7 Best Fender Flares for Ram 1500, Rugged and Stylish

best fender flares for Ram 1500 reviewsHaving got your full-sized, technologically advanced vehicle, you definitely would like to customize it. Aggressive, rugged look accessories would perfectly fit its large wheels. Thus, the best fender flares for Ram 1500 are quite essential to cover the wide tires, as it’s a must in multiple US states.

According to Wikipedia, fender flares block debris, small stones, and mud from spoiling the large diameter tires, being used on sports cars, SUVs, off-road vehicles and light trucks. They efficiently protect your cherished Dodge Ram baby’s wheels and bottom part, covering or preventing rust.

However, let’s check, who makes the best fender flares, which brands are the most reliable and reputed. Dissimilar colors, shapes, designs, and materials are available. So, consider purchasing of the suitable item that meets your needs among the top-quality, durable products, I review herewith.

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Best Fender Flares for Ram 1500 in 2023

#1. OxGord 02-08
  • Material - ABS plastic
  • Front Item Height, in. - 4
  • Rear Item Height, in. - 4
  • Weight, lbs - 13.13
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#2. Tyger Auto
  • Material - polypropylene
  • Front Item Height, in. - 5.5
  • Rear Item Height, in. - 4.5
  • Weight, lbs - 17.35
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#3. MaxMate Premium
  • Material - polypropylene
  • Front Item Height, in. - 5.5
  • Rear Item Height, in. - 4.5
  • Weight, lbs - 17.35
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#4. Bushwacker 50914-02
  • Material - Dura-Flex 2000
  • Front Item Height, in. - 4.75
  • Rear Item Height, in. - 4.75
  • Weight, lbs - 15.6
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#5. Bushwacker 50915-02
  • Material - Duraflex 2000 ABS
  • Front Item Height, in. - 4.75
  • Rear Item Height, in. - 4.75
  • Weight, lbs - 17.75
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#6. RDJ Trucks HWY-PRO OEM
  • Material – polypropylene
  • Front Item Height, in – 4
  • Rear Item Height, in. – 4
  • Weight, lbs – 10
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#7. Monkey Autosports
  • Material – plastic composite (ABS)
  • Front Item Height, in – 4
  • Rear Item Height, in. – 4
  • Weight, lbs – 13.1
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1. OxGord FFBS-106: Bolt-On Fender Flares Dodge Ram 1500

bolt on fender flares dodge ram 1500 manualThe leading OxGord Inc. The company is doing its business since 1987, manufacturing and distributing a wide range of auto parts, pet accessories, garden & home tools. It is well-known in the world for its top-quality goods and great customer service.

So, their high-quality Dodge Ram fender flares, made of the premium ABS material are definitely worth your attention. They are built to last, being impact-resistant and durable. Additionally, the flares are lightweight, tough and flexible, that is, elastic, easy to paint.

The fender accessories protect your cherished truck surface quite efficiently, being suitable even for the most untrafficked mountain and sandy trails. With them, your vehicle body looks stylish, decorated and rugged. The bolt-on style is remarkable due to outstanding design and reliable bonding.

All the essential hardware, including the bolts, anchors, screws, nuts, and washers are available in the package. Additionally, an Allen key is included, helping you with the fender accessories installation. 3m tape and rubber seal are supplied in sufficient quantity.

Therefore, the mounting is pretty easy. It takes up to 2 hours. However, the rubber strip is a bit complicated to install. The fender flares may fit the vehicle body not too tight initially and require adjusting. The warranty is provided only for 1 year, unfortunately, and the tire coverage is not the widest.

The fender flares fit the old (2002-2008) Dodge Ram 2500, 1500 modifications.

  • bolt-style;
  • an Allen key and hardware included;
  • straightforward installation;
  • durable ABS plastic.
  • some more self-tapping screws would be desirable;
  • common tape issues.


Generally, I recommend the stylish-looking fender flares by OxGord, as they are durable, smooth, paintable, and not difficult to install. They are quite efficient to protect your Dodge Ram body for several years, at least.

2. Tyger Auto TG-FF8D4078 Kit: Perfect Wheel Flares for Dodge Ram 1500

wheel flares for dodge ram 1500 manualWhen you have quite an old vehicle, you may want to customize it now. It’s worth it as the durable and stylish fender flares for the 2002-2009 Dodge Ram modifications exist. They fit 2500, 3500, 1500 short-bed vehicles.

Meanwhile, the fender accessories are not worse than the product from the famous Bushwacker brand. The Tiger Auto is an international company, established by a team of Canadian and US professionals in 2013, producing a wide range of aftermarket parts and accessories. A large warehouse in California is available, so the delivery is definitely fast and professional.

As to the features, the fender flares are even wider than their counterparts. Their front height is 5.5”, rear one is 4.5. The oversized tires are covered at 2.5” at both lines. The accessories are made of the top-quality polypropylene that is definitely more weather-proof than the ABS plastic, but still impact-resistant and durable. Lifetime warranty is available.

The fender flares construction is amazing: the riveted design looks rugged and reliable. However, these marine-grades, rustproof rivets are ornamental only; they don’t secure the fender accessories on the Dodge Ram body. The installation is also a bit long and complicated. Some issues with the HEMI or Cummins emblem overlapping may happen.

The extra rubber seal and hardware are available in the package. The instructions are short, but unnecessary, as the mounting is really easy. It may take up to 2 hours, because of the budges removing.

  • perfect coverage and width;
  • heat-resistant polypropylene material;
  • even thickness;
  • extra hardware and edge trim available.
  • the emblem requires removing;
  • short screws.


The stylish, rugged-look, bolt-on fender flares for Dodge Ram 1500 by Tiger Auto. That fit old, 2002-2009, short-bed modifications. Of course are top-quality, impact-resistant and pretty wide. Their installation is a bit time-consuming, as the emblem removing is required. The necessary hardware is even excessive, meanwhile.

3. MaxMate TFD84078: Premium Black Fender Flares Dodge Ram 1500

black fender flares dodge ram 1500 reviewsThe kit is similar to the accessories from the Tiger Auto brand. They also fit the 2002-2008 short-bed (fleet-side) Dodge Ram modifications. Additionally, they fit 2012 models, for instance, Ram 2500 and 3500 vehicles.

The width and coverage are also pretty good:

  1. 5.5” height on the front size is great;
  2. 4.5-inch in the rear is quite sufficient, anyway;
  3. 2.5” tire coverage is nearly the best in the industry.

The ram 1500 sport fender flares are produced from the flexible polypropylene, fine-textured, impact-resistant. Quite naturally, it’s UV-protected, pretty durable and good-looking.

The pocket-style design looks rather attractive, with the stainless rivets. Only the brand is not too famous, and the warranty is provided for 5 years, only. During the installation on your Dodge Ram, you might face the common mounting issues: the emblem requires removing; the fender flares can’t be used with the mud flaps simultaneously.

  • great texture;
  • polypropylene;
  • perfect look;
  • sufficient coverage.
  • 5-year warranty;
  • the rubber strips seal not tight.


The fender flares by MaxMate are pretty wide, made of the weather-resistant polypropylene, UV-protected and pretty durable. They are impact-resistant, fine-textured. The installation is bolt-on, taking about 2 hours.

4. Bushwacker 50914-02: Best Fender Flares for Dodge Ram

universal fender flares guideThe Bushwacker-branded fender accessories are unique due to the patented material formula. Duraflex 2000 is a composite material, standing out by the enhanced flexibility, impact-resistance and durability. Its matte surface is UV-protected, cold-tolerant, but still smooth and looking quite stylish.

Actually, when you receive the fender flares, they are black but ready to paint any color you prefer. Probably, the very same color of your vehicle is the best-suited in this case. However, if you like white Dodge Ram with black fender flares, it’s not a problem.

Thus, the surface is efficiently protected from fading, even under the direct sunlight, in southern states. They are not prone to cracking, chalking, warping. The parts are lightweight, but perfectly strong, enabling no-drilling installation.

The essential hardware is included. The mounting process is comparatively easy and intuitive. Only the 5.7L or the similar emblem is to be moved, as the flare overlaps it.

The accessories fit fleet-side bed type, 2009-2018 Dodge Ram 1500 modifications, both Classic and standard modifications. In addition to the Amazon reference on the product page top, I would also advise you to check the compatible vehicles’ table on the manufacturer site that is complete and detailed.

As to the 1.75”-coverage, it’s not the greatest possible, but still sufficient for the oversized tires. The flares protect the fender from debris, gravel, dirt quite efficiently, being tough by performance. The look also matters, and these foremost parts look pretty good and stylish.

  • unique, flexible, impact-resistant material;
  • UV-protection;
  • no chalking or warping;
  • intuitive installation;
  • easy to paint.
  • some more coverage would be great.


The 50914-02 Dodge Ram fender flares by Bushwacker are produced from the patented Duraflex material, in the USA. They are extremely strong and durable, impact-resistant, but flexible and long-lasting. Lifetime warranty is definitely available. The mounting is quite easy, but the tire coverage is only decent. So, I recommend them as the best fender flares for Ram 1500.

5. Bushwacker 50915-02: Best Looking Fender Flares

dodge ram fender flares painted guideBushwacker is a very reliable brand, experienced and trustworthy. The family-owned company was founded in 1967, by the famous Cadillac driver, Jerry Logan. It is proudly based in the USA, specializes in manufacturing automotive aftermarket products, such as fender flares, skid plates, grill bars, suspension systems, etc.

However, I rate this item high because of the largest Dodge Ram front wheel coverage – 2.6”. Rear tires are covered on 2” only, however, it’s quite sufficient. The fender flares are produced from the famous, patented Duraflex 2000 (ABS plastic) material.

Meanwhile, the tailor-made parts are impact-resistant and long-lasting. The surface is 100% UV-protected, matte black initially, and easily paintable. Lifetime warranty is beneficially provided.

The Pocket Style is really reliable, bolt-on, coming with the hard-core, massive recessed metal bolts (made of the rust-proof stainless steel). The necessary mounting hardware is positively included.

The installation on your Dodge Ram may take up to 2-3 hours for the beginners, as the included rubber seal is a bit short and not intuitive to install. The manual contains no information about it. You would also need to remove a HEMI badge if it’s installed on your front panel. The front, really wide fender flare would overlap it.

The accessories fit multiple 2010-2018, 1500 Ram modifications. For example, they can be used as 2014 Dodge Ram 1500 fender flares, fitting the vehicles.

  • impact-resistant and strong;
  • sufficient coverage;
  • bolt-on installation;
  • great, rugged look.
  • some mounting issues;
  • look enormous with the normal, stock wheels.


The 50915-02 fender accessories by the famous Bushwacker, Inc. The company is pretty wide, impact-resistant and durable. They are produced from the thick, patented ABS plastic material, are UV-protected, featuring smooth, paintable, matte surface. All the essential hardware is included, but the installation is a bit complicated.

6. RDJ Trucks HWY-PRO OEM: White Fender Flares

white fender flaresStriving to the really outstanding, rugged and stylish Dodge Ram look, consider purchasing of these custom-molded, scratch-resistant fender flares. They are computer-designed, OEM-styled and beneficially smooth.

The parts are produced from the amazingly strong material that is the resilient, heavy-duty acrylic. It’s scratch-resistant, thick, but not as lightweight as the similar plastic materials. Lifetime warranty from the manufacturer is provided.

The surface is textured, matte white (after painting), matching bright and light-colored vehicles perfectly well. Otherwise, paint your white fender flares Dodge Ram 1500 any tint you like and make you cherished vehicle look in a different way every month or year.

The unique UV-resistant layer protects the flares from fading, stray debris and grime. Additionally, the installation is perfect and intuitive, due to no-drill, a breeze to install the fixing system. There is nothing simpler, than double-sided adhesive tape, that is still strong and heavy-duty, intended to the vehicle applications.

The installation manual is clear and complete. So, the common mounting time is about 30 minutes. Meanwhile, the fender flares dimensions are quite decent and standard, showing 4.5” overall height on both sides. They cover the tires only on 1.5 inches, that’s not the greatest in the industry.

The flares certainly fit the 2009-2018 Dodge Ram 1500 modifications.

  • heavy-duty acrylic;
  • UV-protection;
  • paintable;
  • no-modification installation.
  • not the widest construction.


The 754694 fender flares by ERG are strong and durable, produced from the acrylic material. They are simple to mount, thanks to the special fixing system. Additionally, they look attractive and stylish, paintable and beneficially smooth.

7. Monkey Autosports: Ram 1500 Black Fender Flares

ram 1500 black fender flaresHave you recently bought a full-size Ram 1500 pickup truck? Protect it from rust and elements. It looks more stylish and impressive with these useful accessories. In this case, consider buying factory-design items. They are the easiest to install, as they fit snugly. Use existing front holes and screws.

Quite naturally, the set is not produced by Ram Trucks or FCA US LLC. Monkey Autosports manufactures these goods. This experienced, Texas-based company is well-reputed in our country. Thanks to 3D vehicle scan, the flares provide tight fit and clean look.

What is the impact-resistant composite material? Quite naturally, it’ top-quality ABS plastic. Manufacturers prefer due to its premium properties. They include resistance to harsh weather conditions, extreme heat and cold, UV exposure. So, your fender flares are tough, warp and crack-proof. They are lightweight and durable. Get a 2-year warranty on their defect and issues.

Additional Information

Installation takes about an hour and a half. If you have no experience, ask a friend to help you. Read the installation instructions. They are detailed, intuitive to understand. Two front fenders have bolt openings. Rear ones do no. So, drill holes in the flares in the pre-marked spots. Secure hold by adhesive tape and screw the bolts.

An installation kit is available in your parcel. It includes screws and 3m tape. It fits 2009-2018 Dually Ram models. Initially, the flares are black. Their finish is satin-textured. This color fits any vehicle. If you need another color, paint them. It’s easy, requiring no pre-sanding or pre-treating. I would also recommend you to use a rust neutralizer on rear fender flares beforehand.

  • impact-resistant;
  • intuitive to install;
  • stylish, clean look;
  • tight fit;
  • paintable, textured finish.
  • weak tape;
  • pre-drilling is still necessary.


OEM-design fender flares by Monkey Autosports are durable and top-quality. Manufacturers produce them from strong, UV, heat and cold-resistant ABS plastic. They provide a 2-year warranty. So, just follow the instructions, spend about an hour of your precious time and install them.

Buyers’ Guide

When you already have installed the oversized and impressive tires on your cherished pickup truck, a Dodge Ram wheel well trim is quite essential. The fender flares prevent or cover rust on the old metal fender surface, make the vehicle look rugged, sporting and aggressive.

These perfect accessories are often necessary to conform to your US state, local vehicle code. For example, in Illinois, rear fender splash guards are required on pickup trucks (ICS 625-5-12-710). Mud and water splashing is to be prevented for sure. Fender lamps are allowed to be amber or white only, non-glare.

However, be careful, as the oversized wheels and fender flares can make the truck slower, killing the power. Thus, the suspension system is to be improved, as well.

Here you can see more information about best lift kit for dodge ram 2500!
The suspension, tires and fender accessories are to make a complete system, fitting each other perfectly well.

Click here, that find best truck mud tires

Meanwhile, selecting the top rated fender flares for Ram 1500, check their fit carefully. Verify the Amazon pages, the manufacturers’ tables, ask the sellers, if necessary. Additionally, consider the accessories’:

  • coverage;
  • material;
  • durability;
  • look and style.

Having got the really oversized wheels, prefer the fender flares with 2.5” or 2.6” coverage. All the top-quality items I highlight in the review are impact-resistant, UV-protected and reliable. All of them are black but paintable, so, you may neglect the color issues.

Polypropylene, ABS or Acrylic: Which Plastic is Better?

According to Wikipedia, polypropylene material is more heat-resistant and a bit harder than polyethylene. It’s fatigue-proof, rigid and high-pure, anti-corrosion.

However, ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) is better than PP in terms of:

  • tensile strength (5500 psi vs 4000 psi);
  • impact resistance;
  • toughness.

This material is much more expensive than polypropylene, resistant to various acids, heavier to mold. Additionally, ABS parts’ color is brighter as they are painted after molding, unlike their PP counterparts that are shaped with the black pigmentation already.

The elasticity of ABS plastic is perfect, while PP material is more weather-resistant. So, I recommend the Ram rebel fender flares for the states with cold and wet climate. ABS accessories are preferable for mountain and off-road trips.

Meanwhile, acrylic thermos-plastic is scratch-resistant, easy-to-glue, and not prone to fading. It stands out by the great machinability, stiffness, and strength.

How to Paint the Fender Flares?

The accessories are painted with special spray automotive paint (polyurethane or enamel).

  1. Unbolt and move aside the wheel well flares from Dodge Ram; clean them with a degreaser.
  2. Protect the adjacent vehicle parts with the electrical tape.
  3. Sand the flare surface down and wipe it with a cloth.
  4. Apply the primer (basecoat); let it dry (during half an hour).
  5. Apply the spray paint, leave it dry for about an hour,
  6. Add the additional paint coat and wait until the morning.

Working in your garage, don’t forget about the proper ventilation. Wear a respirator and protective clothing.

How to Install the Fender Flares on the Vehicle?

You definitely can install the fender flares on the Dodge Ram by yourself, as the process is comparatively easy. Therefore, glue the down-side adhesive tape, available in the package, and then tighten the bolts. That’s all! However, the fit is extremely important: make sure the edges align with the fender bottom, fit against the bumper.

Final verdict

The better fender flares for Ram 1500, in my opinion, are the smooth-finish accessories by Bushwacker. For extra front tire coverage, select any of the top-quality products from Tyger Auto or MaxMate, as they are similar by height and properties.

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