How to Keep Luggage Dry in Truck Bed?

Fortunately, your vacations are coming soon! Your kids and the other family members are looking forward to summer adventures. Pack properly, using a checklist. Don’t forget about the money, documents, drinking water. Now, how to keep luggage dry in truck bed? Your cargo is to be protected from rain, wind, moisture. Direct sunshine is also undesirable. It would heat your suitcases. The bags’ color should not fade away. More, you can take your best travel tripod for mirrorless camera transport it to any place without any problems. And you can definitely take the best shot of the whole family! So, let’s check how to keep your packages dry, safe and secure.

how to keep luggage dry in truck bed

What is the Weather Like in August?

August is known to be the warmest and the sunniest month in the year. This tendency is experienced all over the USA and in multiple other countries. Temperature is commonly high during this month. It reaches 85-90 degrees. Sometimes temperature extremes up to 100° F happen.

However, Illinois is not the hottest state in our country. The weather here is quite stormy in August. Rains in some forms are expected from 13 to 31 days. Heavy thunderstorms happen. Humidity is high. Climate change is still a menacing issue. So, you would need a tonneau cover for f150 for sure. Quite naturally, if you’ve got this truck model. Protect your stuff from fog and haze.

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Where Do and How You Spend Your Vacations?

Days in Illinois begin to cool. Do you like swimming and sunbathing? I think you can have a good time without driving a long distance. If you like fishing or camping, there are a lot of charming lakes in Illinois, for example:

  1. Michigan;
  2. Carlyle;
  3. Sara;
  4. Rend.

The scenery and nature are fantastic around the lakes. Don’t forget to visit some attractions, like Lincoln Park or Anderson Japanese Gardens. Otherwise, you may go to a seaside resort somewhere in Florida or California. That’s a long way!

So, traveling in a pickup truck, you can take a lot of luggage along. Quite naturally, some safety measures are essential. Regular technical inspection is to be conducted. Meanwhile, safe travel involves keeping your gear and supplies dry and protected.

How Do You Pack a Truck Bed?

how to keeping cargo dry in truck bed

Traveling by cars like a sedan, SUV or wagon, you would place all your stuff to the trunk. There, your things are protected and within your reach. In your powerful vehicle, they are loaded to the truck bed. Quite naturally, you can fit many bags to your F-150’s or Ram 1500’ extended cab. However, not all the stuff you have.

Meanwhile, suitcases in the back of the truck are to be properly packed and protected. A tonneau cover for Ram 1500 is one of the best solutions. It protects your stuff from multiple threats such as:

  • burglary;
  • overheating;
  • rain;
  • sunshine;
  • wind;
  • sunshine.

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So, how do you pack? I would start with the gear. Place the extra wheels or tires and a toolbox. If you have not got it yet, buy it and place all the essential tools inside.

Heavy loads are to be kept in front of the bed. It would make steering more efficient. The cab should not be much more lightweight than the truck bed. Use straps and tie-downs, if necessary.

How to Keep Cargo Dry in Truck Bed?

Your bags are to be stored properly both in your house and in your vehicle. They are to be cleaned regularly, kept in a dry, cool environment and properly positioned. What is the material your suitcases are made of? Strong, waterproof nylon and plastic are commonly used. Black is a good color, stain-resistant. However, it fades, being exposed to sunlight.

A Toyota Tacoma tonneau cover is made of marine-grade vinyl or metal. The fabric is durable, tough and tear-resistant. It’s weatherproof. Metal accessories are powder-coated, made of lightweight aluminum or reliable stainless steel. They are rustproof. A cover ensures a safe and dry ride.

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Are Truck Bed Covers Waterproof?

The accessories are moisture-resistant. The fabric that is vinyl or nylon is 100% waterproof. However, some seams or gaps at the edges exist. Some drops of water can penetrate inside. The parts that save the situation are:

  • weather seals;
  • drainage systems (with tubes and canisters);
  • reliable clamps and shims.

Choosing a tonneau cover, consider its waterproof properties. The level of water protection is a bit different. It depends on the accessory’s design and material. The products, made of tough polymer or metal materials are considered to be better in terms of water protection. They are a bit more secure and sleek that the soft ones.

Traveling Security Issues

During the trip, you are to ensure the security of your stuff. How to make it possible? In this case, it doesn’t matter how to tarp a truck bed. It is to be sheltered by anything, that is a tarp, large cargo bag or a tonneau cover. Meanwhile, homemade sealing should be secured by something like a bungee or cord.

The thieves just should not be able to access your truck. That is, to do it in an unnoticed manner. Therefore, pack your luggage in the area that is:

  • well-lit;
  • visible;
  • near the entrance to the parks and gardens.

Your truck is to be in the front. People entering and leaving the tourist attraction should see the vehicle. On the contrary, your suitcases are to be invisible or hidden, out of the thieves’ sight.

Are you looking for the most secure tonneau cover? Any accessory of this kind, soft or hard protects your cargo. It keeps it out of plain sight. Additionally, a good tailgate lock is essential. Anyway, it’s recommended to drive directly to your destination. Parking in the hotel garage is much safer than on the way.

what is a hard tonneau cover

What is a Hard Tonneau Cover?

The accessories made of tough materials like metal, plastic or fiberglass, are a bit more reliable than soft ones. They are sleek, low-profile, gas-saving. The covers don’t swing in the wind during a thunderstorm. The load capacities of these products are much higher.

Therefore, the best tonneau covers for snow are:

  1. retractable;
  2. hard roll-up;
  3. hard folding.

These products protect your luggage from moisture in the most reliable way. They are equipped with useful drainage systems and seals.

Arranging safe and accurate truck bed luggage storage, make it easy. Don’t think about the packing trivialities, focus on your impressions. Quite naturally, it’s better to park only at your destination, inside a hotel garage or your own one. However, you may be driving a long way, for example to California. Why should you avoid seeing the sights? Just protect your stuff, using a tonneau cover. Leave your truck in a visible area and enjoy your vacations!

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