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A little bit about Michael Davis

I have bought a truck a decade ago and decided to implement some upgrades recently. I wanted to install the new bed extenders and improve the available tonneau cover. Trying to choose the best automotive parts and accessories that are really efficient and reliable, I found it to be a challenging task. I experienced lack of resources, expertise and experience. I went to the local parts shop here, in New Boston, Illinois that is a small community, actually, and was surprised to see the wonderful range of truck accessories and upgrades.

However, I couldn’t get as much information about them as I needed. I tried to ask Henry who is the sales assistant and my good neighbor a lot of questions, but it didn’t help me to make an informed decision. That’s why I decided to launch this blog to help all truck lovers to upgrade your vehicles easily and at an affordable cost.

Conclusions and recommendations

I have already studied a lot of expert opinions and customers’ reviews to select the suitable accessories for my cherished vehicle. So, I can make some conclusions about their durability, benefits and drawbacks, look and performance.

The website is designed to provide you with the honest and sufficient information about the various automotive parts such as bed liners and extenders, tonneau covers, accessories and consumables for them, for example, sprays, etc. I will try to analyze a wide range of auto parts that are really well-suited and efficient.

I would like to help truck lovers with the unbiased information about various truck upgrades that is really perfect and complete. I want this blog and website to become the best and the last place to get useful tips and pieces of professional advice.

Quite naturally, I will test every part I recommend by myself, having done an extensive research in beforehand, trying to educate you and inform about the slightest parts’ selection issues.

I hope that the blog will be helpful for you and, therefore, feel free to ask me any questions about the products you are considering at the moment.

Thank you for sparing me and my blog a few minutes.


Michael Davis

About Kelley Crush

Hi, I’m Kelley. I’m an engineer and a truck enthusiast.

Personally, I’m an F-150 guy, but I can respect any well-equipped and properly utilized truck.

My contributions to this blog are typically a result of my own curiosity, making what I’ve learned more digestible for others. I hope you find my articles and product reviews helpful in your trucking journey!


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