Best Subwoofer for Trucks, Solid, Easy to Install

best subwoofer for truck reviewsHaving got a heavy-duty, full-size pickup truck like Chevrolet Silverado or GMS Sierra and taking care of its safety, performance and fuel economy is a good job. However, if you like listening to your favorite songs during the rides, the best subwoofer for truck is essential.

The speakers are designed to reproduce low bass frequencies, ensuring high sound quality, offering the best possible experience to the users. So, let’s check what are the best subs for trucks nowadays, which design and size to prefer, which materials are durable and which features are to be included. Let’s think about the installation peculiarities and the necessary output to enjoy the music like heavy metal or rap.

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Top Best Subwoofer for Truck in 2024

1. Dual Electronics (BP1204): Excellent Subwoofer for Truck in Terms of Power

powered subwoofer truck reviewsThis powerful giant will certainly impress you, especially if you like large vehicles and things. Quite naturally, the unit’s dimensions (30*14.4*14.4 inches) does not imply space-saving installation, however, the result is worth it! Dual design and large speakers’ diameters make the product the best competition subwoofer in terms of power and performance.

The subwoofer for truck is the most powerful of all products reviewed herewith. It handles power up to 1100 watt, producing pleasant, top-notch sound, standing out by the significant amount of bass. The output efficiency can be increased, resulting in a lower, tremendous bass, due to built-in Voice coils (2.5-inch), Brushed Cones, made of aluminum and the unique tune port.

Wide response range (30-200 kHz) also contributes to sound superiority. As to the design, it’s extremely attractive. “Illuminate” blue light, PlexiGlass window, mirrored chambers create the special atmosphere in your vehicle. The construction is made of thick and durable MDF, being still quite compact. The subwoofer is covered by tear-resistant carpet.

Features and benefits

Additionally, the subwoofer for truck is easy to install as it comes with the built-in crossover. So, if you wonder how to install a subwoofer in a truck, just connect the box, hook the lights and go on to the setup process.

  • powerful;
  • impressive bass;
  • built-in crossovers;
  • easy installation;
  • attractive design;
  • durable, MDF construction;
  • covered by carpet;
  • acoustic chamber;
  • plexiglass window.
  • the window is sensitive.


I recommend the subwoofer for truck, as it is powerful, producing loud, perfect sound, tremendous bass. The box is very attractive, illuminated and easy to install. It is pretty durable, backed by a 1-year warranty.

2. MTX Terminator (TNE212D): Best 12” Subwoofer for Truck

best 12 subwoofer for truck reviewsIf you want your favorite compositions to be reproduced in a really loud, impressive way, making your passengers hate you, these wonderful speakers are exactly what you need.

The subwoofers stand out by large, 12-inch diameters’ speakers. Imagine, there are two of them! Together, they make the bass stronger, increasing the low-frequency level. Additionally, the maximum power is 1200 Watt that is really terrific!

The enclosure is extremely durable, made of 5/8”-thick MDF, is common for the amplifiers of this kind. It enables the high sound quality, eliminating distortion. The subwoofer for truck outstands with high-definition, clear sound. The MXT brand is distinct in deep, groundbreaking bass, and this item that belongs to the Terminator series is a perfect example.

The pick up truck speaker boxes includes dust caps made of polypropylene that ensure the best possible durability, perfect look and carrying convenience. Cooling is enabled by the Spider Plateau Venting, so, the speakers won’t burn out. Additionally, the subwoofers are covered by tear resistant, aviation-grade carpet that looks black and elegant, fitting the pickup truck interior in great style.

Interesting benefits

The installation is quite easy, as the enclosure is pre-assembled and it doesn’t require any tricky wiring. Therefore, I recommend the subwoofer for truck as the best truck speakers with good bass.

  • two subwoofers in the package;
  • tear-resistant carpeting;
  • efficient cooling;
  • protective dust caps;
  • deep bass;
  • powerful;
  • durable;
  • easy to install;
  • compact enclosure;
  • built-in amplifier.
  • sensitive cones.


The MTX, Terminator-series speakers are really impressive! They are large and dual, fitting the Chevy Silverado or GMS Sierra style perfectly well. The subwoofers for trucks are notable by really clear, distortion-free sound, deep bass and powerful reproduction. Additionally, they are easy to install and durable.

3. Rockville (RW10CA): Best Shallow Subwoofer for Truck

best shallow mount subwoofer for truck guideAn idea to install a subwoofer underneath the seat can be quite challenging. In this case, the question “Where to put subs in a truck” would not bother you anymore. The slim subwoofer under a seat is only 2.7 inches thick, and the shallow box will never be obstructive to the passengers. It perfectly fits the seat.

However, the compact dimensions don’t affect the sound that stands out by deep, immense bass. Additionally, the subwoofer for the truck is made with a glance to the end-users, being amazingly feature-rich and easy-to-wire. The components and wiring to setup are significantly reduced. Positioning and grounding the power cable is what you are to do.

High-level inputs eliminate the necessity in the remote wire. All ports are situated on one box side, making the subwoofer for truck handy and user-friendly. They include:

  1. high-level, auto-turn-on inputs;
  2. low level, RCA port;
  3. remote turn on;
  4. remote control to adjust the subwoofer level;
  5. phase switch.

Interesting benefits

Thermal and overload protection is available, guarantying the best possible safety and durability. Additionally, there are subsonic and low pass filters. Remote wire is not required. The subwoofer turns off automatically when the music signal is turned off. Unlike the other subs of this kind, this subwoofer is sleek by design. It is made of hard-wearing and easy to clean plastic, looking good in the truck cab.

So, I recommend the item as the best shallow mount subwoofer for a truck that is easy to wire and user-friendly.

  • compact and space-saving;
  • user-friendly;
  • easy wiring;
  • a lot of handy inputs and outputs;
  • sleek design;
  • overload and thermal protection;
  • durable;
  • loud.
  • poor airflow (under the seat).


The Rockville RW10CA is extremely compact and easy to install. It can be placed anywhere in the cab, par example, underneath a seat or in the back corner. Due to multiple ports and switches that are positioned on one side, it’s very handy. Additionally, the subwoofer for truck stands out by deep bass and clear sound, offering great listening experience to the users.

4. Rockford Fosgate P300-10: Best Subwoofer for Deep Low Bass

best subwoofer for deep low bass reviewWondering, what is the best 10 inch subwoofer for a truck, looking for a solid, midrange speakers that are modern and compact, turn your attention to the Rockford Fosgate amplifier. Initially invented by Mr. Fosgate, the subwoofer for truck focuses on technology, brilliant design and impressive sound quality.

It stands out by 300-watt power, providing deep and big bass audio signal to the vehicle’s interior. The subwoofer belongs to punch category that means that it’s quite powerful and loud, low-frequency, remarkable by solid, clean, hard bass. It is highly efficient, producing crisp, detailed, dynamic sound.

It is modern by design, space-saving and compact, looking sleek and classy. Its closed-loop construction is beneficial, ensuring high, optimum performance. The subwoofer for truck is equipped with a built-in phase switch and 2 different inputs, enabling easy and handy adjustments.

The amplifiers come with several useful features, such as:

  1. thermal protection;
  2. adjustable crossover;
  3. remote sound level control;
  4. high-output woofer;
  5. bass boost EQ (equalizer);
  6. auto turn on/off.

The truck subwoofer is covered by vinyl that is heat activated and industrial. It is backed by a 1-year warranty, being durable and reliable. Therefore, I recommend it as the best slim subwoofer for a truck, that is feature-rich, durable and stylish by design.

  • compact and space-saving;
  • great bass;
  • easy placement;
  • voltage protection;
  • durable;
  • solid cover;
  • built-in equalizer;
  • attractive, stylish appearance;
  • remote control;
  • 1-year warranty.
  • not the most outstanding volume.


The Rockford Fosgate subwoofer for truck is powerful, modern and innovative. Belonging to the punch category, it stands out by impressive sound quality, deep, loud bass, crisp, clear vocals. It comes with multiple useful features. Additionally, it is easy to dismantle when you need additional space within the truck.

5. Kicker (11HS8): Best 8 Subwoofer for Truck

best 8 subwoofer for truck guideEven having a large truck cab, you may want to install an ultra-compact subwoofer. Quite naturally, the best 6 inch subwoofer would fit only a car like sedan, but this dimension is still acceptable. It may sound clichéd, not too impressive, but this drawback is typical of all underseat subwoofers.

150-watt RMS are sufficient to produce loud, shaking sound to create a positive atmosphere in the cab. Meanwhile, the system is equipped with a metal mounting bracket and the bass level remote. Therefore, you can easily control the sound tremble and bass without any efforts.

The subwoofer for truck that was initially intended to tight spaces has some disadvantages and construction issues. Par example, an adapter, or a shielded cable, fitting low-level port would be helpful, and the installation may be a bit complicated for beginners. Nevertheless, I recommend the item as the best small subwoofer for a car, as its power and bass are excellent in terms of such a compact device.

  • ultra-compact;
  • powerful;
  • great bass;
  • top-quality sound;
  • pre-assembled;
  • hardware included;
  • adjustable sound and bass;
  • the subwoofer for truck can be installed underneath a seat.
  • it sounds a bit boomy in a large vehicle.


The 8-inch, ultra-compact subwoofer for truck is quite powerful but durable, reliable and high-performance. Its sound is pretty decent, remarkable by a great bass. All hardware is included, just plug and play. The design is not outstanding.

6. Rockford Fosgate R2S-1X10: Impressive Subwoofer Enclosure

impressive subwoofer enclosureDo you want to add some bass to the sound? Select this compact and pretty solid enclosure. It’s well-made, coming with thick, 5/8” MDF material. Does it look a bit different than the model P-300-10? Its surface is not smooth, but rugged. Black, high-density carpet covers it. It’s resilient and scratch-resistant, looking stylish and elegant.

The enclosure is pretty compact, low-profile. Install it under or behind the rear seat. It fits underneath it like a glove. The enclosure weighs a bit less than 15 pounds. It’s a great solution for your Ford F150 or Tacoma, single or double cab. The shallow-loaded enclosure is lightweight. It’s intuitive to install.

Is 10” size enough to enable powerful sound? Quite naturally, it won’t wake your neighbors. But it does the job. I listen to hip hop and metal in my truck. It sounds great! The enclosure provides nice, solid bass, being pretty punchy. 200 Watts of RMS, 400 Watts max. power characterizes its capacity. It’s enough to provide you with perfect sound performance.

Additional Information

10 AWG input terminals are available. They are located on the right side. 90 dB sensitivity is pretty high. Trust these ratings, as they are accurate. They comply with CEA-2031 standards. Klippel certification program verifies them. Manufacturers provide a 10-year warranty for the item.

  • slim, low-profile;
  • fits under or behind a rear seat;
  • solid-built construction;
  • versatile;
  • adds basses;
  • punchy sound.
  • a bit unclear sound at max loads.


R2S-1X10 subwoofer enclosure by Rockford Fosgate is compact. I recommend it for tight-space-applications. It fits anywhere in your cab. Meanwhile, this little enclosure provides impressive sound. It stands out by deep rich bass and perfect performance.

7. Pioneer TS-SWX3002: Powerful Shallow-mount Enclosure

powerful shallow-mount enclosureAre you demanding of sound quality? Shallow-mount subwoofer grants you unbeatable music listening experience. The famous Japanese Pioneer Electronics Company produces it. Coming with more than 80 years of experience, it applies innovative technologies.

Oversized cone structure produces loud deep bass. It moves air easily. 12” version is pretty large. Maximum power of TS-SWX3002 model is 1500 Watts. Nominal power is 400 Watts. So, the enclosure is the most powerful in this line of products. Sensitivity per 1 Watt of power at 1 meter is 92 decibels.

It means, with the enclosure, music can be as loud as you want. It produces car-shaking panel rattling. So, you may want even to decrease its output. The subwoofer enclosure sounds great. It comes with tight, accurate response. Both drums and bass guitar sounds pretty punchy! I enjoy listening to hip-hop with it. Rigid cone, made of durable resin enables producing of accurate bass.

Features and Specifications

Meanwhile, TS-SWX3002 enclosure is versatile. It’s space-saving, fitting your truck. It fits all vehicles, including crew-cab and extended-cab ones. Install it under your or passenger seat. It might find place in the luggage area.

The subwoofer enclosure is intuitive to install. A detailed user guide is available. The surface is beneficially carpeted. It’s scratch-resistant, non-slip. Additionally, unique angle push terminals make installation and wires connection easier.

  • powerful;
  • clear sound and accurate tight bass;
  • easy to install and connect speaker wires;
  • non-slip design;
  • compact and space-saving.
  • might produce too loud sound, shaking your truck.


12-inch subwoofer enclosure by Pioneer is compact and versatile. It fits any vehicle, finding place in your cub or luggage area. The shallow-mount enclosure is pretty powerful. It enables producing tight accurate bass. So, I recommend this accessory to all truck owners.


Tips For Choosing Best Shallow Mount Subwoofer For Truck: Buyers’ Guide

A subwoofer for truck reproduces low-frequency response (commonly, 20-200 Hz) that results in impressive, punchy bass and top sound quality. The devices of this kind are better than woofers, as they are compact, specialized in vehicles, coming with 1 or 2 speakers.

The best subwoofer for truck lightens the sound, eliminating noise and vibration, lessens distortion. However, what is the best subwoofer brand? Quite naturally, it depends on your tastes and preferences. All the products I recommend herewith are durable and top-quality, coming with 1-year warranties. So, let’s highlight the other factors that are important and may become decisive during the selection of the subwoofer for truck.

Box Size and Enclosures

The speakers and the box size, the enclosure thickness and type have a great effect on the sound quality and loudness. Shallow mount subwoofer vs regular is handy, offering multiple mounting options, but the sound it produces is still tight and vibrant. Larger subwoofers are essential for the drivers that prefer loud, deep, massive and punchy bass. Some additional space is still necessary to ensure the proper acoustics and do the wiring.

The strong enclosures made of thick MDF or plywood material are beneficial to eliminate vibration, making the sound clear and natural. Additionally, selecting a subwoofer for trucks, pay attention to the enclosure type, that is:

sealed boxes or ported.
  1. Sealed boxes are secured, allowing only the speakers front side to be outward. They are able to produce firm bass, reducing vibration.
  2. Ported enclosures have additional openings at the rear sides. This port lets the sound waves emanate out of the subwoofer for truck (the box) that is desirable to listen to rock and roll compositions.

Sensitivity and Power

Power output is also important to select the best subwoofer for a single cab truck. I recommend you to pay attention to the RMS rating that is more realistic measure than the peak power, showing continuous power setting. Additionally, sensitivity is a crucial power-handling rating that implies the subwoofer’s efficiency. Higher sensitivity rating means that less power is required to produce a certain sound volume than for a lower sensitivity sub.

Speakers Size

Are larger speakers better? Commonly so. They play the music louder, at low frequencies, but large speakers can fit or match regular or small-size subwoofers.

Impedance and Voice Coils

The load value or the resistance is measured by impedance rating. It is measured in Ohms, commonly rated as 4, 2 or 8 Ohms. This rating is important to match the subwoofers with the amplifiers that should be of the same ohm load. Additionally, the subwoofers with dual voice coils and better than the ones that come with single coils, as it offers better flexibility in wiring.

How and Where to Install a Subwoofer?

An ultra-compact subwoofer for truck can be installed under the seat, and it’s a key benefit of this subwoofer type. However, the device if this kind and the other ones can be installed anywhere else within the truck cab, par example, in the hatch corner or in the trunk. In my opinion, when it goes about a Silverado or Sierra truck model, the best place to install the subwoofer is in a back truck cab corner. It’s very convenient and the acoustic effect will be more dimensional.

So, if you have already got the best truck sub and amp combo that is already pre-assembled, it’s the time to proceed with the installation.

  1. Make sure that the subwoofers, speakers and the amplifiers are available.
  2. Organize the wiring kit, a fuse, and the RCA cables.
  3. Do wiring, connecting the cables.
  4. Power the amplifier.
  5. Install the speakers and subwoofers into the box.

Now you can connect the subwoofer for truck to the power and enjoy your favorite music composition or the track. However, if you are not sure that you are able to do the wiring properly and carefully, hire a certified technician.

Final Verdict

I think that the best subwoofer for a truck like Silverado or Sierra is the item from Dual Electronics. It’s really powerful, durable and stylish by design. Additionally, it produces really impressive, loud and massive sound, remarkable by deep, tremendous bass. The 12” subwoofers from MTX brand could come off second-best. If you prefer the underseat installation or ultra-compact devices, select Kicker 11HS8 subwoofer for truck that is the smallest of all product reviewed herewith, not too powerful, but still able to produce great, impressive sound.

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