Best Seat Covers for Toyota Tacoma Durable and Comfortable

best seat covers for Tacoma reviewsHave you already got everything for your cherished vehicle? The best tonneau cover for Toyota Tacoma, the shocks, the snow chains? Now it’s time to think about the truck’s interior. The best seat covers for Tacoma protect it from dirt and damage.

What would you need during off-road trips? The style, comfort, and exclusive look? First of all, the front seat covers are to be hard-wearing, machine-washable. Some durability is also essential. A bench or dog seat cover for the rear row would be necessary, as well.

So, what are the best materials? Neoprene, neosupreme or leather? Let me highlight several top seat covers’ models. I’ll try to explain, why I like them and recommend the drivers.

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Best Seat Covers for Tacoma in 2024

1. Covercraft Carhartt: Toyota Tacoma Front Bench Seat Cover

toyota tacoma bench seat coversFinally, consider using the removable seat covers. Quite naturally, they are long-lasting and waterproof. Are they thick, heavy-duty? It depends on the comparison. The Duck Weave material is tough and firm-hand. However, it’s more lightweight than the other covers. So, I think, it’s a bit thinner.

The covers’ quality is perfect. I don’t doubt it. They definitely ensure reliable protection against moisture, dust, and dirt. They could be used for hunting, fishing and rugged wear applications. Your toddlers or pets won’t leave stains on the seats.

So, I think, the covers’ installation is the simplest possible. They are secured just by rubber bands or by Velcro straps. Therefore, you can remove the covers every time for machine washing. Reinstallation is fast and intuitive, by far.

Particular Qualities

Do the covers fit tight? Like a glove? Maybe, that’s right. They are custom-tailored for the certain Tahoma modifications. However, I think, they still fit a bit worse than the other products reviewed herewith.

You can keep them clean and tidy every day, for sure. However, are the given car seat covers for Toyota Tacoma sophisticated? I would doubt it. They are simple. The color is gravel. It’s grey. It’s practical and simple. The covers are hard-wearing. They are well-made. Triple stitching is strong and reliable.

What about style? I would call it elegant, as well. The Carhartt logo, brand elements and marks are available. The securing is reliable. As to the manufacturer, this company is leading and trustworthy. Covercraft Industries, LLC was established in 1965. Its headquarter is in Pauls Valley, OK. The manufacturing facilities are in 5 more US states, in Mexico and Australia.

So, what are the other seat covers’ features? They are sold by rows. These ones are to fit the two front seats. The armrest and headrest covers are included. A 3-year warranty is provided. What I don’t like is the California Warning. Is the finish harmful? The seat cover is the surface you touch every day. It’s the fabric your pets can chew. I hope, your kids won’t do it:)

  • durable;
  • sturdy;
  • machine washable;
  • water-repellent;
  • simple to install.
  • the under seat strap is not too tight;
  • the console lid cover is a bit loose.


So, I recommend the covers for everyday and household applications. They are the easiest to wash. Reinstallation is simple. The covers fit 3-gen Tahoma models. That is, 2016-2018.

2. Coverking Neosupreme Items: The Best Seat Covers for Toyota Tacoma

best seat covers for toyota tacoma reviewsNow, let’s consider the selection of Neosupreme covers. Is the fabric similar to the neoprene material? Are there any differences? Well, it’s a kind of modern, synthetic material. As well as neoprene, it’s:

  1. durable;
  2. strong;
  3. water-resistant;
  4. fade and wear-resistant;
  5. flame-proof.

It’s soft to touch and beneficially protective. These unique properties can be useful during your hunting, fishing or camping trips. Are you taking the dog to the vet? Just wipe the seats off, afterward. No stains remain.

Meanwhile, NeoSupreme is great material. It’s even more affordable than neoprene. The fabric consists of 3 layers:

  • knitted polyester;
  • 5-mm thick foam;
  • polyester.

This 3-layer structure ensures the best possible comfort and durability. Both polyester sides are beneficially protective. Any dirt or damage won’t spoil the covers. The foam inside is thick and supportive. Additionally, the material is lightweight.

Actually, Neosupreme can be called an artificial neoprene fabric. It is a bit inferior to the genuine one in terms of:

  1. toughness;
  2. water-resistance;
  3. breathability;
  4. options selections.

However, its mildew resistance and soft touch are perfect. Are there any advantages? The seat covers are:

  • easier to install;
  • fitting like a glove;
  • coming with traction pads.

The sets are really complete and advanced. They include:

  • installation kits (the tool, a protective glove, and goggles);
  • top-quality hardware;
  • reliable buckles and straps;
  • true Coverking logos.

Is the installation really so simple? It takes about half an hour. The adjustable straps and buckles help a lot. The installation videos are detailed and intuitive. As to the quality of the covers, it’s top not only because of the fabric. The zippers, Velcro fasteners and the hardware as a whole are reliable and perfect.

Useful Information

The traction pads (anti-slip membrane) keep the covers in place. The seams are even and strong. Spot cleaning, hand washing, and air drying are possible. Meanwhile, fire-resistance and waterproof qualities of the fabric surface could be a bit doubtful.

So, what is fit? What is 50/50 bucket seats? First of all, you’ll receive 2 seat covers: for the front row only. That is, for the driver’s and the passenger’s seats. The Toyota Tacoma Bench Seat Cover is not included. Meanwhile, the covers fit the best 2013-2018 Toyota Tacoma TRD sport models.

So, as we see, the manufacturer is an experienced and reliable company. It was founded in 1986, in Anaheim, CA. So, the team is focusing on innovation and technology. The seats are digitally scanned. The covers are designed, using the innovative CAD Application. This way, the exact fit is ensured.

  • durable;
  • intuitive to install;
  • padded;
  • exact fit;
  • custom-designed.
  • not completely water-proof;
  • if you smoke, burns are possible.


So, I recommend the Toyota Tacoma TRD sport seat covers for the drivers that like hunting, camping, and BBQ trips. Dog owners would appreciate them, as well. No stains remain. Additionally, the feel is soft; the seat protection is reliable.

3. Durafit T772 Camo: Toyota Tacoma Waterproof Seat Covers

toyota tacoma waterproof seat coversHave you got a pretty old Tacoma model? 1995-2000 pickup trucks belong to the 1st generation. The Durafit seat covers would be quite suitable. They are hard-wearing, waterproof and intuitive to pull on. The accessories are made of endura material. What is it?

Quite naturally, it’s a modern, synthetic fabric. Endura can be described as:

  1. durable polyester;
  2. woven-material;
  3. thick, heavy-duty fabric.

This innovative material is quite practical and durable. It’s perfectly waterproof. It was initially designed for outdoor backpacks. It suits also multiple open-top and industrial vehicles. The fabric is pet-proof.

Therefore, endure covers are pretty good for farming application. They are unrivaled for trips with your pets. The surface always keeps a level temperature. The covers are suitable for all climates. The fabric doesn’t absorb water. So, I guess it’s strong and durable, but not too soft or pleasant to touch.

Interesting Characteristics

What else can I tell about the covers? The Savannah camo color pattern is pleasant. It’s unshowy, suitable for every day or practical use. The installation is easy. Why? The fit is exact. But I guess, the covers don’t fit tight. Not without a wrinkle. So, just fasten them by Velcro closures. Additionally, the proper side airbag deployment is not contemplated.

The covers for both rows are available. The Tacoma bench seat cover is available. The headrests are included. The covers feature attachments and multiple pockets. As to the manufacturer, I think, we can trust the company. It’s not only an American-based enterprise. It’s a family-owned company.

Durafit Company was established in 1982, in Arlington, TX. It focuses on the patterns and precision-cut techniques, high-grade and durable fabrics. So, I would recommend the seat covers for tradition-bound and shrewd drivers.

  • durable;
  • easy installation;
  • machine washable;
  • waterproof;
  • pleasant color pattern.
  • the fabric fades under the sun.

4. LUCKYMAN CLUB Seat Covers: Toyota Tacoma Seat Covers Wear-Resistant Leather

toyota tacoma seat covers wear-resistant leatherDo you go fishing quite often? Consider buying and installation of wear-resistant leather. These pickup truck interior accessories are:

  1. UV and water-resistant;
  2. durable;
  3. robust;
  4. warmth-immune;
  5. not combustible.

This innovative fabric was initially designed for divers. It can be used deep in the sea. Why? It’s a chemically-stable. So, any moisture or stains won’t damage the truck’s interior. The seats are on the safe ground.

Additionally, neoprene is beneficial for use in summer. It’s comfortable as it absorbs less heat than the other fabrics. The seats stay cool in summer and warm in winter.

Features and Specifications

Are the covers machine-washable? I think they are not. However, it’s not necessary. As well as the leather upholstery, neoprene is easy-to-clean. The fabric itself is thick, cushiony. All dirt or dust can be easily wiped off from the seats. It might build up during off-road trips.

The fabric dries fast. It looks sleek. The covers provide reliable protection. However, the material is soft and pleasant to touch. 3/8” foam backing is beneficially added. 8 bright-colored options are available. They provide you a wide selection. Your preferences are taken into account.

1-year warranty covers the stitches. The fabric is much more long-lasting. As to the manufacturer, it’s a well-known company. Seat Covers Unlimited is a US-based Company. The factory is located in Mesa, AZ. The sunny and hot climate is taken into account.

The company was founded in 1986. It’s experienced and customer-oriented. Quite naturally, the covers fit OEM seats perfectly well. The range is huge. It suits all tastes, makes, and models. Just check it, ask the sellers and get the right fit.

As to the installation, it’s intuitive, but not too fast. If only the quick install guide included, go to the manufacturer’s page. Download the full instructions and enjoy the ease. This document is detailed and clear.

  • heat and moisture-resistant;
  • custom-made;
  • 8 colorful inserts’ options available;
  • the covers don’t fade under the direct sunlight;
  • easy-to-clean.
  • pay a lot of attention to the color selection and the measurements;
  • additional foam mats can be useful.

Overall Impression

So, I recommend the neoprene seat covers. They are great for pet owners, fishers and hunters. Residents of southern states would enjoy the seats coolness and comfort. Commonly, these covers are just durable, wear-resistant and robust.

5. INCH EMPIRE: Toyota Tacoma Leather Seat Covers

toyota tacoma leather seat coversDo you like stylish items? Are you fond of luxury furniture? Do you prefer sports cars? Leather seat covers by Clazzio would become your blameless choice. If you appreciate comfort, genuine leather is unchallenged. It’s beyond competition.

Leather material is:

  1. natural;
  2. practical;
  3. breathable;
  4. easy-to-clean;
  5. durable.

Is genuine leather commonly not breathable? The perforated one is. It ensures a great feel and comfortable drive. During the long-time off-road trips, you definitely feel the difference.

Quite naturally, only the inserts are made of this perfect material. However, they are located just where you touch the seat upholstery. The outer parts are made of top-quality vinyl. It’s flexible, easy-to-install. The surface is treated with the unique coating that is:

  • flame-resistant;
  • anti-odor;
  • anti-bacterial.

Do you drive during the very long hours? Going hunting or because of the long and exhausting commute? You do need additional comfort. Do you compare the covers’ weight? It’s significant. They are pretty heavy-weight. Why is it? It’s contributed to the thick cushions. They consist of 15 mm memory foam.

Interesting Information

The leather material is absolutely durable. It’s:

  1. tough;
  2. wear-resistant;
  3. abrasion-proof;
  4. anti-damage;
  5. mildew-resistant.

3 years of warranty are the perfect durability proof. The covers can stand any harsh conditions. Any dirt, dust, spills or moisture don’t damage the seats or the interior.

What are the other considerations? The style, look and design is really unbeatable. The black color is perfect. It’s the best since Henry Ford’s times. The other color options can be definitely ordered or custom-made. The thread is extremely strong. The stitching is original.

As to the installation, it’s not the simplest. If you compare it with the other seat cover items, it can be a bit tricky. 1 hour can be not sufficient. However, as the instructions included are clear and complete, no problems. The photos are available. No language collisions. The covers go over the existing cloth.

As to the manufacturer, it’s Japan-based. The Clazzio Company was initially established in Osaka, in 1995. Nowadays, the factories are also available in India and China. A branch is in Layton, UT. So, quality is unique.

Is everything clear with the set for you? It’s a 2-row kit, that includes:

  • front and back seats;
  • headrests;
  • the lid for the center console.

Fortunately, the Toyota Tacoma back seat covers are included. The set is complete. It’s a top-quality. That’s why I think it’s not expensive. It fits 2005-2008 Double Cab Tacoma models. So, I recommend it to all drivers. If you appreciate functionality, durability, comfort, and style, these seat covers are irreplaceable.

  • tight;
  • durable;
  • comfortable;
  • stylish;
  • great touch and feel.
  • the installation is not too fast or intuitive.

Best Rated Dog Car Hammock

How can I protect my car seats from dog hair? First of all, you need to find the best way to avoid getting dog hair on the car seat. In other words, it is better to prevent it immediately. What is the best dog car seat hammock? Let’s figure it out now!

1. Luxurious Orvis Seat Protector: Best Dog Seat Cover

best dog seat cover hammockTraveling with your cherished pet, select this high-end seat cover. It lets you avoid the common problems of driving with the pet in the truck:

  • paw prints on the upholstery;
  • nose-prints on the nearest windows;
  • dog hair everywhere.

Is the hammock really high-grade? Is it worth the price? At least, we know the material name and composition. It’s microfiber. The fabric is:

  1. breathable;
  2. water-resistant;
  3. comfortable for the dog;
  4. durable.

Of course, it’s not natural. However, it’s smooth to touch. Ease of cleaning matters. Machine-washable, removable covers are preferable. Your truck interior is efficiently protected against all issues: dirt, pet hair, moisture, and the dog’s sharp toenails. Additionally, the cover is quilted. It is equipped with a grip-tight backing. The cover is not as lightweight as the counterparts.

The Orvis Company specializes in fishing and traveling accessories. It was founded in 1856, in Manchester, VT. 25-years warranty for the rods is offered. So, I don’t know why, but I think the covers are long-lasting. Even if the warranty for the seat covers is not specified, the company is trusted.

The hammock’s installation is a seamless task. Just raise the headrests, place the cover and secure the straps. So, I recommend the protector for fishers and travelers.

  • non-slip;
  • padded;
  • superfast buckles available;
  • comfortable;
  • sturdy.
  • attracts dog’s hair.

2. 4Knines: Durable Best Seat Covers for Dog Hair

best car seat covers for dog hairI think this hammock for dogs is the best. Why? Quite naturally, because of the lifetime warranty. What is the unique material? It’s:

  1. heavy-duty and thick (the weight exceeds 190 g/m2);
  2. waterproof;
  3. classy;
  4. safe for your pet (free of dyes and chemicals);
  5. durable;
  6. colorfast;
  7. comfortable.

The unique features include non-slip backing, latch systems, Velcro openings.

So, what is the fabric? It should be a commercial secret. Some polyester must be definitely available in the composition. I think it’s a kind of a blend. Some cotton and polyester. The warning is still available. I hope, no danger for your pets.


So, I recommend it. Quite naturally, to the dog and Tacoma vehicle ownersJ But for several issues, it’s top-quality. Black, tan and grey colors are available. So, you can select it in sympathy with the pet hair color. You can also prefer the ones that fit your truck interior or exterior.

  • durable;
  • easy to adjust;
  • machine washable;
  • lifetime warranty;
  • padded, non-slip.
  • fouling backing;
  • the straps might fail in 6-8 months if the dog is heavy-weight.

3. Meadowlark Truck Interior Protector: Best Dog Hammock for Car

best dog hammock for carDo you travel with your dog? Does your cherished pet shed? Select this top-quality dog seat cover. It offers the most complete Tacoma interior protection. That is, 360-degrees. The hammock is waterproof, machine-washable. It’s completely safe and comfortable for your dog.

The cover is thick and padded. It consists of 4 layers:

  1. 600D PVC.
  2. Cotton
  3. Polyester taffeta (PP fiber).
  4. Rubber mesh (non-slip backing).

The protector features several top-quality accessories:

  • zippered flaps;
  • a Velcro opening;
  • corner anchors on the backing;
  • reliable buckles and strips.

The seat belts for the dog is a kind of unique option. I would like to mention also the strong double stitches and the true leather swatches. They secure the straps’ junctions.

I think the colors need additional attention. The cover is available only in black. Are they color-fast? I would doubt it. The headrests are white. They are branded with the Meadowlark logo. Well, I am not sure about the look. Meanwhile, I recommend the cover, as it’s safe and protective.

  • heavy-duty;
  • waterproof;
  • unique flapped design;
  • intuitive to install and washable;
  • adjustable.
  • not sturdy enough for large and energetic dogs.

Buyers’ Guide

When you get your new Tacoma from the factory, the seats already have some upholstery. The OEM seats are commonly stylish, comfortable and hard-wearing. They are commonly made of leather, perfectly padded. The seats are supportive and rough. They are built to last for years. However, the upholstery still needs protection.

Well, you can replace the seats in the whole. Changing the style to the racing or sport-style. However, I guess it would cost a fortune. Hundreds of dollars, at least. So, what can happen with the upholstery? Are you really fond of traveling? You might spend a lot of hours in the Tacoma seat. Therefore, it can be exposed to:

  1. tear and wear;
  2. direct sunshine;
  3. water damage;
  4. spills and stains.

If you take your pets along, they can damage the seats’ upholstery by claws. They would definitely leave some mud and pet hair on all surfaces. Additionally, you would need the new seat covers for aesthetical or personalization purposes. Customization is necessary even during the distant off-road trips. Climate is also important. Anyway, if you are a driver, you definitely have your own conceptualization of style, comfort, color, and the best fabric.

What Are the Best Seat Covers for Trucks?

You can buy the covers to insulate the seats, renew or customize them. Meanwhile, you would definitely consider:

  • the fit;
  • material;
  • color and design;
  • durability;
  • breathability and climatic conditions.

The design of the Tacoma seats depends on the truck modification. Look at the front seats. The driver’s and the passenger’s seats are usually the same, identical. Coming from the factory, they are usually grey or beige.

So, the front seats are commonly described as 50/50 or 40/20/40. The 20% in the middle may mean, there is a center console. That is the lid for it.

The rear seat’s design is a bench-type (if the second row is available). It can be either 50/50 or 60/40, depending on the modification. The bench seat can be equipped with the hammock (pet) cover, as well. If you take your dog along, it would be quite helpful and protective.

Traveling with the Pets: Issues

According to the 2011 Pet Survey, about 56% of Americans drive with the dogs. We deliver the pets in the cars or in the pickup trucks. The traveling frequency is at least once during a month. So, how to ensure driving safety? Quite naturally, dogs are not delivered in carriers. However, driving with the pets in the laps is forbidden in some states. It concerns Arizona, Maine and Connecticut. So, using the dog seat belts or keeping the pets it the rear seats are recommended.

Seat Covers’ Types

The certain seat covers you select are either:

  • seat savers;
  • or PrecisionFit covers.

The savers are durable and rugged. They are fast to remove and reinstall, machine washable. The properly fitting seat covers feature the foam backing. They are designed to ensure comfort. To refresh, clean them with a damp cloth.

Popular Materials

Are you selecting the seat covers? The matched fabric is one of the key considerations. The most suitable waterproof materials are:

  • leather;
  • neoprene;
  • velour;
  • nylon.

The leather is a perfect material for a cold climate. It’s luxurious and easy-to-clean. Leather covers ensure great protection against spills, but not wear. It might be not breathable enough during hot months, especially in southern states.

Neoprene is a perfect modern fabric. It’s waterproof and UV-resistant. The covers efficiently protect the seats against any damage, spills and stains. Nylon or polypropylene are heavy-duty and hard-wearing fabrics, as well. The other modern materials can be even more soft to touch and comfortable. But would you compromise the protection properties? I think it’s not worth it.

How to Wash Neoprene Seat Covers?

True neoprene covers are great accessories. They are moisture-resistant and comfortable. So, if they become dirty, just:

  • remove dust and debris from the surface;
  • use some water and shampoo;
  • wash the covers by a wet cloth;
  • rinse them with water;
  • dry them off, using a towel;
  • let the wet and clean covers air-dry.

Thus, the seat covers remain tidy.


The best seat covers for Tacoma are the ones by Clazzio. The leather is stylish and easy to clean. Neoprene and NeoSupreme accessories are also wear-resistant and waterproof, but soft and silky. A dog seat cover like the one by Orvis would let your pet feel safe and secured during the trip.

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