Choosing the Best Lift Kits for Dodge Ram 2500: Product Reviews and a Buyer’s Guide

If you are looking for the best lift kit for Dodge Ram 2500, this article might be of some help. We have selected top-5 lift and leveling kits for Dodge 2500 that can help you upgrade your truck. But first, let’s find the answers to the most common questions concerning truck lift kits.

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What can a lift kit do to my Dodge Ram truck?

Lift kit is not an essential accessory, but it can be helpful in many cases. Basically, a lift kit is used when a body of a vehicle needs to be raised several inches higher than the factory-designed placement. The simplest and most affordable kits offer around 2 inches of lift. But not more than 3 inches (if you need more, you should consider professional installations).

best lift kit for Dodge Ram 2500 reviews

Depending on the type, a lift kit can improve off-road performance of a truck by adding several inches to the ground clearance. Besides, it can improve articulation and give you an opportunity to install larger tires if need be. In addition, raised car body looks rather aggressive, so if that is an effect you are striving for, then you will definitely benefit from installing a lift kit on your Dodge Ram.

So now let’s get down to studying five best lift kits for Dodge trucks (including Ram 2500) found on Amazon.

Top 5 Best Lift Kits for Dodge Ram 2500 in 2023

#1. Supreme Suspensions
  • Material - Carbon steel
  • Number of Parts - 2
  • Lift Height - 2.5”
  • Type of Lift - Front lift
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#2. Performance Accessories
  • Material - Multiple
  • Number of Parts - 36
  • Lift Height - 3”
  • Type of Lift - Full body lift
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#3. Rough Country
  • Material - Multiple
  • Number of Parts - 12
  • Lift Height - 3”
  • Type of Lift - Full body lift
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#4. StreetDirtTrack
  • Material - Steel
  • Number of Parts - 2
  • Lift Height - 2.5”
  • Type of Lift - Front Lift
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#5. Daystar KC09117BK
  • Material - Polyurethane
  • Number of Parts - 2
  • Lift Height - 1”
  • Type of Lift - Front Lift
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1. Supreme Suspensions – 2.5″ Front Lift Kit – One of the Best Dodge Ram 2500 Lift Kits

dodge ram 2500 2.5-inch front lift reviewsSupreme Suspensions spring spacers are designed to give your Dodge Ram 2500 a 2.5-inch front lift to level its front with its rare. These spacers are made of extra durable carbon steel, which makes them suitable for rugged use.

Installation does not require any major alterations, does not require shock replacement and in most cases can be performed by truck owners themselves. It usually takes around 1 to 2 hours. Instructions manual and all essential hardware are supplied along with the spacers.

The main benefits offered by this lift kit is improved the look, and slightly increased ground clearance of a truck.


  • Made of carbon steel.
  • 5-inch lift.
  • The parts are 2.5-inches thick.
  • Compatible with a wide range of Dodge Ram models.
  • Easy to install.
  • Provides a substantial lift.
  • Raising the body of a truck 2.5 inches is quite a significant alteration that can decrease the wheel travel if not compensated.


The Supreme Suspensions front lift kit offers a cost-effective and easy-to-install leveling. It can slightly improve ground clearance of your truck, but at the same time might stiffen the ride and even reduce the front wheel travel.

2. Performance Accessories (60123) Body Lift Kit for Dodge Ram 2500/3500 – The Best Lift Kit For Dodge Ram 2500 / 3500

dodge ram ultimate lift kit reviewsThis Dodge Ram lift kit provides all the necessary details and accessories to effectively raise the body of your Dodge 3 inches up. It is compatible with all Ram 2500 and 3500 models, regardless of the year of manufacture. The kit includes 36 parts and hardware, so you will not need anything else to perform the assembly. Installation is rather time-consuming an may take up to 9 hours or even more depending on your mechanical skills. As a result, you are guaranteed to get a level 3-inch lift that will not affect the ride, factory geometry, road stability and steerability of a vehicle.

The kit includes durable, high-quality parts manufactured in the USA. This is the ultimate kit, which does not require purchasing any additional components.

Contents of the kit

  1. reinforced body lift blocks,
  2. bumper brackets,
  3. steering extension,
  4. relocation brackets,
  5. essential hardware, and other fittings.
  • Contains all essential parts and hardware to perform a body lift.
  • Allows you to keep all stock suspension components intact.
  • Provides a 3-inch lift without dramatically raising the center of gravity of a truck.
  • Does not affect the ride and initial suspension performance characteristics.
  • Installation is very time-consuming.
  • Instructions supplied with the kit are rather hard to follow.


The Performance Accessories lift kit might be a good solution if you are looking to get your Dodge Ram 2500 lifted without changing its factory performance characteristics or replacing suspension components. It also might be a viable option if you want to give your Dodge Ram 3500 a suspension upgrade. The kit includes quite a few parts, so installation is not got going to be quick and easy. For installation tips, you can refer to Performance Accessories body lift reviews or installation videos.

3. Rough Country – 343.20 – 3-inch Suspension Leveling Kit w/ Premium N2.0 Shocks – The Best Leveling Kit for Ram 2500

best leveling kit for ram 2500 reviewsThe Rough Country 3-inch lift for Dodge Ram includes one pair of front coil springs, two 1-inch lift blocks for the rare, a set of nitrogen shocks and essential hardware.

The kit is designed for bolt-on installation, which is quite straightforward, does not require welding and can be done in any garage. It does, however, require certain mechanical skills and special equipment, such as a spring compressor, so it is recommended to have a professional mechanic perform installation and subsequent alignment.

Aside from giving a 3-inch lift, this leveling kit also improves the off-road performance of a Dodge Ram. This is an optimal kit if you want to make your Ram a little more versatile without compromising its on-road stability.


  1. A kit includes 2 coil springs, 2 lift blocks, 4 u-bolts, 4 shock absorbers, and all essential hardware.
  2. Gives a 3-inch lift.
  3. Suitable for Dodge Ram 2500.
  • This leveling kit provides an ultimate suspension lift in contrast to leveling kits with spacers.
  • Improves both on-road and off-road performance.
  • A 3-inch lift significantly increases ground clearance.
  • Installation is rather time-consuming and might require professional help.
  • The kit does require additional components to complete the assembly.


The Rough Country leveling kit contains essential parts you will need to give your Dodge Ram 2500 a 3-inch lift. This effect cannot be achieved through installing spring spacers, so this is a great proof this kit. However, this leveling kit is not complete. You will have to purchase additional parts to perform the installation correctly.

4. StreetDirtTrack Fits Dodge Ram 2.5″ Leveling/Lift Kit (PN:110-200-001) – A Premium Quality Dodge 2500 Leveling Kit

leveling spacers for dodge ram 2500These are heavy-duty leveling spacers suitable for Dodge Ram 2500. This kit is designed to improve the stance of a truck and allow for larger diameter tires (buyers report using 35-inches tires with these spacers).

Durability is one of the strongest points of this kit. Steel spacers boast improved heavy-duty hardware and rugged weld to ensure maximal durability and reliability of the parts.

The spacers are relatively easy to install and in most cases do not require any alterations to the suspension mechanism of your Dodge Ram. They give an optimal 2-inch lift, which is safe and effective and will not interfere with the factory ride of your truck.


  1. Durable 10.9 grade hardware.
  2. Welded steel.
  3. 2-inch lift.
  • Enhanced durability.
  • Uses better grade studs and nuts, as compared to competitive brands.
  • 2-inch lift is effective enough to level a truck but does not affect its performance.
  • Easy to install.
  • Backed by a lifetime manufacturer warranty.
  • In some cases, installation of an adjustable track bar might be required.


The Hell Bent Steel leveling kit is an optimal choice if you want to level the stance of your Dodge Ram and install larger tires without dramatically affecting its on-road performance. These heavy-duty spacers are quite easy to install, but in some cases might require an adjustable track bar to be installed as well to avoid the wobble.

5. Daystar, Dodge Ram 1″ Leveling Kit KC09117BK – One of the Best Dodge Ram Suspension Lifts that Does not Affect the Ride Quality

best dodge ram suspension lifts reviewsThe Daystar leveling kit for Dodge Ram 2500 is made of increased density polyurethane. It raises the front part of a vehicle one inch up to improve a stance and provide space to add up to 22-inch wheels.

This front leveling kit is designed to be installed on top of the stock strut assembly. This type of mount is better for the truck, as compared to the one that requires preloading the coil spring. These spacers will not affect the ride and hauling capacity of your truck. Polyurethane parts are corrosion resistant and eliminate metal-on-metal contact, which might produce unfavorable vibration and noise.

Installation is fairly easy and does not require any changes in other components. Hardware and installation instructions are supplied.


  1. Made of polyurethane.
  2. 1-inch lift.
  3. A set of two front spacers.
  • This kit is made of polyurethane, therefore it will absorb vibration and make the ride smoother in contrast to metal leveling kits.
  • The kit is backed by a lifetime warranty.
  • Installation does not impair the ride quality and allows to retain all factory components without compromising the performance of your Dodge Ram.
  • Provides only partial leveling of stance. A slight rake might still remain.


The Daystar leveling kit includes two high-durometer polyurethane spacers, essential hardware, and an installation manual. It offers a moderate 1-inch front lift, which is a safe way to go if you want to improve the stance of your Ram, but don’t want to interfere with the ride quality and other performance characteristics of your truck.

How to Find the Best Kit for Dodge Ram 2500: A Concise Buyer’s Guide

Choosing a proper lift kit for your truck is not as easy as it seems. In fact, the more you dig into the subject, the more nuances arise and the harder it gets to make the right decision. What we are going to do here is give you some general advice on how to sort out what is important and will work for you.

What types of lift kits are out there and how can I choose the right one for my Dodge Ram?

The type of system you choose depends on your personal needs, driving style and technical characteristics of your vehicle. Your budget and severity of alterations you are willing to make to your truck are also important factors to consider. Some of the kits, such as coil spring spacers, torsion keys or leveling spacers only add several inches to the body lift allowing you to use larger tires and making your truck look more hard-core. They will not improve off-road performance of your Dodge Ram. Nor will they affect the spring rate or articulation.

If you plan on hitting rough terrain on your Dodge, then you will need a more advanced coil spring and sway bar kit, which also may include such replacement parts as shocks, track bars, and others. Short and long arm lift kits essentially include adjustable control arms. These types of kits are the most expensive ones, but they can offer you the ultimate all-terrain performance.

Will adding a lift kit to my Dodge Ram void the warranty?

Minor alterations to the suspension mechanism, such as adding coil spring spacers, leveling blocks, or torsion keys will not affect its performance and thus will not void the manufacturer warranty.

quality lift kit ram 2500 reviews


  1. Think about the amount of lift you want to achieve. Technically you can raise your truck as high as 6 inches or even more (the biggest lift kit for Dodge Ram 2500 can be as high as 10 inches). The optimal amount of lift depends on your needs. If you just need to level the stance of your vehicle or have an opportunity to add larger tires, a 1.5-2 – inch lift would be sufficient. If you plan on doing some serious off-roading, then you will probably need a greater lift. For instance, you might want to consider a 4-inch lift kit for Dodge Ram 2500 4wd.
  2. Choose the right type of lift kit. As has been already mentioned in the introduction, there are many different types of lift kits. Some of them can be installed in a home garage in under two hours, while others require professional installation. It is important to remember that the greater lift you want to achieve, the more alterations to the suspension system are required. It is possible to add coil spring spacers to raise a truck a couple of inches, but experts argue that such installations can result in a stiffer ride and decreased wheel travel. Anything that goes up more than 2.5-3 inches requires replacement of coil springs, shocks, and other parts.
  3. Estimate your budget. Price tags on lift kits and leveling kits vary from under $100 to several thousands of dollars depending on the type. Surely, such a kit is not something you should go cheap on. However, if you have a limited budget, there are several decent options to choose from, such as torsion keys, leveling blocks, or coil spring spacers.
Installing a lift kit is a great way to upgrade your Dodge Ram and give it a more charismatic look. The selection of lift kits is strikingly wide and it might get hard to choose the right option. Hopefully, this article will shed some light on this question and help you find the best lift kit for Ram 2500. A buyer’s guide might also be helpful for those looking for body lift kits for Dodge Ram 1500. Or suspension lift kits for Dodge Ram 1500 4wd. We have picked five surest options you can go with right now. But it would be wise to consult a professional mechanic before installing any new components in your vehicle.


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