Best Exhaust Systems for Silverado 1500 in Terms of Performance and Sound

best exhaust system for silverado 1500 reviewsChevrolet Silverado is a powerful, full-size pickup truck to handle heavy loads. Its exhaust system is essential to have the burned fuel and air mixture removed. So, even if the factory one is efficient in the sound muffling, creating sufficient backpressure, there comes a time to change it. Why does it? It is necessary to improve the driving, making the gases to escape fast and easily. The best exhaust system for Silverado 1500 increases power, decreasing pressure while getting rid of fumes and increasing the BHP (brake horsepower).

So, don’t forget to take into account the sub model and the engine type (for example, 4.3L or 6.2L) and let’s think about the preferable type and material. Which parts – cat-back or axle-back are better? Which material to prefer – aluminized or stainless steel? Let’s go into details.

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Top 7 Best Exhaust Systems for Silverado 1500 in 2022

#1. Borla 140537
  • Material - T304
  • Exit number - 2
  • Outlet diameter - 2.25
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#2. MBRP S5085AL
  • Material - Aluminized
  • Exit number - 2
  • Outlet diameter - 2.5"/3"
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#3. Flowmaster 817669
  • Material - T409
  • Exit number - 2
  • Outlet diameter - 2.5
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#4. Flowmaster 17395
  • Material - Aluminized
  • Exit number - 2
  • Outlet diameter - 2.5
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#5. Dynomax 39311
  • Material - T304
  • Exit number - 1
  • Outlet diameter - 3
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#6. Gibson 60-0029
  • Material - T409
  • Exit number - 1
  • Outlet diameter - 4
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#7. Truck Exhaust Kits
  • Material – aluminized
  • Exit number – 1
  • Outer diameter – 2.5”
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1. Borla 2.75″ Inlet x 2.25″ (140537): The Best Exhaust System for GMC Sierra and Chevy Silverado

best exhaust system for gmc sierra reviewsThe exhaust system is top-quality and performant. It ensures 7-10% of torque and power increase, significant fuel economy, especially at high speeds, streamlining exhaust flow. ATAK is the loudest Borla system, producing great, aggressive sound.

All components including the muffler, tubes and tips are made of T-304, aerospace-grade stainless steel, guaranteeing long-lasting durability and the perfect rust-resistance. It is backed by one-million-mile manufacturer guarantee, being really reliable and long-lasting. The construction is welded, made of mandrel bent tubes that reduce restriction to increase the gas speed.

The inlet diameter is 2.75”; the outlet diameter is 2.25” the tips’ diameter is 4”. The tips’ length is 14”, so, they will never be too short for you Silverado truck. Quite naturally, they are mirror-polished to ensure the best possible look and maintenance-free operation. The construction is split, coming with two rear pipes and tips. It includes the muffler, produced according to the straight-through patented technology to unleash the engine’s hidden horsepower.

The multi-core technology is also the unique Borla’s invention that enables the perfect exhaust system sound, avoiding the constant interior vibration, absorbing the undesirable sound waves.

The system is easy to mount, as it is to be completely bolt on, including all the necessary parts, such as:

  1. muffler;
  2. connecting pipes;
  3. tips;
  4. hardware.

Every configuration is custom designed to fit the special truck model, and make. By the way, it fits 2014-2017 GMC Sierra and Chevy Silverado pickup trucks. Please, check your vehicle’s sub model to make sure of the right fit.


The Borla-brand exhaust system is powerful and efficient. Combining the benefits of straight-through and multi-core technologies, ATAK-system mufflers produce the best, aggressive and vibration-free sound. The system is extremely durable and long-lasting, made of rust-free, T304 alloy. Additionally, the system ensures significant horsepower and torque increase, as well as fuel economy. So, it’s the best exhaust system for Silverado 1500 that is made of stainless steel.
  • durability;
  • reliable, rust-resistant material;
  • loud, aggressive, deep sound;
  • easy installation;
  • million-mile warranty;
  • accurate fit;
  • great performance;
  • maximum flow;
  • significant MPG (miles per gallon) gain.
  • welded tailpipes.

2. MBRP (S5085AL): The Best Exhaust for Silverado

best exhaust for silverado reviewsIf you want to make your truck sound like a tiger, it’s your choice. The kit is high-performance, designed to reach significant improvements in horsepower and torque. It is made of 16-gauge stainless steel, comes with an aluminum coating, standing out by the improved corrosion resistance abilities. The seams are welded, aluminum-silicon coated that grants increased durability.

After the easy and intuitive installation, you can count on your Silverado pickup. With this aftermarket part, it gets better throttle response and much more pulling power. Backed up by more than 20-years long brand history, MBPR products are top-quality and efficient.

The single side set that includes a muffle and the only one exhaust tip is beneficial, as it is comparatively lightweight, due to its large, 3” diameter. Thanks to less restrictive, sweep-back, minimum degree mandrel bends, exhaust flow is extremely smooth.

The tip is mirror polished, made of T304 grade stainless steel, looking great and stylish after the installation. By the way, the exhaust system is easy to install to multiple Silverado 1500 submodels, as the bolts are included in the kit. The installation takes only about an hour. Just unscrew the stock exhaust, hang the system up and tighten it after all kit parts are on. The kit arrives, being already assembled, so you can remove the old one as it is, in one piece, and attach the new system easily. Check again that the bolts are tightened properly to ensure your driving safety. So, the exhaust system delivers great, mellow exhaust sound, enabling significant fuel economy. It fits perfectly, like a glove. Additionally, the exhaust system is durable and reliable, backed by a 3-year warranty.


The MBPR exhaust system is made of aluminized steel, being lightweight and rust-resistant. Being single-side, it ensures great power, performance, torque and throttle response, as well as fantastic sound. The tip is polished, looking great. Additionally, the installation is fast and easy.
  • lightweight;
  • top-quality;
  • durable;
  • efficient;
  • powerful sound;
  • easy installation;
  • rust-resistant;
  • significant torque and horsepower gain;
  • fuel economy;
  • mirror-polished tip.
  • the end piece may be a bit short, requiring extra length to be added.

3. Flowmaster 409S (817669): The Best Exhaust for 5.3 Silverado

best cat back exhaust system reviewsThe exhaust system is manufactured in the USA, according to the patented and innovative Delta Flow technology, and covered by lifetime warranty. Therefore, it’s even more durable and corrosion-resistant than the previously reviewed product.

It stands out by aggressive sound, great tone, offering significant benefits such as improved mileage, horsepower and throttle response to the drivers and car enthusiasts. As most of the top-quality Flowmaster exhaust systems, it is made of the 409-grade ferritic alloy that includes 11% of chromium, some titanium to ensure better corrosion resistance.

Meanwhile, it comes with a split rear exit, including 2 tubing lines and tailpipes. The outlet tube diameter is 2.5 inches; the tip diameter is 3.5 inches. Quite naturally, the tip is polished, made of 16-gauge, thick-wall metal, looking natural. The set also includes 40 Super-series muffler that is original, made of stainless steel, universal fit.

By the way, the exhaust system fits several truck models, such as Chevrolet Silverado 4.3L (V6) or 5.3L (V8) gas engines, produced not early than in 2014 and GMC Sierra 4.3L and 5.3 L. Please, check your pickup sub model thoroughly. It does not fit 2-piece drive shift-models like Crew Cab 2WD.

So, I can recommend the product to you as the best exhaust system for gmc sierra. It comes with dual mandrel bend exits that enable maximum exhaust gases flow, including all the necessary parts, enabling easy, bolt-on installation.


The Flowmaster exhaust system is durable and corrosion-resistant, made of premium-grade stainless steel, ready-to-install and top-quality. It arrive with dual tailpipes and polished tips and original muffler.
  • stainless steel construction;
  • lifetime warranty;
  • manufactured in the USA;
  • Delta Flow advanced technology;
  • great, aggressive sound;
  • easy fit;
  • easy to install;
  • heavy-duty;
  • original muffler included;
  • increased torque and power;
  • suitable for several applications.
  • the clamps require re-working.

4. Flowmaster Cat-back System (17395): Dual Exhaust for Chevy Silverado 1500

best dual exhaust system reviewsThe exhaust system is made of aluminized steel. Therefore, it’s extremely lightweight, but, frankly speaking, not the most durable or rust-resistant. The kit is promoted as suitable for NASCAR races due to its outstanding performance and great, aggressive look.

The system type is dual out/single in. Dual out same side (D.O.S.S.) exhausts are beneficial as they guarantee maximum gas flow, increased fuel mileage, throttle response, power and acceleration. It is Dyno tuned for the best performance and RPM range that are continuously tested and improved when necessary.

The product is ready to install to your Silverado pickup, including all the required parts, like:

  1. chambered muffler (super 40 series);
  2. intakes;
  3. headers;
  4. downpipes;
  5. test pipes;
  6. hardware: bolts, hangers and clamps.

Therefore, it is easy and fast to install, easy fit. The installation commonly takes from 30 minutes to 1 hour. The exhaust system produces moderate to aggressive, full volume sound, perfect exterior and interior tone, famous for American Thunder series. The exhaust boasts of mandrel-bent (16 gauge) pipes, dual exits, side location. The inlet pipe diameter is 2.5’; the outlet tips diameter is 3”. Quite naturally, the tips are polished, made of T304 alloy, round, rolled-edged, slant-cut.

However, please, pay attention that it fits only short bed, extended bed truck models, coming with 143.5” wheelbase. The engines to feet are 4.8L and 5.3 L, 2WD/4WD, 1999-2006 Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra ½ ton pickup trucks. Therefore, I would like to recommend the kit as the best exhaust for Chevy Silverado.


The exhaust system is lightweight and corrosion-resistant, made of aluminized steel. It comes with dual exits, side location, Dyno tuned, chambered muffler. The kit ensures great performance, 5-10% of throttle response and mileage increase, power and superior gas flow. It produces quite an aggressive sound, not too loud, but pleasant.
  • lightweight;
  • Dyno-tuned;
  • rich sound;
  • dual exits;
  • ready-to-install;
  • heavy acceleration, mileage and power increase;
  • hardware included;
  • amazing performance;
  • easy fit.
  • some hangers and supports issues.

5. Dynomax (39311): The Best Exhaust System for Chevy Silverado 1500

best stainless steel exhaust system reviewsThe kit is proudly made of stainless steel, standing out by the perfect durability and lifetime warranty. Therefore, its rust resistance is the best possible. The exhaust system’s design is welded, straight through, ensuring maximum exhaust gas flow, reducing back pressure, optimizing the potential Silverado engine’s power.

The system comes with a single inlet and outlet, coming with the natural finish. The muffler is Dyno-proven, Turbo-style, supporting increased (2,000) horsepower, up to 2,000 SCFM (standard cubic feet per meter) exhaust gas flow.

The muffler exterior surface is blemish-free, satin, thanks to “micro finish” innovative technology. The tube inside is continuously perforated, to enable better operation. The total system’s finish is natural; the tip is polished. Both the inlet and outlet pipes diameters are 3”, ensuring uninterrupted gas flow. Meanwhile, the tip is made of 304-grade alloy, round, slant-cut, but single-wall, coming with the non-rolling edge.

Additionally, the kit is bolt on, easy to install, easy fit. However, I am not sure about the submodels it fits. It definitely fits 5.3L and 4.8L, extended cab, 2WD models. But, if you are selecting the best exhaust for 6.2 Silverado, please contact the manufacturers or the sellers to verify that it really fits.


It is produced according to the unique, CRF technology (Continuous Roving Fiberglass), to produce, perfect, loud, deep sound, that is free of interior resonance, vibration, and drone. Ultra Flo exhaust systems from DynoMax are famous for top quality and great performance.
  • 100% welded;
  • stainless steel;
  • extreme durability;
  • lifelong guarantee;
  • bolt on kit;
  • perfect exterior finish;
  • Dyno-proven;
  • CRF technology;
  • deep, loud, resonance-free tone;
  • perforated pipe interior;
  • uninterrupted gas flow;
  • perfect fit.
  • a bit too loud.

6. Gibson 60-0029: The Exhaust Systems with the Most Elegant Chevy Silverado Exhaust Tips

best performance exhaust systems reviewsThe system is similar to the previously reviewed ones by the application and construction. It is designed for acceleration, horsepower and torque increase, fuel economy. However, its tip looks completely different, being black, ceramic-coated, 6” in diameter, 18”- long.

The tubing system and the muffler itself are made of the 409-grade ferritic alloy that includes titanium and chromium (11%). It resists corrosion better than the other metals. Therefore, it is backed by a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.

The mandrel bent tubing diameter is large; both intake and outlet pipe diameter is 4” that definitely streamlines exhaust gas flow, improving the Silverado vehicle’s performance. The system comes with the round, 6”- diameter muffler, standing out by chambered and baffled design. The tubing is quite straight-through, with the minimum bend angles, ensuring the easiest gas flow, minimizing the pressure. Therefore, its single exit is located near the rear tire, on the passenger side.

Metal Mulisha-series exhaust systems are among the most top-quality products. They are produced in the USA, by the California-based, family-owned, Gibson (Performance Exhaust) Company. They feature Super Flow mufflers, producing really aggressive, deep ear-thumping tone.

The exhaust system is ready-to-install, bolt-on, including all the necessary hardware. It’s easy to fit, but, please, be careful, as the kit is compatible with 78 various Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra submodels and all of them come with 5.3L engines. As to the 5.7L trucks, please, check it, as this newest part may have a different number.


Gibson 60-0029 exhaust system is large-diameter, made of corrosion-resistant, 409-grade steel alloy. It comes with the stylish, ceramic-coated, black, 18-inch long, single tip, powerful muffler and 4” diameter pipes. So, I can recommend it as the best exhaust for 5.3 Silverado.
  • loud sound;
  • great corrosion resistance;
  • streamlined gas flow;
  • high-flow muffler;
  • easy to install;
  • large pipes and tip diameters;
  • ceramic-coated tip;
  • lifetime warranty.
  • comes with temporary, U-bolts (the hangers or clamps break down easily and require welding).

7. Truck Exhaust Kits: High-performance Exhaust System

high-performance exhaust systemDo you want to save on your cherished Silverado Vehicle? If you are upgrading it, I am sure you don’t. Just make a great investment. Customizable system by Truck Exhaust Kits is durable and top-quality. Aluminized steel is perfect material. It’s lightweight, heat-resistant, and rust-proof.

Have you decided to convert your single exhaust system into a dual set? It’s a wise decision. It lets you improve performance of your heavy-duty truck. You get more horsepower due to faster air moving. It means faster cylinders and engine operation. Being a responsible driver, you’ll appreciate it for sure.

Parts and Installation Issues

You can be a budget-minded car enthusiast. Price matters, but it’s not decisive. You get a complete system in a parcel. Basic parts and hardware are available. They include:

  1. Ф top-quality (1 chamber) Flowsound muffler.
  2. 18-inch long mandrel-bent tubes.
  3. 9 saddle clamps.
  4. 4 rubber hangers.
  5. 2 slash-cut tailpipes.

The manufacturer recommends professional installation. The kit is not the easiest DIY accessory. What is the challenge? The muffler comes with a 3” inlet. You may need an adapter to connect it to your truck’s catalytic converter. Additional pipes might be necessary.

If you’ve got a regular cab model, the pipes would be too long. With a couple, two, three adjustments, you can install it yourself. So, you get deep, loud sound. Moderately aggressive muffler enables pleasant throaty tone. I also like the way tailpipes look! They are so shiny and elegant.

Don’t forget to check the fit. There are several Shop Line exhaust system sizes. This kit suits all wheelbases, but only 8 or 6-cylinder gasoline engines.

  • deep loud sound;
  • elegant shiny look;
  • terrific performance;
  • durable, long-lasting material;
  • top-quality, moderately-aggressive muffler.
  • installation is a bit challenging;
  • you might need to buy some parts and accessories additionally.


Shop Line exhaust system by Truck Exhaust Kits is durable and long-lasting. It looks perfect, produces deep and loud throating sound. Upgrade your off-road truck, improving its performance. It lets you overcome all obstacles on your way.


  • What is the Best Material for Exhaust?

Aftermarket, performant exhaust systems are commonly made of various rust-resistant, long-lasting alloys. The parts built from aluminized steel, are covered by aluminum-silicon alloy by hop dip method, while the piping inside is metal, heavy-duty and strong. These constructions are extremely lightweight and corrosion-resistant. But, they are still not so long-lasting as the stainless steel systems, being usually covered by 3-year manufacturers’ warranties.

The 409-grade stainless alloy that includes chromium and titanium is among the most recommended ones, as it stands out by corrosion-resistance, strength, durability, and cost-efficiency. Additionally, 304 – grade steel with nickel and chromium content is among the best materials for top-quality, reliable exhaust systems’ production, coming with lifelong warranties.

  • What is a Cat Back Exhaust System?

It is designed for replacing some system’s components. The system starts with the back of the available catalytic converter, consisting of several parts such as a muffler, tailpipes 1 or 2 tips and connection pipes. This type of exhaust system is the most popular. The other one is an axle-back system that includes only the tailpipes and sometimes a muffler, missing some piping parts.

  • What is a Full Exhaust System?

It commonly includes an exhaust manifold, a catalytic converter and a cat-back system itself. The catalytic converter can be removed completely or replaced with a high flow unit; the manifold is often replaced with headers, to allow less restrictive airflow and increase the Silverado truck’s horsepower.

  • What Type of Muffler Should I Get?

Mufflers can be positioned in different ways such as in direct lines with the pipes, in a side-to-side position (with 2 tailpipes). However, the basic muffler types are:

  1. chamber one, coming with a filter, producing the specific sound tone, as it cancels out the sound waves;
  2. straight-through muffler that consists of:
  • a straight, perforated pipe;
  • fiberglass isolation;
  • steel wool.

Straight-through mufflers are preferable in terms of performance, but they are louder.

Buyers’ Guide: How Does the Best Exhaust System for Silverado 1500 Works?

Your pickup truck’s engine produces power, creating waste gases that are to be removed fast and efficiently. Therefore, the exhaust system stipulates the vehicle’s performance and power.

Initially, the manifold carries the exhaust gases (emissions) to the catalytic converter, that reduces the toxins and harmful substances amount in the gas.

Afterward, the exhaust pipe carries the gas to the muffler, designed for reducing the noise. Therefore, the customers, who think about how to choose a muffler, want to get a loud, aggressive, or pleasant sound to feel great or just to avoid vibration, drone, and headache.

Tailpipes and tips are the last system’s section. They are offered in great versatility, being of various diameters, constructions, made of different steel alloy, and the truck performance depends on your choice.

How to Improve the Silverado Vehicle’s Performance?

Upon the installation of an aftermarket, top-quality exhaust system, the emissions flow is optimized by:

  1. eliminating restrictions;
  2. increasing the pipes’ diameters;
  3. scavenging.

To have the emissions evacuated fast and restriction-free, minimize the backpressure, the pipes’ diameter shouldn’t be reduced. Therefore, the advanced, mandrel bending method is applied. A flexible, inside steel rod is used to avoid collapsing or wrinkling from the inside or crushing. Therefore, the inner pipe’s diameter doesn’t change, and the recommended Gibson system is a good example.

Quite naturally, the pipes diameters are to be as large, as possible. They provide high, more efficient flow, maximizing the engine’s power and torque. Scavenging means vacuuming effect that pulls exhaust gases out and draws oxygen quickly into the cylinders. It happens when the exhaust pipe installed is fine-tuned and restriction-free. Additionally, a rumbling, aggressive sound is to be produced, and it depends on the muffler.

Single vs. Dual Exit Systems

The exhaust systems, coming with the only one tailpipe and one tip, are great for upgrading as they ensure significant performance, horsepower and torque gains over the factory parts. It is achieved due to beneficial mandrel bends and large tube diameters. These systems are commonly more lightweight than dual-exit ones, and easy to install, requiring no adjustments or welding.

On the contrary, the exhausts that come with 2 tailpipes and 2 tips, are preferable due to perfect, hot rod styling, but are similar to the single-exit ones in terms of performance.

The Other Factors to Consider

Knowing the complete answer to the question “What is cat back exhaust systems for trucks like Silverado 1500?”, check also your pickup submodel and engine type. Selecting the aftermarket parts, pick out only the systems that are:

  • branded;
  • top-quality and reliable;
  • bolt-on;
  • mandrel bent.

A large pipe diameter is preferable, but the difference from the factory one should not be too significant, to avoid the engine power loss.

Additionally, wondering what muffler fits my truck, I am to calculate its size according to the flow rate, the Silverado engine’s HP and the pipe diameter. However, picking out one of the recommended items, you can disregard all of the estimations, as the manufacturers have already responded to all of the factors in the best way.

Conclusive verdict

All of the Silverado 1500 exhaust systems I recommend herewith are durable and reliable, easy to install, powerful and stylish. All of them ensure from 5 to 10% of torque, power and mileage increase, offering the significant fuel economy. However, for long-lasting use and lifetime warranty, select the kits that are made of the most rust resistant, 304-grade steel, like the Borla and Dynomax systems. Additionally, the Flowmaster products offer premium, stylish design due to dual-exit construction; the Gibson’s exhaust’s look is unique because of black, ceramic-coated, large-diameter tip.

So, don’t forget to check your Silverado 1500 submodel and engine type fit, spend only about an hour or two on the installation. And start taking the great aftermarket parts’ and the best exhaust system’s benefits.


  1. 1

    I was doing some research on parts for a 1500. A buddy of mine knows someone who is selling one and among other things, it needs a new exhaust system. Glad I found this place. I like to read reviews and check prices before buying anything online. Still on the fence about buying the truck.

  2. 2

    Excellent reviews and pro/con lists. I was debating between a few different exhaust systems and wanted to do a good amount of research before I purchased anything. Very happy I stumbled on this place. I know what I want to go with now. Thanks, man. Appreciate the honest feedback and info.

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    Loved the Flowmaster Cat-back System when I first got it but ended up having to get something else. Not sure why but it just wasn’t working as intended. Someone mentioned I might have gotten a defective one since it was from a site I never bought from before. If you buy any parts online, stick to shops you know you can trust.

  4. 4

    The Dynomax (39311) is the best on this list, in my opinion, having worked with most of them. Me and a few buddies, as well as my brother, run a garage so we see a lot of these parts come through and work with them. Yes, it can be a bit loud but it is not overbearingly loud.

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    Had no idea what I was looking for. My mechanic told me to find an exhaust online so I can cut some pricing down on the work that needs to be done to my truck. This article was very helpful for me. I will recommend this place to other truck users in the family. Much appreciated.

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    I have a 2019 Chevy Silverado Crew cab . I had my Muffler shop install a Flowmax . He took the flaper and resonator off and ran new 3 ” . It sounds and performs great BUT the sputter and helicoptering at low speeds is killing me . sounds stupid . What can i do ?

  7. 7

    Hi Brad,
    There may be problems with the mount. Take a closer look, it may be poorly installed, and somewhere there is a touch on the body of the machine. Consequently, vibration can occur at low speeds.

  8. 8

    Female Silverado 1500 High Country 5.3L owner. Love my truck. She’s super classy. I’m looking for something to give me a little hp kick with some torque for the line. Gas mileage is always a plus. While I LOVE the throaty rumble of a muscle car, I would really appreciate an assertive over overtly aggressive sounding exhaust. I don’t want to wake the neighborhood up in the morning when I leave for work but a little more assertive than stock. Something that says “I’m here” at idle, “excuse me, coming through” when I get into it, but no need to yell and cause a scene. I have a dual system currently (stock) and like the tips as they fit the bumper cut-outs in shape. I’d really like to keep the squared off tips vs rounded tips if possible.
    Hubs likes his rig stock so I need input! Thanks for any ideas!

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