The Best Shocks for Dodge Ram 1500 4×4: Adjustable and Durable

best shocks for dodge ram 1500 4x4 guideHaving got a light truck, like a Dodge Ram, you are definitely going to use it heavily, on sandy, rocky, snowy or wet trails. Therefore, the best shocks for Dodge Ram 1500 4×4 are essential! To make the rides smooth, damp the motion, absorbing the bumps.

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Your cherished vehicle is to be always in good condition, withstanding quick stops and starts, potholes and bumps, common while traveling off-road.

Worn parts are dangerous, increasing the driver’s and the passengers’ discomfort, imposing multiple road risks.

Best Shocks for Dodge Ram 1500 4×4 in 2019

However, when to replace these vital truck components? What are the Dodge Ram shock replacement signs and rules? Which brand, type and model to prefer? Let’s check.

Brand and ModelTypePackageInstallation timeWeight, poundsWarranty 
Bilstein 24-187374
(Editor’s Choice)
monotube2 front+2 rear
1-2 hours6.45lifetime Check Price
Bilstein 24-187367monotube gas-filled2 front1-2 hours15lifetime Check Price
Rough Country 366HPSD4 shocks + front coil springs3-4 hours73lifetime Check Price
Monroe 58640
(Editor’s Choice)
ASD2 rear2 hours or less11.022-year Check Price
Rancho Quickliftgas-charged2 rear shocks +
2 front struts
2-3 hours65lifetime Check Price
DTA 70004gas-charged2 front struts, 2 rear shocks2-3 hours54lifetime Check Price

1. Bilstein 24-187374 Kit: Best Shocks for 4×4 trucks

best shocks for 4x4 trucks guideAppreciating the top shocks quality, durability, safety on the roads, prefer Bilstein brand accessories. The 5100-series truck parts are extra high-performance, making your rides on various terrains comfortable.

The shock absorbers are settable by height, extremely durable, long-lasting, but still amazingly lightweight. They level your Dodge Ram perfectly well, adding 2.5-3” on the front and 0.75-1 inch on the rear part. Due to unique, innovative construction (a muscular tube and numerous grooves of snap rings), the shocks for Dodge Ram hold pressure perfectly well, positioning the springs at the necessary height.

They maintain consistency during the long drives, eliminating hardness. Damping is quite exact with the kit. Additionally, the shocks ensure better heavy hauling and maneuvering in comparison with the similar items. Lifetime warranty is a great durability proof. So, I recommend the item to you as the best pickup truck shocks.

They are quite versatile, fitting 2009-14 year models, but only the 4WD ones. As to the installation, it’s quite easy, bolt-on. Only the air leveling bags are excluded.

  • durable;
  • high performance;
  • perfect maneuverability;
  • increased comfort;
  • bolt-on mounting.
  • a bit stiff, but not harsh.


The 5100 series shocks for Dodge Ram by Bilstein are top-performance and durable, covered by lifetime warranty. They enable amazing maneuverability and hauling. Additionally, the shock absorbers are fast to install, and they perfectly level the Ram vehicle.

2. Rough Country 366H: The Best Shocks for Lifted Trucks

best shocks for lifted trucks reviewsThe Rough Country’s suspension kit with shock absorbers is more functional than similar products. It is performant and heavy-duty, meeting the drivers’ and off-road enthusiasts’ needs in the most complete way. So, I call it the best shocks for Dodge Ram 1500 2wd (as it’s the only 2WD-modification-fitting item reviewed herewith).

The 2.0 series, strong shock absorbers are premium, performance. They are steel, nitrogen-charged to increase strength and the stability of the ride, coming with strong and thick springs. With this perfect set, the Dodge Ram ground clearance is increased, leveling its rear with the front. So, if you experience the special “nose down” problem, it is perfectly corrected.

The 3-inch lift kit is completely ready-to-install, including the essential U-bolts. The installation time is about 3-4 hours, being quite easy. Just use some force to recompress the shocks, then check that U-bolts are straight while tightening.

The heavy-duty shocks for Dodge Ram 1500 with leveling kit fit perfectly well, but only the 02-05 year (2WD) modifications. Additionally, the wheel backspacing is to be not less than 4.5 inches, and the preferable tire dimensions are 12.50*33”. Oversized tires like 17s-20s fit great.

  • corrects “nose down” problem;
  • strong and durable;
  • bolt-on mounting;
  • perfect truck look;
  • smooth ride.
  • it takes some force to install.


The suspension kit from the Rough country is strong and heavy-duty, durable. It can be called the best shocks for 2004 Dodge Ram 1500, intended to bolt-on mounting, including the hardware. Additionally, it ensures smooth rides on any trails.

3. Monroe 58640: The Best Off Road Shocks for Truck

best off road shocks for truck guideRear-drive pickup trucks like Ram are to withstand any terrain and weather conditions, enabling really smooth and comfortable rides. Therefore, the load-adjusting, high-performance kit from Monroe is highlighted as the best shocks for 2004 dodge ram 1500.

Coming from the leading global brand, they adjust automatically to the actual road conditions and the truck weight, temperature and relief extremes. The shocks for Dodge Ram are working perfectly consistent, providing truck stability and ensuring reliable control. They include heavy gauge springs that are calibrated to ensure superior or extra comfort during both normal and extreme driving.

With this kit, you can transport tons of loads, and the Ram’s bottom is perfectly lifted and tackled. Meanwhile, the shock absorbers are a bit soft on the light truck, being amazingly good when it’s empty. In this case, the back is 1-3 inches up, and the ride could be a bit noisy.

Interesting features

Among the basic shock’s benefits is its all-weather fluid, important while having long-time rides or in the mountains when the weather is changing frequently. Due to the special modifiers as important ingredients, the fluid reduces friction. Efficiency and durability of the shocks for Dodge Ram have ensured thanks to the innovative valve system that is full displaced and the piston, coming with a fluon band, which enhances sealing, improving control.

The installation is not difficult, actually. However, be aware that the spring can’t be pressed by hand; it’s strong. Additionally, you might need to buy and replace some bolts and nuts.Generally, I recommend the product as the best shocks for 4×4 trucks like Dodge Ram, as they are good when carrying heavy loads, withstanding all weather conditions, ensuring comfortable rides.

  • self-adjusting;
  • all-weather;
  • heavy-duty;
  • strong and durable.
  • a bit noisy with the empty truck bed.


The shocks for Dodge Ram from Monroe Company are self-adjusting, fitting all weather and road conditions, durable and heavy-duty. They lift the Dodge Ram back at some inches, making the rides with empty beds a bit noisy, but still comfortable.

4. Rancho Quicklift: The Best Shocks and Struts for Trucks

heavy duty shocks for dodge ram 1500 reviewsThe assembly kit has got SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) award in 2006. Therefore, it is justifiably listed within the best shock brands for trucks. It consists of 2 front struts (with springs) and 2 rear shocks that are ready to bolt-on mounting, including the necessary nuts, bushings, shock boots, a mounting plate, and washers.

Factory bolts are suitable, as usually. The installation takes up to 3 hours when done by beginners, or only 1 hour or even 30 minutes with experienced drivers and professionals.

So, let’s proceed with the product’s benefits. It is height-adjustable, featuring 9 ride settings, depending on the road surface type like the highway or rocky trails. It means improved road feel and quality. Additionally, the shocks for Dodge Ram are beneficially versatile, suiting any driving conditions.

They can be manually tuned (by the adjustment knob on the shock’s base), depending on the terrain type or your preferences. It is possible because of the velocity-sensitive valve that regulates the hydraulic damping force proportionally to the compression, changing the resistance properties.

The front lifting you get is about 2-2.5”. Meanwhile, large tires or wheels can be used, enabling the most comfortable and powerful off-road riding. Additionally, your vehicle looks really great with the kit, due to the Ram 1500 rear suspension upgrade, and the tubes are durable, because of the stylish Liquid Metallic finish.

Note: The kit fits 2009-2016 4WD Dodge Ram 1500 modifications.

  • height adjustable;
  • durable;
  • 2-2.5-inch suspension;
  • bolt-on mounting;
  • stylish look.
  • instructions could be more clear.


The kit of top-quality struts and shocks for Dodge Ram by Rancho Quicklift is award-winning, durable and high-performance. It’s very fast to install because of a bolt-on package, and easily adjustable according to the terrain type.

5. DTA 70004: The Best Shocks for Semi Trucks

best shocks for semi trucks guideThe 4-pcs set fits 2006-2008 4WD Dodge Ram modifications. It consists of two front struts (plus springs), two rear shocks. The tubes and the coil springs are black, powder coated, micro polished and stylish, securely protected against moisture, heat and corrosion.

The struts are filled with nitrogen; the beneficial, SV3 (all-weather) fluid is available, ensuring smooth and comfortable rides. Additionally, due to the advanced insulation of the spring seats, the special, multi-stage valve & shim design, your drive is really quiet.

The unit is easy to mount. It fits the specified modifications perfectly well. The package includes spring isolators, bearing plates, a bootkit, and the spring seat. The shocks for Dodge Ram are pre-assembled, minimizing the mounting time.

Generally, the products and components, produced by DriveTech America, LLC, are 100% new, meeting the highest OEM standards, of completely guaranteed top quality. They are TUV, SUD, ISO 16949:2002 certified. Therefore, I include the kit to this review, highlighting it as the Dodge Ram 1500 shocks best fitting the specified Ram modifications.

  • all-around spring seat welding;
  • durable thanks to beneficial friction reduction;
  • all-weather fluid;
  • quiet rides.
  • the spacers are not included.


The DTA shocks for Dodge Ram are top-quality, certified according to the highest international standards. They are pre-assembled, intuitive and fast to install, ensuring quiet, smooth rides.

6. Bilstein Monotube Gas Kit: The Best Truck Shocks for a Smooth Ride

best truck shocks for a smooth ride manualThe shock absorbers belong to the same outstanding 5100 series of the famous American Bilstein Company. However, they are based on gas pressure, to enable maximum performance and wear-resistance. Application of oil and nitrogen lets avoiding fading and minimizing bubbling.

Mono-tube, gas-filled shocks for Dodge Ram are preferable than twin-tube ones, as due to the innovative design, heat formation is beneficially prevented, it dissipates more efficiently. Viscosity loss and oil foaming are eliminated. Therefore, high-performance, longevity, and durability are achieved.

Lifetime warranty is included, and it speaks favorably for the kit’s top quality.

Additionally, the shock absorbers lightweight, which matters to have a comfortable, stable and well-controlled ride. They perfectly fit Dodge Ram vehicles (2009-2016, 4WD), meeting their high dampening, off-road demands.

The set consists of two front, aluminum shocks for Dodge Ram, zinc-coated that enables increased protection. Neoprene bushings, self-locking nuts, and washers are included, making the installation procedure really fast and easy. Factory bolts can be reused during the mounting; if your ones are broken, worn down or corroded, purchase the new ones in beforehand.

Interesting benefits

Installation flexibility is achieved; so, you can select the best-suited installation position. Actually, the mounting is not difficult: just remove the available, worn shocks and fix the bought ones instead. Only a wrench is necessary. So, just put the wheels back on the Dodge Ram, and that’s all.

Generally, I recommend the set to all drivers as the best all around truck shocks, durable, efficient and advanced.

  • stable, smooth rides;
  • ground clearance improvement;
  • durable and top-quality;
  • responsive to the road;
  • easy installation.
  • may settle a bit later; the lift may slightly change or drop.


The front, monotube, gas-filled shocks for Dodge Ram by Bilstein are extremely efficient, durable and high-performance. They enable smooth comfortable off-road rides, loaded or empty, safe and protected from any elements and moisture.

Buyers’ Guide

Wondering, what are the best shock absorbers for trucks, you may realize that this question is a bit challenging or even daunting. You may need to study a lot of expert and customers’ reviews, watch installation videos and ask your friends about the brands they prefer. Otherwise, view here forum, or read this product review to take an informed decision.

So, selecting the best shocks for Dodge Ram 4×4, consider:

  • your pickup truck model and modification;
  • driving conditions;
  • installation ease and usability;
  • materials;

Shock absorbers are commonly made of aluminum or steel. Aluminum parts are better than steel ones as they are lightweight and adjustable.

Basic Types of Shocks

By design, there are 2 popular parts:

  1. twin tube
  2. mono-tube

Twin-tube items are divided into gas-filled, position (or velocity) (PSD) and acceleration (ASD) sensitive damping.

Nitrogen is used to minimize aeration, reduce fade and response time.

PSD shocks for Dodge Ram are based on the valve position to improve comfort and control.

ASD truck parts focus on compression valve’s impact, automatically adjusting to the current road conditions.

Mono-tube shocks are commonly gas-charges and include 2 pistons: dividing and working ones. They are lightweight and running cooler than twin-tube shocks.

The Time to Change the Factory Shocks

To avoid accidents, pay attention to the shock absorbers’ worn signs, taking into account:

  • their age;
  • driving surface type and condition;
  • mechanical damage (oily covering);
  • unstable driving due to degraded shocks.

How to Change Front Shocks on Dodge Ram 1500

Having got a bolt-on, pre-assembled kit, prepare the essential wrenches, oil, jack stands, and bolts, when necessary. Proceeding with the replacement:

  1. Lift the vehicle.
  2. Remove a front wheel.
  3. Unscrew the top and bottom shock bolts.
  4. Remove the old shock.
  5. Install purchased one, tightening lower nut initially, next top one.

Final Verdict

I think the best shocks for Dodge Ram 1500 4×4 are the ones coming from Bilstein brand. They are perfectly lightweight and durable, made of aluminum. Additionally, the kits are versatile and responsive to the read, increasing the truck’s maneuverability. To withstand various, fast-changing road conditions, I would also recommend the kits from Rancho Quicklift or Monroe that is easily adjustable and ready for the bolt-on installation.

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  1. 1

    I am new to American brand trucks. I moved to the US from Europe and bought my first truck just a few months ago. Turns out it needed new shocks and I was not sure what to get. My friend is going to install them but he told me that I had to pick. His one recommendation made this list so I will probably go with that kit.

  2. 2

    I just ordered Bilstein 24-187374 Kit based on your review here. I think overall, out of all of the ones mentioned, that is the best. I looked at the reviews on Amazon as well. Very glad it was in stock and at a reasonable price too. I don’t mind any stiffness, it is worth the other pro features.

  3. 3

    Very solid reviews my man. I was trying to find the best shocks for my baby. She recently had a lot of work done and needed new shocks. The fella at the garage wanted to charge me a hefty fee to order some as well as a charge for labor. I told him I would find a kit and cut down the cost. Glad I found this page.

  4. 4

    The Rough Country 366H shocks are wonderful if you know what you are doing. I do not recommend them to someone who tinkers around with trucks for fun. If you have experience working with shocks, great! If not, buy them and have a mechanic put them on because they can be difficult to work with.

  5. 5

    I was having issues with my shocks and it was recommended to get new ones. I saw some options online and wanted to look into some reviews before I bought anything. This has been super helpful. I appreciate the unbiased feedback. I think it might be worth it to review “the worst” in terms of truck parts just so people can see why not to buy certain parts.

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