Best Tonneau Cover for F150 Pickup Truck

best tonneau cover for f150 reviewsIf you are a Ford truck owner and looking for the best tonneau cover for f150 series, you are in the right place. Here you will find out what types of tonneau cover are out there and how to choose the one that will best serve your needs.

All pickup truck owners sooner or later realize the need for a good tonneau cover. Indeed, if you use your truck bed to transport cargo rather often, a cover can come in handy in several ways. First of all, it protects your stuff from unfavorable natural elements, such as rain, snow, and hail. If you travel long distances with belongings in your truck bed, they will get very dusty and faded under the UV rays from the sun if not covered properly.

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What Is The Best Tonneau Cover For F150 in 2024?

The answer depends on multiple factors, including the climate you live in, your budget, how often and how far you travel with cargo in your F-150 truck bed, where you usually keep your vehicle (in a garage or outdoors), whether a tonneau cover is going to be a permanent installation and many others. Hopefully, the following review of 5 best Ford F-150 truck tonneau covers and bed covers will help you better understand your needs.

#1. Tyger Auto
  • Type of Cover - Soft
  • Material - Vinyl
  • Bed Length (feet) - 5.6'/6.5'/8'
  • Type of Installation - Surface mounting
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#2. BAKFlip FiberMax
  • Type of Cover - Hard
  • Material - Fiberglass
  • Bed Length (feet) - 5' 6"
  • Type of Installation - Flush mounting
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#3. MaxMate Tonneau Cover
  • Type of Cover - Hard
  • Material - Aluminum alloy
  • Bed Length (feet) - 6.5'
  • Type of Installation - Surface mounting
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#4. Rugged Liner
  • Type of Cover - Hard
  • Material - Aluminum
  • Bed Length (feet) - 5.6'/6.5'/8'
  • Type of Installation - Surface mounting
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#5. Gator Tri-Fold
  • Type of Cover - Soft
  • Material - Vinyl
  • Bed Length (feet) - 5.6'/6.5'/8'
  • Type of Installation - Surface mounting
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#6. Undercover
  • Type of Cover – Hard
  • Material – Aluminum/ABS
  • Bed Length (feet) – 5.5”
  • Type of Installation – Flush mounting
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#7. TruXedo
  • Type of Cover – Soft
  • Material – Leather Grain Vinyl
  • Bed Length (feet) – 6.6”
  • Type of Installation –Surface mounting
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#8. Rough Country
  • Type of Cover – Hard
  • Material – Aluminum Panels/Vinyl
  • Bed Length (feet) – 5.5’
  • Type of Installation – Flush Mounting
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1. Tyger Auto TG-BC3F1019: Best Soft Tonneau Cover for F-150

best soft tonneau cover for f150 reviewThis soft tri-fold tonneau cover is designed to fit all Ford F-150 models released between 2009 and 2014, except for the Raptor series. It is made of thick and durable vinyl reinforced with aluminum framing. When closed it has a seamless surface and resembles a single-piece cover. The top of the cover can hold up to 30 pounds of weight load.

Installation is quite simple. This cover is held down to a truck bed by four clamps – two in the front and two in the rear. The latter have latches that allow for easy opening and closing of the cover. Other items that come in the package include a storage bag, a magnetic LED light, a weather strip that can be applied around a tailgate or a bulkhead to enhance water and dirt protection, and clamp pads that can be used to protect the paint from being scratched by the clamps.

Once the cover is folded it is secured in place by snap straps. The front section is attached firmly to the bed rails and cannot be folded up. This should not be much of an issue since the tonneau cover can be removed very quickly in case you need to put some tall cargo in the truck bed.

Useful Features

  1. Vinyl surface with aluminum framing.
  2. Three sections.
  3. Two security clamps in the front and two latch clamps in the rare.
  4. Magnetic LED light.
  5. Weather seal.
  6. Clamp pads.
  7. Storage bag.

With all this, you or your child, for example, can calmly read or view pictures in the back seat, using the best book lights for reading at night!

  • The unit comes pre-assembled with all necessary hardware included.
  • Easy to install and take off.
  • Lightweight.
  • Supplied with a sealing strip to cover the seams which can potentially let moisture and dirt inside a bed.
  • Backed by a lifetime warranty.
  • Seamless look.
  • Cannot hold much weight (no more than 30 pounds).
  • The front section does not fold up.


This Tyger Auto Ford F-150 tonneau cover is a simple, effective and affordable solution for those who want to keep their cargo clean and dry during transportation. It is very easy to install and does not require any additional elements to perform a installation. This item is not as rigid and weight-resistant as hard tonneau covers, but as for a soft cover it serves its purpose quite well.

2. BAK BAKFlip 1126309 2004-14 FORD F-150: Best Hard Tonneau Cover for F-150

best four-section folding tonneau cover reviewThis is a heavy-duty four-section folding tonneau cover that will fit Ford F-150 models of years 2004-2014. One of the Best Fiberglass Bed Covers for Ford F-150. It is made of a durable composite material, which includes fiberglass-reinforced polymer panels with aluminum substructure. The tonneau cover has a 250-pound weight limit. No matter where the pressure is applied, it will be evenly distributed across the surface.

This tonneau cover is designed for permanent use since installation takes some effort. Besides, it can be folded all the way up and stay in the upward position to allow you to use your truck bed to its fullest capacity. Indeed, you won’t need to remove it unless you want to replace it. The cover is mounted flush with the truck bed for a seamless, unified look and improved aerodynamics.

Installation hardware is included in the package.  Prior to mounting a cover, you will have to secure side rails to the walls of your truck bed with brackets. The cover is then screwed to the rails in the front and secured by the latches in the rare. Please note, if you have any other systems installed in your F-150 truck you should contact the seller first to make sure this tonneau cover will fit.

Interesting Benefits

  1. Four folding sections.
  2. Fiberglass surface.
  3. Waterproof rubber seal around the perimeter.
  4. Rubber bumpers protect the cab rare glass when the cover is folded up.
  5. Durable prop rods keep the cover folded in the upright position.
  6. 2-year manufacturer warranty.
  • The cover folds all the way up and beyond 90 degrees. Provides absolutely unrestricted access to your truck bed and allows you to haul bulky cargo without removing the cover.
  • Rubber seals prevent water, snow, and dust from getting inside a truck bed.
  • Fiberglass surface does not heat up as much as metal.
  • Flush mount creates a unified, uninterrupted look.
  • Rigid fiberglass panels can hold up to 250 pounds of weight.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Depending on your initial truck setup, the installation might take a considerable amount of time and effort.
  • The cover is easy to break in even with a locked tailgate.


The BAKFlip FiberMax Ford F-150 tonneau cover is designed to be used under various weather conditions, including heavy rain, snow, and summer heat. Its four folding sections provide easy access to any place inside a bed of your truck. It can be installed once and left there for the lifetime since it can be folded up and secured in that position. This feature fully negates the downside associated with time-consuming installation. Another issue that makes this tonneau cover not as great as it could be is a security breach that makes it vulnerable to unauthorized access.

3. MaxMate With 2009-2014: A Durable Ford F-150 Hard Shell Bed Cover

 hard folding tonneau cover f150

This hard folding tonneau cover is made of durable aluminum alloy. Just like most of the folding covers, it has three sections, two of which hold up to provide access to the bed. The section that is next to the cab is secured by quick clamps. These tonneau covers have a typical tri-fold design. Installation is rather quick and easy and generally does not require that any alterations are made to the truck. However, there are some limitations to the use of this cover. Specifically, if your truck has a utility track system, this cover will not fit.

This specific model is designed for 6.5-foot beds in all 2009-2014 Ford F-150 series, except for the Raptor series. Once installed it gives the truck a neat, streamlined look and also improves the gas mileage of a vehicle. Rubber seals around the perimeter help keep moisture, dust, and dirt out of the truck bed. The seal can hold up to heavy rain or snow and even a high-pressure car wash.

Features and Specifications

  1. Three sections.
  2. Textured aluminum alloy surface with powder coating.
  3. Four adjustable clamps.
  4. Weather protection seal.
  5. Security buckles.
  • Fast, hassle-free installation.
  • 100% leak-proof design.
  • Durable aluminum alloy surface.
  • The cover does not open all the way up (the front section always stays down).
  • Cannot be installed on vehicles with utility track systems.


This tri-fold hard tonneau cover is an optimal solution for those who are looking for a reliable, durable and affordable cover for their Ford F-150. It takes very little time and effort to install. The cover is safely sealed to keep moisture and dirt out of the bed of a truck. On the downside, this tonneau cover will not work with some models of Ford F-150 and is not compatible with a utility track system.

4. Rugged Liner HC-F5515: Quality Hard Bed Cover for Ford F-150

best hard bed cover for ford f150This is a hard folding tonneau cover made of two-sided aluminum panels. The cover has three sections, which fold towards the cab and can be secured in place by two reliable buckles. This model is designed to fit 5.5-foot beds in Ford F-150 trucks of 2015-2017 years of manufacture. Other models might not have the right fit.

This tonneau cover is designed without a lock. Instead, it has four clamps (one on each side of the rare and front sections) that hold it down to the bed of a truck. If the tailgate is locked, the cover cannot be opened, so it can be considered quite secure. This tonneau cover is also equipped with two cargo lights to help you find things you need in your truck bed when it is covered.

The cover is quite easy to install. It is designed to lay on the top of side walls and a bulkhead. The item comes pre-assembled and ready to install. It attaches to the truck bed rather tightly and has rubber grooves around a perimeter to ensure a closer fit. There is a dust seal feature in the front part where it comes close to the cab that keeps rain, dust, and snow from penetrating inside your truck bed and damaging its contents.


  1. Designed for a 5.5-foot bed.
  2. Three folding sections.
  3. Made of aluminum panels.
  4. Secured by four clamps.
  5. Cargo lights.
  6. Cab dust seal and hinge seals.
  7. Backed by a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Rigid and durable.
  • Perfectly sealed against water and dust infiltrations.
  • Easy to install and remove thanks to the quick clamp system. Installation does not require using any additional hardware.
  • Features LED cargo lights
  • Does not have a security lock.
  • The front section does not open up, so you will have somewhat limited access to your truck bed.


The HC-F5515 Ford tri-fold hard tonneau cover ensures the excellent protection of your cargo against weather elements, dust, and theft. It is rigid enough to hold quite a bit of snow and its construction allows the weight to be evenly distributed all over the surface, so it will not sag. The cover is rather easy to install and use, however it will not fit 2016 Ford F-150 the way it should.

5. Gator 2015-2018 5.5 Bed: Best Folding Tonneau Cover for F-150 Made in the USA

soft tonneau truck bed cover for f150The Gator soft tonneau cover is a simple and effective solution to protect your valuable cargo from weather elements, dust, dirt, fading, and unwanted glances. It is very lightweight and easy to install. The cover is made of durable, tear-resistant vinyl, supported by aluminum framing. It is worth to mention that the cross-bars are not flat but slightly arched to prevent snow and rain from accumulating on top of the cover and causing it to snag.

Similarly to hard fold-up covers, this one has three sections, two of which can be folded towards the cab of a tuck to provide access to two-thirds of the bed length. The front and rare sections are secured by clamps. The ones on the rare unlatch to let the cover be opened. To operate the cover you should open a tailgate first and then you will have access to the latches. When up, the cover is secured by two click straps.

This tonneau cover provides quite decent weather protection. The manufacturer includes a tailgate seal (can also be used in the cab side of the bed) to tuck the gaps that might occur due to peculiarities of the truck bed setup. However, the seal might not hold up to a high-pressure car wash.

Useful Facts

  1. Three sections.
  2. Vinyl surface with aluminum framing.
  3. Four mounting clamps.
  4. Tailgate weather seal.
  • Lightweight and easy to install.
  • Bowed framing provides enhanced support in case of heavy rain or snow.
  • Seamless design adds a unified look to a vehicle.
  • Backed by a limited lifetime warranty.
  • Made in the USA.
  •  A tie-down mechanism in the rare part of the cover is not user-friendly.
  • Some water still can get inside the bed with this cover.


Gator Tri-fold tonneau cover fits 2015-2018 Ford F-150 models. It helps protect cargo from moisture, sun, and exposure. The cover is easy to install and remove but has some design flaws in the locking mechanism.

6. Undercover UX22019: Hard Folding F150

hard folding f150Have you recently bought a short-bed Super Crew vehicle? Equip it with a premium-quality tonneau cover. Get significant improvement in gas mileage. Improve your truck’s look, making it stylish. Prefer American quality.

This perfect accessory fits new, 2015-2020 F150 models. UnderCover Inc. produces it in Rogersville, Missouri. Now it belongs to the Truck Hero group of brands. It offers a 5-year warranty for the accessory. What are the outstanding features of the UltraFlex model? It’s weather-resistant, withstanding up to 400 pounds of load. Dual-action, EPDM rubber seal protects it from elements.

Ultra Flex is a hard, tri-fold cover. It consists of aluminum panels, with ABS filling and matte, powder-coated finish. Under-panel surface is tough, carpet-like. It looks pretty elegant and stylish. Get 100% bed access. Secure it in upright position and transport your motorcycle or lawnmower.

Ultra Flex cover is intuitive to install. Patented L-rail side rails enable clamp-on application. You need no drilling or special tools. Slam latches make it easy to operate and use. Additionally, an integrated rail light adds convenience. It’s helpful if you drive at night.

Interesting Opportunities

  1. L-rail design.
  2. 100% access.
  3. No-drill installation.
  4. 400 lbs. weight capacity.
  5. Slam latches.
  6. Integrated luminous light.
  • Low-profile design.
  • Water-resistant.
  • Stylish matte finish.
  • Straight-forward installation.
  • Clear and detailed instructions.
  • You might need to move clamps and shims according to prop rods location.
  • Saddlebag is not available.


Ultra Flex tonneau cover by UnderCover is a hard, durable accessory. It’s weather-resistant, heavy-duty. Thanks to innovative design, it’s easy-to-install and use. Integrated light is a useful feature. If you drive at night, it’s convenient.

7. TruXedo 598101: Great Soft, Roll-up Cover

roll-up coverDo you prefer soft tonneau covers? Select a heavy-duty accessory. Lo Pro by TruXedo is a best-selling cover nowadays. It stands out by low-profile design. Therefore, the item looks sleeks and elegant. It makes your truck bed surface only ¾” higher. Save up to 10% of fuel due to well-conceived aerodynamics.

This model fits long-bed F-150 vehicles. Update your old, 2009-2014, pre-owned truck with this awesome cover. It comes with automatic tension control. So, it adjusts to the ambient temperature. It stays tight, requiring no manual adjustment. Thanks to industrial-grade vinyl, the cover is strong, tear-resistant.

Should it be always black? Not at all. Grey, blue and buckskin versions are available. Reliable aluminum bows let it hold a thick snow layer in winter. Quick-release system makes this accessory easy to use. Use single (side) trigger latch to open the cover easily, by one finger only. Or remove it in seconds, getting full access to your luggage area or truck bed department.

Installation is also pretty simple and intuitive. It takes not more than 15-30 minutes. Only in freezing weather, it may last some minutes more. It’s trouble-free, requiring no drilling. You don’t need any tools to use. Additionally, the cover carries a limited lifetime warranty.

Interesting Characteristics

  1. Makes bed only ¾” higher.
  2. Temperature range -40°F – 120°F.
  3. Weight capacity: 350 lbs.
  4. Free-floating Velcro-strips.
  5. No-drill installation.
  • Perfect fit.
  • Easy to install and use.
  • Reliable protection from elements.
  • Great, sleek look.
  • Significant gas savings.
  • The cover is a bit noisy at high speeds.
  • You are to secure Velcro strips properly.


Lo Pro TruXedo is a durable soft tonneau cover. It’s weather-resistant, holding up to 350 pounds of snow or load. The cover consists of tear-resistant tarp and thick aluminum bows. So, it protects and secures your cargo.

8. Rough Country 15-20 F150: Sturdy Tri-fold Ford Bed Cover

sturdy tri-fold ford bed coverDo strong winds and severe thunderstorms hit your area? Extreme weather is common in summer. If so, you need tonneau cover that stands heavy rains. The product by Rough Country exceeds your expectations. It comes with reliable weather seals on all 4 sides. It keeps out any elements, such as snow or hailstones.

Useful Features

The durable, tri-fold truck bed cover consists of rigid aluminum panels. Does black vinyl fabric cover it? I would doubt it. Matte, textured finish of the cover looks like powder-coated surface. Soft, more affordable item features vinyl. This one is hard. It’s beneficially low-profile and scratch-resistant.

Thus, the hard, tri-fold cover comes with:

  1. Precipitation-hardened 6061 aluminum panels.
  2. Low-profile design.
  3. Sleek appearance.
  4. Advanced tailgate lock.
  5. Quick and intuitive clamp system.

The cover is beneficially intuitive to install. It arrives completely assembled in the parcel. So, it takes no more than 5-10 minutes to attach it to your truck bed. Installation requires no drilling and no tools. It’s strange, but the installation instructions are pretty complete and clear.

The truck bed cover comes with a plastic, but reliable clamps. They secure the cover efficiently. It’s easy to close and open. Thanks to available fastening buckles, you can leave it partially open. It might be necessary when you carry over-sized items. You can haul any stuff like small pieces of furniture or lawnmowers in your truck bed.

Additionally, the product is strong and durable. It features a lifetime manufacturer warranty. It’s UV-resistant, standing any extreme heat and direct sunshine. Rough Country is an experienced and fast-growing manufacturer. The company works since the early 1970s. Nowadays, it provides a wide range of automotive accessories. It includes suspension lift kits, wheels, fender flares, and so on. So, this bed cover’s quality is unparalleled.

  • sturdy;
  • durable;
  • easy to install;
  • weather-proof and moisture-resistant;
  • low-profile.
  • plastic clamps that look third-rate, but not flimsy.


Hard, textured tonneau cover by Rough Country is durable and low-profile. It arrives pre-assembled, easy to install. Featuring a tailgate lock, it enables complete cargo security. 4-side seals protect your truck bed from rain and other elements. So, I recommend the product for heavy-duty applications and daily use.

Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose the Best Tonneau Cover for F-150 Ford Truck?

A proper tonneau cover can help you get the most out of your truck. Ford F-150 is a great truck and equipping it with a tonneau cover can significantly enhance its productivity and versatility. It’s important to choose the right cover that will suit your needs, taste, truck setup specifics, and budget. So before making a decision, you should take care of the following.

Besides, it is always better to haul your valuable equipment or gear hidden away from prying eyes. Security-locking tonneau covers offer even better protection since they are almost impossible to break under without attracting too much attention. Any tonneau cover improves the aerodynamics of a vehicle to a certain extent, thus increasing gas mileage and helping you save on gas. Alongside with utilitarian functions, tonneau covers serve decorative purposes as well. If you care about the aesthetics of your car, a bed cover is something you should definitely invest in. It gives a truck a sleek and streamlined look, especially if it has a matching finish. Even a regular black cover looks neater and organized than a pile of assorted things or a scratched and dirty inside of a truck bed.

What types of tonneau covers are compatible with Ford F-150 pickup truck?

Tonneau covers compatible with Ford F-150 can be found in any product category. Depending on your needs and budget you can choose one of the options mentioned above. Besides, there are tonneau covers designed to go with tool boxes or to accommodate an elevated carrying rack. Some sellers offer one-piece hinged covers painted to match the color of your Ford F-150 and achieve a truly unbroken, seamless look.

Tonneau covers for Ford F-150 are available in a variety of types and configurations. There are roll-up, snap, folding, hatch-style and retractable tonneau covers. Each type has its advantages and downsides. Price tags also differ significantly, from relatively cheap snap covers and soft roll-us to expensive retractable covers with remote controls.

What are the benefits of folding bed covers for F-150 Ford trucks?

Folding bed covers are the most popular ones among Ford F-150 owners. They are diverse, convenient and affordable. There are two types of folding tonneau covers: soft and hard. Soft covers are relatively cheap, lightweight, easy to install and use. They are preferable if you don’t expect to get under heavy rain and snow. Hard covers are made of aluminum panels and can hold weight load of up to several hundreds of pounds. Unlike roll-up tonneau covers, folding ones can be opened with one hand, which is very convenient. You can open as many sections as you need and easily fold them back down (as opposed to a hinged cover, which has to go all the way up, which is not always appropriate).

Measure your truck bed correctly.

Ford F-150 comes with 5.5-, 6.5- and 8-foot beds. Even if you know your truck bed length, it is always better to measure it before buying a tonneau cover and then ask a seller to provide precise measurements of the cover you are interested in. Even a slight difference in measurements can be critical in a way that it can hinder weather protection or spoil the look of a vehicle. To measure your truck bed, you should place a tape measure on the inside of a bulkhead and stretch it towards the inside of a tailgate.

Decide what type of tonneau cover you need.

 ford F-150 truck bed covers reviewsFord F-150 truck bed covers (tonneau covers) are available in various types. The choice is determined by your lifestyle, budget, type of climate you live in and specifics of your truck. There are no general recommendations. Speaking about fold-up covers, there are two basic groups: soft and hardcovers. In some cases, soft ones work better. They are usually lightweight, easy to install and relatively inexpensive. Hard covers better hold up to rugged use and carry up to several hundreds of pounds of weight on top of them. The number of sections also matters. For instance, if you have a long truck bed, getting a quad-fold might be a better choice. If you haul tall and oversized cargo on a regular basis, you will need the full capacity of your truck bed. In that case, a tonneau cover that can be folded all the way up will be preferable.

Check compatibility of a tonneau cover.

If your Ford F-150 truck is equipped with bed rail caps, over-the-head bedliner, a utility track system or a tool box, the choice of tonneau covers will be narrowed down to those that are compatible with these types of accessories. Manufacturers usually provide such information, so you should study product specifications very carefully.

Choose the optimal type of mount.

Basically, there are two ways tonneau covers can be mounted: flush with and on top of the bed rails. Flush mounted tonneau cover gives a truck a unified look. With this type of mount bed, rails remain unoccupied, which means you can incorporate other installations, such as a bed rack. Tonneau covers that sit on top of truck bed rails cannot boast a stylish low-profile look, but they are much easier to install and remove.

More information view here.

Conclusion: best tonneau cover for f150

A tonneau cover is a utilitarian truck accessory. It serves multiple purposes, such as keeping cargo dry, clean and safe, improving fuel efficiency, enhancing the overall look of a truck. High-quality tonneau covers are meant to serve for many years without losing their functionality, sealing efficiency and attractive look. The array of Ford F-150 truck bed toppers and covers is very wide. In this article, we covered only folding tonneau covers, while there are many more other types, which can also work quite well with your Ford F-150 truck. Choosing a truck tonneau cover is not a decision to be rushed with. So take your time, do as much research as you need and you will definitely find the cover that will be just right for you.

5 thoughts on “Best Tonneau Cover for F150 Pickup Truck”

  1. I am here doing a bit of research. My husband’s 50th is in 2 weeks and since he purchased a new F-150, I wanted to get him a cover for the bed for it. That was his gift to himself and he told me not to worry about getting anything but I still want to. Thanks for the reviews. I think I will get the first one. It sounds like something he would buy himself.

  2. How long are these meant to last for, generally speaking? I ask because I bought one used a few years ago and it lasted me since. I am only now having problems with it. It was used for 2 or 3 years prior to me owning one so it lasted 5+ years. If they aren’t meant to last long, I will just go with a cheaper option.

  3. I like that the Rugged Liner one is a folding hardcover. I have used several different ones over the years for various trucks and I have found the folding ones like this to be the best. Might get it this week when I get pair. My F-150 is starting to take on a bit of rust in the bed so I want to get that fixed and keep the water out.

  4. Quite a price jump. I am wondering if it would really be worth it to pay $700+ if I can get a solid one for less than $300. On the other hand, it the ones under $300 aren’t good, it would be a waste of $300. Anyone own both higher and lower end bed covers?

  5. From my experience with tonneau covers, MaxMate makes the best ones for F-150 trucks. They fit perfect and they last for a long time. Plus, they function well. Some covers are too tight or too lose so opening and closing them back can be a pain. So yeah, I say go with MaxMate if you are here deciding.

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