The Best Truck Mud Tires, Aggressive and Durable

best truck mud tires reviewsHaving got an impressive pickup truck like Silverado or Sierra, you definitely would like to go off-road, fishing, hunting or racing. Therefore, the best truck mud tires are certainly essential. Large or medium-sized, they secure the rides during any weather conditions, harsh and windy, when it’s snowing, raining, evacuating you easily from the muddiest spots and nooks.

Big mug tires for the truck may be noisier on concrete roads that all-terrain tires, suitable for gravel trackways, but indispensable on rocky terrain, snowy, sandy or muddy paths. Due to large lugs, big gaps in the thread, they provide reliable traction in dirt, sand, and mud.

So, what are the best mud tires for trucks? Which ones are the most functional, quiet and aggressive? Which tires ensure maximum gas saving? What are the best brands? Let’s check.

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Top 6 Best Truck Mud Tires in 2024

ImageBrand and Model
  • Weight, lbs - 79.4
  • Section width, in. - 1.3
  • Aspect Ratio - 125
  • Load Index - 121
  • Tread Depth, in. - 21/32
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#2. Mastercraft Courser MXT
  • Weight, lbs - 64
  • Section width, in. - 35
  • Aspect Ratio - 125
  • Load Index - 121
  • Tread Depth, in. - 20/32
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#3. Milestar Patagonia M/T
  • Weight, lbs - 79
  • Section width, in. - 38
  • Aspect Ratio - 125
  • Load Index - 121
  • Tread Depth, in. - 19/32
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#4. Federal Couragia M/T
  • Weight, lbs - 71.2
  • Section width, in. - 35
  • Aspect Ratio - 125
  • Load Index - 121
  • Tread Depth, in. - 34.8/32
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#5. Firestone Destination M/T
  • Weight, lbs - 63.7
  • Section width, in. - 10.82
  • Aspect Ratio - 65
  • Load Index - 123
  • Tread Depth, in. - 20/32
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#6. Thunderer TRAC GRIP M/T
  • Weight, lbs - 70.9
  • Section width, in. - 35
  • Aspect Ratio - 12.5
  • Load Index - 127
  • Tread Depth, in. - 21/30
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Note: The parameters are specified for 20” rim diameter to ensure the proper data comparability

1. Nitto Trail Grappler: Most Aggressive Looking All Terrain Tire

best mud tires for street guideThe tires weight a bit more than the other products reviewed herewith. They look really aggressive and reliable. The mud tires are thick, standing out by 3D grooves or tapered tread adds that improve forward traction, increasing impact resistance.

  1. The biting edges and reinforced, 3-ply sidewalls are helpful to get out from the dirtiest spots on the Earth. They help the truck to traverse tough trails and rocks easily.
  2. The treads are extremely grippy, being able to climb pretty sharp inclines.
  3. Quite naturally, stone ejectors are available, protecting the truck treads from any harmful impacts. The extra reinforcement layers are also beneficial and helpful.

Actually, the Trail Grappler series combine the perfect off-road performance of Mud Grappler items with on-road quietness and comfortability of the Terra Grappler. Quiet performance is enabled due to the innovative sound analysis equipment that significantly reduces the noise during the off-road rides. The tires are produced, using the Nitto’s patented, automated system. Therefore, smooth rides on highways and paved roads are guaranteed.

Interesting benefits

Additionally, tires wear slow. Their tread life is not less than 60K miles. Of course, it depends on your pickup truck weight and the road conditions. However, I recommend the product as the best truck mud tires, because they are versatile, showing excellent off- and on-road traction, quiet and durable.

  • versatile;
  • thick, reinforced sidewalls;
  • grippy on rocky trails;
  • quiet on paved roads;
  • aggressive;
  • durable;
  • reliable;
  • wearing slowly;
  • great traction;
  • perfect tread pattern.
  • vibration at low speed.


The Trail Grappler tires from Nitto are designed both for street and off-road driving. They are aggressive, strong and reliable. Due to reinforced sidewalls and special tread pattern, the mud tires can traverse any trails. Additionally, they ensure quiet, smooth highway rides.

2. Mastercraft Courser MXT: Most Aggressive Mud Tires for Trucks

aggressive mud tires for trucks reviewsThe pickup trucks like GMC Sierra or Chevy Silverado that are considered to be light trucks deserve really large and reliable extreme off-road tires. The amount of rubber matters, to enable maximum terrain, snow, and mud traction performance. However, the tires from Mastercraft are not the thickest or the widest among similar, top-quality products. I guess, they are surefooted, but not the best-balanced.

The tires look great, aggressive and reliable; they handle the roads such as highway perfectly well, ensuring smooth and comfortable ride. Therefore, I can list them among the best mud tires for a truck.

They are made of hard rubber, containing the consolidating compound. Therefore, the treads are extremely durable; they wear extremely slowly.

Additionally, the design is special and beneficial: coming with wide, circumferential grooves and side biters, they channel water and mud away, providing increased lateral grip with the road. These scallops ensure the beneficial mud-scoop effect. Due to self-cleaning abilities, the mud tires are safe and reliable. Sidewall abrasion, resistance is also improved, guarantying long life. Siping is also great in terms of wet traction and highway riding. Additionally, it minimizes noise, providing really quiet rides.

Interesting benefits

The installation is fast and easy, regardless of the fact that it’s recommended to contact the official service centers. There are no balancing issues as the tires come with the sandbags that continuously balance the tires on the drive.

Note: check the size that fits your pickup truck model and makes on Amazon.

  • great, aggressive look;
  • durable;
  • unique tread design;
  • mud-scoop abilities;
  • increased wet traction;
  • quiet;
  • comfortable, smooth rides;
  • on-the-drive balancing;
  • made in the USA;
  • wide grooves.
  • they corner a bit sketchy on icy or snowy roads in winter.


The Courier MTX tires from Mastercraft are durable and reliable. Due to the special tread pattern, they channel water and mud away, providing the best possible traction with wet road, minimizing noise, ensuring smooth rides. The tires are slow-wearing, but they corner not the best way, especially in winter. Summer performance is excellent.

3. Milestar Patagonia M/T Radial Tire: Best Mud Terrain Tires for Trucks

mud terrain tires for trucks guideThe wide and stable mud tires are highly recommended to all off-road enthusiasts. They were released in 2015 and gained wide popularity quite quickly. The tires are produced by the US-based, TIRECO, Inc. Company. They look strong and aggressive due to the sporting, rugged design. The tires ensure superior traction with any terrain type in harsh weather condition due to high void tires design.

The treads promote self-cleaning, getting rid of debris and mud. The thread blocks are off-center, staggered, with biting ages, being able to create the maximum possible grip with the road. Due to alternating, notched construction of the shoulder lugs, build-in of mud is prevented.

The sidewalls are rugged, reinforced, 3 ply-rating, standing out by high abrasion resistance properties. The siping pattern is complex, enhancing perfectly off- and on-road traction performance. Additionally, the built-in stone ejectors protect the surface from cutting and chipping, reducing stone retention. Impact damage is minimized.

Therefore, the mud tires are very good on primitive access and gravel roads with rocks and steep inclines. So, I would call this product the best off-road tire for daily driving. The tread and crisp edges start to round in several thousand miles. Thus, wear on rocky roads is still evident. However, the tires are pretty quiet and smooth on the highway.

Interesting benefits

Mounting process is quite common. But the tires require some weight during balancing, about 6-8 ounces and the balancer. They are affordable, but, I guess, calling them “cheap mud tires for trucks” would be not correct, as the treads are top-quality and reliable.

15”-20” size tires, flotation and LT models are available. They fit multiple vehicles, including Chevrolet Silverado, Dodge Ram, Jeep Wrangler and GMC Sierra.

Please, check the fit before you order certain items and diameters.

  • aggressive, sportive look;
  • excellent off-road performance;
  • quite and smooth highway riding;
  • self-cleaning capabilities;
  • reinforced sidewalls;
  • minimized stone retention.
  • faster wear on rocky roads.


Patagonia M/T tires from Milestar look sporting and aggressive. Due to the special tread design, reinforced sidewalls and stone ejectors, they are suitable for rides on gravel and primitive access roads. Quite naturally, the tread life in harsh conditions is a bit shorter than usual.

4. Federal Couragia M/T Radial Tire: Best Mud and Snow Tires for Trucks

best mud and snow tires for trucks reviewsThe tires stand out by large, wide treads and unique pattern. The lugs are extremely large, aggressive. Due to the specially formulated rubber compound, they protect the mud tires against bruise, cuts and any possible impacts. Their performance is enhanced due to the unique SRG design (Sloped Radius Gradient).

Additionally, rock and mud particles are cleared by the bars that are available on the bottom of the grooves. Thus, the off-road traction is great, the wear is really slow.

  1. The mud tires’ performance is very good on snowy and muddy roads, in deep snow.
  2. The traction is perfect when it rains hard and the path is covered by several inches of water.
  3. Mud, dirt and gravel are also easily traversable.

Interesting benefits

The tires enable smooth and not noisy rides, including on highway and at high speeds at first, without vibration, but become loud after some hundred miles.

Additionally, the certified centers that mount the tires may be not numerous in some states, and it’s difficult to find them. The mud tires still get balanced quite well.

  • aggressive;
  • strong;
  • stable;
  • great performance on wet and snowy roads;
  • slow wear;
  • self-cleaning;
  • easy to balance;
  • vibration-free.
  • loud in some hundred miles.


The Couragia Series M/T model tires, manufactured by Federal are aggressive, standing out by wide, special pattern treads, strengthening rubber compound. It ensures excellent traction on wet, snowy and gravel roads. Vibration is virtually eliminated, but the tires may become loud in some months of use.

5. Firestone Destination M/T Mud Terrain Tire: Most Aggressive Mud Tires

best mud tires for trucksThe tires are recommended to use in summer. They are produced based on the unique UNI-T technology, focusing on enhanced wet performance, braking and handling. Therefore, there are the best mud terrain tires for trucks and rides during the fall season, rainy weather, in harsh conditions.

Actually, the tires show outstanding traction with snowy, gravel roads and sand. I have tested them in winter, in the cold Illinois climate. With these tires, my pickup truck corners quite precisely, even on the icy road, without any issues, and when the vehicle is parked outside, the rubber does not stick to the ice. Rock climbing is just a bit complicated.

The tires are initially oriented to sedans, sporty coupes, and SUV vehicles. Meanwhile, they fit light pickup trucks like Silverado or Sierra perfectly well, being perfect in off-road driving. So, I think, it’s the best mud and snow tires for light trucks.

The tread life is long. After 50 thousand miles of driving experience, including several miles on gravel and sand roads, they still remain in good condition, ensuring safe traveling. 3-ply sidewalls are thick and extremely strong due to the advanced compound that includes re-engineered carbon black.

The tread design is unique, symmetrical, with deep lug shoulders. A 23° attack angle ensures excellent self-cleaning capabilities. Mud, stones and water are ejected with the greatest possible power. Rubber chipping and chunking are eliminated, so the mud tires remain quite acceptable, with deep tread.

Interesting benefits

The noise rating is pretty good for mud tires. Commonly it doesn’t bother the driver and the passengers. Quite naturally, in several thousand miles, the tires become less quiet, and the noise may disturb women or children, but commonly it’s still acceptable. 5-degree noise reduction technology is applied to minimize noise generation on pavement and highway roads.

Additionally, the wheels are easy to balance. They require only about 4 times rotation. So, I recommend the item as the top mud tires for trucks that are all-season, excellent on gravel and wet roads, quiet and ensuring precise handling.

  • outstanding traction;
  • great sand, wet, gravel, snow, mud performance;
  • no issues in cold climate;
  • perfect impact resistance;
  • self-cleaning capabilities;
  • unique tread pattern;
  • easy to balance;
  • long tread life;
  • quiet.
  • not the best in rock climbing.


The Destination-series tires from Firestone are strong and durable, self-cleaning, matching all seasons, on and off-road driving.

6. Thunderer TRAC GRIP M/T: Best Mud Tires for Diesel Trucks

best mud tires for diesel trucks guideAs all mud terrain tires, these ones are aggressive, heavy-duty and strong. They come with the special tread pattern, remarkable by deep grooves and wide footprints. What are the distinctive features of the R408 model? They are E-rated, coming with 10-ply sidewalls that are extremely strong, reliable and able to withstand heavy weight.

The mud tires show perfect traction on wet, dirty and even snowy roads, on grass. Their performance on highways and paved roads are a bit worse, especially when the truck is unloaded. The tires are self-cleaning, ejecting mud, water and stones perfectly well.

The rides are pretty quiet and the tread life is long. At least after more than 4 months of heavy use, the tires still remain in good condition. The wear on gravel trails may be a bit faster, however. They look very stylish, aggressive. Commonly, the tires are top-quality and the fact that they are made in Thailand does not make them worse than similar products.

Interesting benefits

The mud tires only require heavyweight and some time on balancing, that’s all. So, I recommend them as good mud tires for the truck, that show perfect performance in farms and in the country.

  • aggressive;
  • strong;
  • great traction;
  • stylish look;
  • open, wide lugs;
  • good self-cleaning abilities;
  • 10-ply sidewalls;
  • wide footprints;
  • quiet;
  • long tread life.
  • a bit complicated balancing.


The R408 tires from Thunderer company are heavy-duty and aggressive. They stand out by wide, open lugs and strong, 10-ply sidewalls. They are quiet, showing great performance on wet, snowy and dirt roads. However, the tires are not the best on highways, and they require some weight during balancing.

Buyers’ Guide: How To Choose The Best Truck Mud Tires

Unfortunately, all tires, even the longest-lasting ones, require replacing sometimes. Proper maintenance can only prolong the mileage, and regular inspection is recommended to find out when the time has come.

Meanwhile, selection of the best truck mud tires may become a challenging task. They are to be durable, all-season and suitable for off-road riding. So, which factors are decisive and which ones can be neglected?

Tread Life

Most new tires have a tread wear grade indication. The UTQG (Uniform Tire Quality Grade) is the comparative characteristics. The higher is the rating, the longer the tire lasts. It also indicates the rubber compound hardness, traction performance, and the recommended temperature range.

Meanwhile, the top-quality tires may last up to 70 thousand miles or up to 6 years that can be covered by manufacturer’s warranty. Unfortunately, due to heavy use, mud terrain truck tires still last shorter than all-terrain ones or the tires that are oriented to sedan cars.

Therefore, it’s desirable to study the most complete mud terrain truck reviews before taking a decision about the purchase and trust the experienced drivers’ evaluations.

Off-road and Street Performance

Selecting the suitable mud tires, it’s desirable to take into account the worst weather and road conditions, the heaviest loads. Anticipate all possible situations, the needs to be met and riding tasks to be performed, to opt for the tires with the sufficient rating. The thread design is to match the road type that is sand, gravel, snow or pavement.

Remember also, that mud terrain tires are commonly noisier than versatile ones.


It’s highly recommended to select the tires of the same diameter as the original ones. The proper value can be found in the user’s manual to the vehicle. Additionally, all four (or, in some cases, par example, for SUVs, six) wheels are to be of the same size.

Trendy Look

Quite naturally, I would not recommend opting for cheap mud tires and rims for trucks as they guarantee your safety and driving comfort. However, it’s not worth to be enticed by cool off-road tires appearance, unless it’s necessary. Aggressive and extra-large wheels ensure uncomfortable, harsh rides, decreasing stability and braking ability.

How to Read the Lettering in the Sidewall?

Some essential indicators can be found in the tires’ sidewalls, par example:

  • LT- light trucks;
  • 275 – section width in mm;
  • 121-load index;
  • Q- speed rating (99 mph), typical for winter tires;
  • 300-the highest tread wear grade;
  • A-the best temperature resistance;
  • AA – the best traction performance.

Manufacture date is also indicated, including the week and the year of production (par example, 2315 means the 23rd week of 2015).

Please, compare the data with the information, stated in your owner’s manual to avoid any mistakes.

Truck Tire Maintenance

As mud tires are to ensure your safety during the rides and long last, it’s recommended to take some safety measures regularly. To make the best mud tire for truck last more than 50 thousand miles:

  1. check the pressure monthly or before every drive;
  2. check for the tread cuts and cracks;
  3. notice uneven tread wear;
  4. measure tread depth;
  5. don’t overload the truck.

Don’t go beyond the maximum pressure that is indicated on the sidewalls. If any damages noticed, the mud tire is to be replaced immediately. Otherwise, due to proper maintenance and use, the best light truck mud tires will serve you during several seasons or years.

Final verdict

I think that the best truck mud tires are Nitto Trail Grappler, as they are versatile, all-season, heavy-weight and durable. Firestone Destination M/T also match cold climate and winter rides. Additionally, Milestar Patagonia tires are recommended as reliable, strong, top-quality and sportive-looking truck accessories.

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