved efficiency;
  2. secure and safe cardo transportation;
  3. seamless cargo organization;
  4. increased resale value of your Silverado or Sierra vehicle.

The benefits of purchasing and installing a tonneau cover are evident. Meanwhile, which item to select? So, taking into account the purpose of the vehicle customizing that is the cargo protection or improving the style, look and design, first of all. Consider the vehicle model, make and type. Don’t forget to measure the tonneau from the bulkhead to the tailgate.

The other basic factors to consider are:

  • compatibility (availability of bed liner and its type);
  • ease of installation;
  • use and maintenance.

The covers’ types of are to be considered, as well.

Tonneau Cover Types

In terms of the way of opening, the products are:

  • rollup;
  • retractable;
  • foldable.

A power retractable tonneau cover is rigid and hard. And most importantly, it comes with a canister for water collection and automatic mechanisms. Rollup items ensure comprehensive coverage of the cargo department. They are made of different materials, hard or soft. Those, however, all of them are designed to be efficiently rolled up and down the tonneau. Folding tonneau covers are also made of various materials. But tear-resistant vinyl is extremely popular. Meanwhile, they all come with strong aluminum frames.

Additionally, the accessory to purchase may belong to a tent or roller shutter type. Tents are faster to install and fairly simple. However, they are not the most cold-resistant. And they don’t ensure complete protection against burglars. On the other hand, roller shutter tonneau covers are more complicated in terms of installation. As well as, they are not as moisture and dust resistant as their soft counterparts.

Meanwhile, all products I review herewith are top-quality, easy-to-mount, weather-proof, safe and moisture-resistant. So, I hope, this article helps you to take an informed decision, and customize your Silverado truck efficiently.

Final verdict

As for me, all tri-fold tonneau covers I review herewith, are very similar. However, I recommend the items that come with the lifetime warranties, as they are the most durable and long-lasting. So, the product of Tonno Pro Company is the best tonneau cover for Silverado. The item from BAK Industries is completely different as is belongs to retractable, roller shutter type. Additionally, pay your attention to the Truxedo Cover that is roll-up, soft, and therefore, lightweight and versatile.

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