Best Snow Chains for 4×4 Trucks

best snow chains for 4x4 trucks reviewsWinter season, even with heavy snowstorms is not a good reason to get out of off-road trips. However, the weather might be unpredictable, making us to search the best snow chains for 4×4 trucks, to enhance traction.

Aggressive truck tires with really deep treads are also essential to retain grip with the slippery road surface. Adding them together with the heavy-duty truck tire chains, you completely eliminate the risk of getting trapped in snow or bad terrain, in cold weather.

Thus, what are the best snow chains for 4×4, how to fasten and clean them? Which brands are reliable? Let me clear up the matter, expediting your snow chains selection task.

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Best Snow Chains for 4×4 Trucks in 2024

#1.SCC ZT751
  • Items in the Set - 2
  • Sidewall Clearance, mm - 8
  • Weight, lbs - 14.35
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#2.SCC QG2228CAM
  • Items in the Set - 2
  • Sidewall Clearance, mm - Class “S”
  • Weight, lbs - 27.5
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#3.SCC SZ462
  • Items in the Set - 2
  • Sidewall Clearance, mm - 8
  • Weight, lbs - 5
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#4.SCC 0232805
  • Items in the Set - 2
  • Sidewall Clearance, mm - Class “S”
  • Weight, lbs - 15.56
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#5.KONIG XB-16
  • Items in the Set - 2
  • Sidewall Clearance, mm - 16
  • Weight, lbs - 15.35
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#6.Glacier 1042
  • Items in the Set - 2
  • Sidewall Clearance, mm.
    - Class “S” (15-22 mm)
  • Weight, lbs. –12.70
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  • Items in the Set - 2
  • Tire Width, in. – 6.5-10.8
  • Weight, lbs. - 10.48
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1. SCC ZT751: Small-Clearance Tire Chains for a Pickup Truck

mud chains for trucks reviewsZT700-series snow chains are versatile, belonging to the Super Z product line from the stellar SC Company. Initially, they were marked as Super Z LT products, aimed at light trucks. They fit SUVs, pickups, sport and utility vehicles with restricted (class S) clearance, being the best tire chains for snow plowing, performance and user-friendly.

The snow chains are cable by nature, flexible and simple to fix, coming with self-adjustable, rubber tensioners. Meanwhile, they are much more durable, reliable, tougher than the items, intended to cars. The massive devices’ weight is indicative of their stability.

Thus, the accessories are fast to fasten, self-adjustable, requiring no stops on the road. The snow chains for trucks suit various control systems, such as AWD, ABS, anti-lock brakes, etc. they are secured from the risk to damage the thread surface.

Interesting benefits

Ease of placement implies virtually no risk of abuse. The adjustable tire chains are advisable to put on in a garage before you get in a snow trap. The gloves, delivered with the parcel, are plastic, efficient only to keep your hands dry and clean. Thick, warm, protective ones would be opportune.

Note: I strongly advise to check the size that fits your pickup truck model and makes on Amazon. Or take a look at the “Fit Guide” page on the manufacturer’s site.
  • tough and durable;
  • self-adjustable;
  • small clearance vehicles fitment;
  • stable.
  • flimsy containers (plastic boxes) coming in the sets.


The ZT751 snow chains for trucks by SCC are tough and reliable, self-adjustable and easy to maintain, simply the best tire chains for front wheel drive. They fit multiple restricted-clearance vehicles, being compatible with various control systems.

2. SCC QG2228CAM: Best Manganese Alloy Snow Chains for Light Trucks

snow chains for light trucks guideThe metal, heavy duty off-road tire chains from the famous Security Chain brand are markworthy counterparts of the flexible and compact SCC cable chains. They are durable and sturdy, based on the rust-resistant manganese steel.

Due to the yellowish chromate finish, the snow chains look high-end and luxurious. Their massive weight is indicative of their enhanced performance. Therefore, the snow chains for trucks are thick, fitting the vehicles with common clearance, taking a lot of space. Meanwhile, they enable maximum traction and withstand cold temperatures, so, I would call the devices the best snow chains for off-roading winter trips.

Features and Specifications

The snow chains for trucks are intuitive to install, adjustable by handy CAM tools, enabling quick grip. Certainly, detailed mounting instructions are clear and complete. But still, the installation still takes some time (15-30 minutes). As a result, efforts, as only a physically strong person, can cope with it.

The snow chains fit all light trucks models with 265/70-17-size tires and sufficient clearance. The exact fit is highly recommended to check in the PDF application table.

  • solid and durable;
  • cold-resistant;
  • handy cam tools;
  • heavy-duty.
  • common sizing issues.


The QG2228CAM snow chains for trucks are thick, metal, really solid, ensuring optimal traction with the wet or icy roads. They fit various vehicle models with the special tires’ sizes and sufficient clearance. The installation is fast and intuitive, requiring some time and physical strength.

3. Security Chain SZ462: Best 4×4 Snow Chains

tire chains for ice guideIf you strive after ensuring the best possible braking and hauling performance, lean toward these durable and functional cable snow chains for trucks. They are lightweight but highly efficient and versatile.

The super Z-series snow chains are Z-patterned, top-quality accessories, made of manganese steel. They are semi-rigid, ensuring super reliable traction, even in the harshest road conditions. Due to the diagonal pattern, the devices enable advanced starting, stopping, cornering and control that means your ultimate security on the slippery roads.

The accessories are intended for vehicles with restricted clearance. The size selection might be a bit daunting as the snow chains for trucks fit exactly the wheel’s diameter and the adjacent space. Checking the table on the manufacturer website or the corresponding Amazon page might be essential.

Commonly, the snow chains are intended to be installed on SUVs, minivans, passenger (class S) cars. Including commercial ones, medium-sized and small. They are promoted as commercial truck snow chains. Aimed at various all-wheel-drive cars, SUVs, and pickups with a weight of fewer than 20 thousand pounds.

The snow chains for trucks suit the vehicles with electronic braking and traction control systems. The special rubber tensioners simplify the devices maintaining, entailing no dangerous necessity to stop and pulling them tighter on the way.

Useful information

The placement is pretty easy and intuitive, taking up to half an hour. Moving or lifting the vehicle is not necessary. Just put the accessories on. Protective gloves are beneficially included in the package. Additionally, the snow chains for trucks are sophisticated. They don’t damage any tire parts. So, the accessories are highly recommended to all winter driving enthusiasts.

  • great traction performance;
  • easy to install;
  • require only the minimal clearance;
  • advanced, Z-shaped patterns.
  • additional rubber tighteners are difficult to find in a store;
  • the speed limit of 30 mph should not be exceeded.


The Z8 cable snow chains by SCC are durable, lightweight and reliable. Their installation is quite intuitive, requiring no vehicle move. Due to the advanced, diagonal pattern, they help to improve hauling and control. According to customers Amazon, chains are great for Ford f250 and Dodge Ram 2500.

4. SCC Peerless 0232805: Emergency, Off-Road Truck Tire Chains

heavy duty truck tire chains guideExperiencing any emergency situations, like getting stuck in mud, sand or snow, you would need really reliable, metal, link chains for trucks to improve traction. These anti-skid, abrasion-resistant snow chains are irreplaceable on long trips that include off-road traveling, camping or mountain tours.

The devices are made of an innovative, high-tech metal alloy that is lightweight, safe, tough and temperature-resistant. Due to the special composition, the snow chains cause no damage to the tires, makes less noise than the other chain models, cable, diamond or link ones. I guess the alloy might be based on aluminum.

So, the snow chains for trucks are helpful in winter, during bad weather conditions, on slippery, icy or wet roads. They withstand low temperatures up to -60° F, ensuring great anti-skid effect, being durable and tough.

Additional information

Actually, I think, they are less hard-wearing than the other metal accessories, such as the Konig-branded or so.

I guess, only two options are possible:

  1. The chains for trucks might be soft and flexible, like cable ones, making the reduced impact on the tires and wheels.
  2. Or durable and tough tire chains.

A kind of golden medium may exist, but the alloy properties are fixed.

Meanwhile, the snow chains are versatile; they fit all car and truck models with the 8.7-8.9”-wide tires. 3 pieces are to be installed on every wheel. Thus, the set is sufficient for 2 wheels, front or rear ones. Additionally, the chains for trucks are equipped with handy fasteners, being fast and intuitive to install. Just press the special buckle, hold it, stretch and fix the strap.

  • versatile;
  • easy to install;
  • temperature-resistant;
  • storage bags and the gloves included.
  • manually adjustable.


The snow chains by Big Ant are versatile, fitting all car and light truck models with the definite tire width. They are completely metal, temperature-resistant and anti-skid, rescuing the vehicle from any emergency situation. At that during all seasons, on sandy or snowy roads.

5. Konig XB-16: Durable and Reinforced, Just the Best Tire Chains for Mud

best tire chains for mud reviewsGoing skiing to the mountain regions either living in northern states with heavy snowfalls, select the top-quality, user-friendly snow chains. Established in 1966 in Italy, the Konig brand has been recently obtained by the Australian Company (Schneeketten AG). Thus, the certification is imposing, a 5-year warranty is provided, and the quality is corresponding. As to me, the accessories are the best snow chains for light trucks.

The devices are to be manually tensioned. At least 2 stops are required: to mount and to adjust them. Meanwhile, the snow chains are user-friendly, intuitive to install, intended to the heavily snow-crowned Alps areas, initially.

Thus, they are heavy-weight, made of the real, superior-grade steel metal, durable and innovative by design. Firstly, chains for trucks are fixed by the advanced locking devices, making a reduced impact on the tire surface. Secondly, shortening hooks are beneficially available, being closed, and handy. Further, self-tighteners work well. However, several adjustment sessions are desirable. And it’s better to make the most reliable D-shaped link instead of connecting red-to-red locking devices’ parts.

Additional information

The snow chains for trucks are aimed at SUV vehicle category, being marketed as consumer accessories (not professional ones). They fit 15-20-inch rim diameter wheels and various light-duty truck models, like Dodge Ram 1500.

Note: I strongly advise to check the size that fits your pickup truck model and makes on Amazon. Or take a look at the “Fit Guide” page on the manufacturer’s site.
  • made of the solid metal;
  • aimed at mountainous areas;
  • durable;
  • user-friendly.
  • work best by 20 mph speed;
  • several retightening sessions might be essential.


The XB-16 (size 267) snow chains for trucks from the well-reputed and experienced Konig Company are advanced and long-lasting, fitting the vehicles with up to 16-mm clearance. They are manually tensioned, but intuitive to put on, highly efficient, so, I think, the devices are the best snow chains for 4×4 trucks.

6. Glacier 1042: Metal Snow Chains

snow chains metalHave you got these devices as a Christmas Gift! No, it’s not a metal necklace or bracelet! This accessory is useful. Harsh weather conditions are presumable in winter. So, these snow chains help you on the road. Will they provide maximum traction with the road? I doubt it.

These snow chains are rather compact and lightweight. They are classified as ladder-style chains. These cable devices consist of multiple steel rollers. So, they are not as rough as diamond-pattern devices. But they improve tire-to-road contact. These devices are low-profile and low-duty.

Will they fit your powerful light-duty truck? They are designed for passenger cars, SUV and pick-up vehicles. Check your owner manual. It is to be specified. Meanwhile, have you recently installed larger tires? Restricted wheel well clearance is not a problem. These snow chains find enough space around fenders and strut housing.

Quite naturally, these low-profile devices have a lot of benefits. Thanks to electro-galvanized coating, they are rust-resistant and long-lasting. They ensure vehicle stability on the road, reducing vibration and noise. The chains are easy to put on your tires and pretty functional.

  • lightweight;
  • functional;
  • easy-to-install;
  • low-profile.
  • not designed for heavy-duty use.


I recommend this Glacier snow chains for light and medium-duty use. They help you on the road or highway. The chains ensure smooth ride during a blizzard or snowstorm. But you might need better devices, riding on snowy mountain trails.

7. MATCC with Upgrade TPU: Versatile Emergency Snow Chains

anti slip snow tire chainsAre you going skiing on the mountain? Using snow chains is essential to keep your vehicle moving. They increase traction and help you in emergencies. Why don’t you use these perfect Autmor accessories? They are made of TPU plastic. Is it durable and long-lasting?

Thermoplastic polyurethane is a high-tech elastomer. It stands out by high chemical and abrasion resistance. It has properties of rubber and plastic. TPU material remains flexible in low temperatures. It’s lighter and more elastic than PVC. TPU is used for production of gaskets, hoses, and seals.

Benefits of TPU Automotive Parts

So, in comparison with metal snow chains, these accessories have a lot of benefits. They are lightweight and gentle to your tires. They don’t rust or damage the wheel. These accessories are yellow, eye-catching and well-made. Are they more affordable than metal tire chains? They should be less expensive. But these 6 pcs fit 2 front wheels. So, the difference in prices is slight. Your 4×4 vehicle needs 2 sets to cover all 4 wheels.

These items are intuitive to install. They are equipped with belts and metal buckles. So, just adjust the width and fix the belt. A child, a woman or a person that suffers from arthritis easily secures the chains. It takes not more than 5 minutes. Additionally, the set is compact, easy to store. A convenient carry bag, gloves, and a snow shovel are included.

These chains are versatile. They fit any car, truck or SUV model. Can they ensure a strong grip with the road? It’s possible due to anti-skid nails. They dig into ice and snow. The system is efficient in rainy or snowy weather. If you get stuck, it helps you.

TPU vs Metal

The nails are made of polyurethane material. Are they more abrasion and wear-resistant than metal parts? I doubt it. Tensile strength of TPU plastic is about 5,076 psi. Carbon steel is about 10 times stronger. It has 58,000- 79,800 psi. So, I am not sure polyurethane withstands pressure while braking on the ice.

Is TPU resistant to low temperatures? It stands cold, up to -122°F. Steel is not worse. It withstands -115 degrees for sure. However, if it’s colder, the metal might become brittle. So, Autmor snow chains are preferable in freezing conditions.

  • lightweight;
  • compact;
  • versatile;
  • flexible;
  • easy to install.
  • check chains durability after several months of practice.


I guess Autmor snow chains are made in China. They are top-quality and efficient, made of strong TPU material. So, I recommend the chains to 4×4 vehicle owners. Use them in emergencies. But the chains are not durable enough for heavy-duty applications.

Buyers’ Guide + FAQ

Going traveling in winter, especially on off-road trails, select the snow chains in beforehand. Together with the best truck bed weight aggressive truck tires, they improve traction with the road, starting and braking. These helpful accessories rescue the vehicle from sand or snow trap, avoiding any tow truck fees and long delays.

Here you can see more information about best truck bed weight!
Is it difficult to select the best snow chains for 4×4 trucks? Not at all, just consider their type, brand, clearance, and fit. Commonly, the devices fitment determinants are based on three measurements: wheel diameter, rim height, and width. It’s essential to check all of them, if only you don’t deal with the versatile items aimed only at the special tire width. The vehicle type, like “P” – passenger cars, or “LT” – light trucks can be specified before the rim width designation. Consider also the clearance, to avoid any mistakes.

Here can see still more information about best aggressive truck tires!

What is Better: Tire Chains or Cables?

There are 3 principal types of chains for trucks:

  • cable;
  • link;
  • diamond.

Cable snow chains for trucks look like the metal strips located horizontally on the thread surface. Cable chains vs link chains are more flexible, compact, suiting the low-clearance vehicles, easy to install and maintain, in the meantime performance and reliable.

Diamond devices stand out by the special diamond patterns, being intended to the electronic-control vehicles, like with AWD braking systems.

Diagonal, zigzag-patterned link chains are known as highly efficient ones, providing the best performance, cornering and stopping.

Thus, the difference between snow cables and chains is not critically important. As all of these top-quality accessories are hard-wearing and reliable. Consequently, able to provide the rescuing traction with the icy, wet or slippery road surface.

How Much Do Snow Chains Weigh?

Chains for trucks are commonly lightweight. These constructions are simple, intuitive to use and maintain. Actually, the devices’ weight doesn’t depend on their type, but only on the application and design. I think, weighty snow chains, based on the premium steel grades, are the best tire chains for a truck. It is more durable and hardwearing than the accessories produced from the other materials.

How to Install and Maintain Snow Chains for Tires?

First of all, I would like to remind you, that it’s recommended to add the chains to all four wheels, if you own a 4×4 truck, to enable the best possible result and traction. It’s possible to mount only a pair of the well-suited snow chains (on the front wheels) if the snowbanks are not huge and you use reliable snow tires.

The top-quality snow chains for trucks are intuitive to install, as all of them are equipped with special tensioners or tools. You just need to unpack the accessories, place them, align and fix or tighten.

Additionally, it’s recommended to remove and clean the accessories after each use. They are to dry out in the proper conditions, as the metal accessories still may get rusted if they stay wet hour upon hour.


The cable SCC ZT751 snow chains are recommended for the low-clearance vehicles. I think the best snow chains for 4×4 trucks are the accessories by Konig, heavy-duty and user-friendly, intended to harsh weather conditions and mountainous areas. The QG2228CAM chains for trucks by SC Company are preferable, solid and cold-resistant.

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