8 Best Tonneau Covers for Toyota Tacoma

best tonneau cover for Toyota TacomaWhy have you got your cherished Tacoma? Due to the impressive vehicle’s look? Or to drive on the soft ground trails? Is it the performance that matters? Or the loading capacity? The vehicle stands out by a long, spacious bed. Obviously, the best tonneau cover for Toyota Tacoma is necessary.

Find a brief list of the high-quality accessories below. They are carefully selected by owner reviewsTacoma. I’m sure, the detailed descriptions of their features, benefits, and downsides help you to adopt your conscious decision.

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Top Tonneau Cover for Toyota Tacoma in 2024

#1. Tyger Auto TG-BC3T1030
  • Material - vinyl
  • Weight, lbs - 28.2
  • Type - soft
  • Opening - tri-fold
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#2. Gator 59409
  • Material - vinyl
  • Weight, lbs - 24.2
  • Type - soft
  • Opening - tri-fold
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#3. Truxedo 957001
  • Material - aluminum(slats)
  • Weight, lbs - 75
  • Type - hard
  • Opening - roll-up
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#4. MaxMate TCT373031
  • Material - vinyl
  • Weight, lbs - 29
  • Type - soft
  • Opening - tri-fold
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#5. BakFlip 448426
  • Material - aluminum panels
  • Weight, lbs - 71
  • Type - hard
  • Opening - fold-up
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#6. OEDRO TAER0301W010
  • Material - vinyl/PVC
  • Weight, lbs. – 27.6
  • Type – soft
  • Opening – tri-fold
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#7. Extang Trifecta 2.0
  • Material - leather grain vinyl
  • Weight, lbs. – 28.8
  • Type – soft
  • Opening – tri-fold
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#8. Retrax 60812
  • Material – polycarbonate
  • Weight, lbs – 70
  • Type – hard
  • Opening – sliding (on rollers)
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1. Tyger Auto T3 (BC3T1030): Premium Locking Bed Cover for Tacoma

toyota tacoma tri fold tonneau coverBed cover is definitely worth your attention. Similarly, it’s lasting and lightweight. Besides, a lifetime guarantee is indicative of product functionality and long shelf life. The tonneau lid is unique by design. And most importantly, it’s patented in our USA. Certainly, original and time proved product.

Is it the 3-layer vinyl? All tarp-type tonneau covers are based on this material, aren’t they? It’s 24-oz thick, stout, marine-grade. But, the longest possible warranty is offered for all components, including the black tarp.

The metal integrants are definitely reliable. The frames are metal (aluminum), as usual. However, the surface is powder-coated, rust-proof. What I like are the clamps. They are stainless steel. Reliable hardware is a godsend!

Interesting Characteristics

So, the mounting is not complicated. It takes up to 1 hour. The cover is beneficially pre-assembled. A LED light, the seals, the weather straps, the metal hardware are fortunately included. The instructions are detailed and comprehensive. The Toyota Tacoma beds with rails still require some inserts.

Is the accessory more low-profile than the hard, metal-based covers? I don’t think so. It doesn’t look completely flat. 12% of gas savings are expectable. The percentage is average. Is it outstanding? I guess it’s true. It’s black and smooth, that matters.

The truck bed cover fits multiple2005-2015 Toyota Tacoma modifications. Accordingly, it’s versatile. So, regardless of your truck modification (w. or without rails), it’s good. And consequently, if it fits, strongly recommend this product. As the best shielding accessory for Toyota Tacoma. By the way, it’s theft-proof, but the latch is a bit tricky.

  • hard-wearing;
  • intuitive to mount;
  • the cargo area remains dry;
  • sleek look.
  • tricky latch;
  • inserts may be necessary.

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The Tyger Auto T3-model tonneau cover is hard-wearing. It’s produced from the best materials: thick vinyl, top-grade metal. The cover is intuitive to install. It’s perfect by design, lightweight and weather-proof.

2. Gator ETX (59409): Hard-Wearing Tonneau Cover for 2016 Tacoma

toyota tacoma bed cover reviewsDo you think, the soft, fabric tonneau cover is not lasting? You are wrong. It’s tear-resistant, endurable. Is the accessory lightweight, unsophisticated? Well, what of it? The marine-grade, thick vinyl is perfectly weather-resistant. It is designed for withstanding harsh winds. Any snowfalls or rains reach the cargo area. Your cherished loads are on the safe ground.

The tonneau cover is functional. It shields all your stuff from the environmental hazards. Quite naturally, the tarp is covered only by a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty. However, it’s supported by the strongest possible aluminum frame. These bows are anodized, durable.

Located in the crisscross manner, the bows are really reliable. They are made to last for years, backed by the producer’s lifetime guarantee. Additionally, the seal, located inside of the tonneau area, is perfect. It works well, securing the items in the truck bed. Going around the sides and on the tailgate, the sealing is great and reliable.

Features and Specifications

Usability is among the basic cover’s benefits. It’s perfect by design, intuitive to install. Just fold it up, clamp the side rails and fasten the buckles. It fits any 2016-2019 Tacoma model if the bed rails are built-in or not. Thus, the mounting may take from 10 to 30 minutes. Are you a beginner? DIY setup is still possible.

Regardless of your truck modification, the 2017 Toyota Tacoma bed cover is not thick. Why is it beneficial? Your light truck is perfectly low-profile and sleek with is. Application of the tonneau cover significantly improves gas mileage. After all, the accessory is made in our beautiful country. So, it’s top-quality. Only the plastic clips are a bit flimsy.

  • intuitive to install;
  • perfect sealing;
  • user-friendly;
  • quiet on the road;
  • versatile.
  • plastic clips are a bit flimsy.

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To sum up, the ETX tonneau cover by Gator is heavy-duty thick and reliable. Besides, it’s lightweight and tear-resistant. Therefore, it protects your Toyota Tacoma cargo area at any weather conditions. In addition, the accessory is simple, consequently intuitive to install. And most importantly, perfect by design.

3. Truxedo Titanium (957001): The Best Toyota Tacoma Hard Tonneau Cover

toyota tacoma hard bed cover reviewsBelonging to the Titanium series, the item is hard. It’s based on the tough aluminum slats. Quite naturally, the accessory is not as lightweight as the soft ones. However, it’s not heavy-weight. The solid metal components are beneficial. They add durability, security, and reliability to the cargo area.

The metal slats are still covered with fabric. Does it differ from vinyl? I think so. It’s a kind of leather-grain fabric, top-grade and UV-resistant. It’s black, as it usually is. However, the Toyota Tacoma hard shell bed cover is not hot-to-touch. It’s equipped with the specially-integrated caps.

In summer, you shouldn’t touch the metal parts to operate the cover. Therefore, I think, this product is preferable for southern states, like California or Florida. Thanks to the Velcro seals, the tonneau cover provides excellent protection. It’s weather-resistant. No dust or water comes to the cargo area.

Additional Information

Your Toyota Tacoma looks pretty good with the accessory. The cover is perfectly low-profile. I guess it’s perfect in terms of the flat smooth design and streamlined contour. Nevertheless, the gas savings declared are about 10%. What makes the cover special is its load rating. You can place all your stuff on the top, no problems. You can even stand on it. Do you weigh less than 400 pounds? So, it’s ok.

The hard bed cover for Toyota Tacoma is outstanding in terms of opening. Above all, it rolls up, fitting the rails tight. Likewise, the installation is quite simple. Just position the rails and the 6 clamps, available in the box. Besides, the clamps are made of aluminum. They are metal, light-colored. Advice: start the installation with the central one.

Continuing the installation

  1. Position the cover.

A bullhead seal may be required. The pins should line with the rails.

  1. Slide the header guides.
  2. Unroll the tonneau cover.
  3. Close the tailgate.
  4. Secure the hooks and loops on the sides.

The DIY installation takes only about 10-20 minutes. So, I really like the design. Therefore, I recommend the cover to all my friends. If you have a 2016 or 2017 Toyota Tacoma, it should fit it.

  • high load rating;
  • tough and strong;
  • simple to install;
  • perfectly-sealed;
  • suitable for a hot climate.
  • common fitting issues;
  • a bit noisy when it’s windy.

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The Titanium 2016- 2017 Toyota Tacoma bed cap cover by Truxedo is hard and strong. Firstly, it’s made of the aluminum slats, with fabric lining. Secondly, it’s UV-resistant. As a result, adjusted to the summer hot. Thirdly, the covers are great in terms of the protection against dust and moisture. Additionally, it’s simple to install and easy to operate.

4. MaxMate TCT371031: A Soft, Toyota Tacoma Cargo Cover

best toyota tacoma cargo coverAt first sight, the tonneau cover looks exactly the same as similar products. Like all soft, top-quality tonneau accessories, it is:

  1. pre-assembled;
  2. durable;
  3. dual-coated;
  4. looking smooth;
  5. intuitive to set up.

The 24-oz vinyl wraps the frame on both sides. As a result, marine-grade fabric implies the necessary weather-resistance properties. Is there anything special? I think so. For example, clamps are special by design. Besides, they are stainless steel, durable and certainly, easy to mount.

The supporting frame is aluminum, typically. However, it’s powder-coated, heavy-duty and sturdy. The tailgate seal is available. Horizontal crossbars support the tarp during the rides. The installation takes up to half an hour. The hardware and a LED light are included.

Interesting Facts

The gas savings declared are 10-13%. It’s highly probable. However, why only 10-years warranty is provided by the manufacturer? Are there any design weaknesses? Well, some hardness lack may be experienced. I believe it. It’s lightweight. So, the tonneau cover is prone to be flapped by the strong wind, if you don’t snap the straps.

Meanwhile, free repair within a decade is a perfect service. A Toyota Tacoma replacement bed toggle bolts may be required. The available ones are too long. You might need an additional weatherstrip (3/8”), as well. The gap on the front of the tonneau area can appear. However, it depends on your Toyota Tacoma modification.

  • hard-wearing tarp;
  • pre-assembled;
  • durable;
  • user-friendly.
  • additional clips or a weather strip may be required.


Generally, the tonneau cover by MaxMate is top-quality. Consequently, it’s hard-wearing and user-friendly. Besides, up to 13% of gas savings are expected. Additionally, the truck bed accessory is intuitive to mount. And certainly, attractive by design.

5. BAKFlip MX4: A Hard, Tri-fold Tonneau Cover for Tacoma

hard tri fold tonneau cover tacomaAbove all, truck bed lid is hard. Most importantly, it’s based on the comparatively lightweight aluminum panels. What is the finish? I guess it might be the matte powder coating. Or is it a modern Toyota Tacoma fiberglass bed cover? No, it’s another product from the BAKFlip series that is produced from the composite materials. It’s called the Fibermax.

As to me, this accessory is much better. It’s stronger and more durable. A 3-year manufacturer warranty is provided. The tonneau cover bears up to 400 lbs of various stuff on the top. Just distribute it evenly on the surface, or don’t overload the accessory.

Anyway, the Tacoma hard tonneau cover is beneficially low-profile. I am not sure about the gas mileage improvement. The savings definitely exceed 10%. Meanwhile, the cover looks completely flat.

Due to the double sealing, it perfectly protects the truck bed from any road mess. The drainage tubes are built-in. So, the item is nearly water-tight. The tonneau cover is beneficially UV-resistant, tolerant to scuffs and scratches. It’s foldable, easy-to-operate. You’ll get complete access to your Toyota Tacoma cargo area.

Useful Information

And, what is like especially, is the latching gadget. The panels latch automatically. It’s injection-molded and quite strong. Just close it, and the mat snugs against the mounting rails. Then, it’s secured by the advanced buckle system. Nothing would obstruct the view from your back window.

As to the mounting, it’s really fast. Finally, the cover is proudly produced in the USA. So, it’s premium-quality. Its usability and functionality is beyond all praise.

  • durable;
  • strong;
  • low-profile;
  • advanced seal.
  • only 3-year warranty.

Video brief


Therefore, the hard, foldable tonneau cover by BAK Industries is strong and durable. Firstly it consists of the high-capacity, aluminum panels. Secondly, the accessory is perfectly sealed. Thirdly, easy-to-use and most importantly, intuitive to install.

6. OEDRO TAER0301W010: Durable Tacoma Bed Cover

durable tacoma bed coverDo you like traveling in winter? Visit your favorite Christmas markets and see picturesque snowy scenes. If your city is not snowy, drive north to feel Christmas atmosphere. But extreme weather conditions might happen. Don’t forget to protect your luggage, stuff, gifts and other bough items.

Scattered flurries, heavy snowfalls or blizzards don’t take you unawares. This robust, heavy-duty tonneau cover protects your belongings. Do you think, you can lose some packages on the way? When you drive on rugged roads, it might happen. Rain, snow or sunshine don’t throw you into confusion.

Your truck bed and all stuff inside remains intact, dry and undamaged. Tonneau cover by OEDRO is preferable in winter. Your powerful vehicle needs stability and security. This accessory grants extra cargo protection. What is its top material? As manufacturers state, it’s double-layer PVC.

Quite naturally, cover is soft. But I would not call it tarp. It’s lightweight, flexible, but rugged and tough. It is a reinforced, UV-stabilized vinyl? I would doubt it. It’s waterproof, weather-resistant. But the surface is matt. Additionally, it improves aerodynamics of your pickup truck. Save up to 20% of fuel thanks to this smart accessory.

The cover features reliable frame. Its crossbars are made of powder-coated aluminum. They are durable, withstanding up to 30 lbs. of snow. The tonneau cover features a top-quality weather strip and stainless steel clamps. It’s easy to install and use.

Additional Information

OEDRO is a Hong Kong-based company. It’s a leading manufacturer that supplies top-quality auto parts. It provides a lifetime warranty for this product. It fits shot-bed, fleet side 2016-2019 Tacoma vehicles.

  • robust;
  • heavy-duty;
  • easy-to-install;
  • weather-proof.
  • not completely clear instructions;
  • plastic latches.


Truck bed cover by ORDRO is top-quality and robust. It’s weather-resistant and durable. So, I recommend this accessory for winter trips. It lets you save fuel and protect your stuff.

7. ExtangTrifesta 2.0: Low-profile Tonneau Cover

low profile tonneau coverHow long is your Toyota Tacoma bed? Measure it right now. If it’s 5 or 6-feet-long, this top-quality accessory is your choice. It fits the vehicles that were produced in 2016, 2017 or 2018. Does it worth the investment? It’s just a soft, folding tonneau cover. But it’s top-quality, innovative product. Trifecta is a best-selling soft cover now.

What are its outstanding benefits? The cover is made in the USA. Extang Engineered is a leading bed cover manufacturer. It’s based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Founding this company in 1982, it’s owners relied on innovations and hard work. Now it holds a lot of unique patents.

Trifecta 2.0 is a new model. It has got several unique features. Now the cover is smarter, stronger and more intuitive to use than before. What I like the most is its advanced clamping system. Attach front, Jaw-Grip clamps to the bed flanges. It’s easy, fast and non-damaging. Being strong, they don’t hurt your vehicle’s bed caps. They tighten horizontally and vertically.

EZ lock clamps self-lock when you install them. They provide additional security. New design implies innovative Max hinges and corners. Quite naturally, frame quality and thickness matter. Made of aircraft-grade aluminum, it’s strong and durable. Therefore, locking bed cover for Tacoma guarantees perfect weather protection.

Interesting Characteristics

This accessory is tough and thick. It holds snow. The cover remains in place thanks to unique snap-on seals. Are there any improvements in the tarp fabric? It’s durable, marine-grade vinyl. It’s leather-grained. So, the tonneau cover looks sleek and smooth. The accessory is low-profile. It grants premium appearance to your vehicle.

Additionally, the cover is easy to install and use. Installation takes 20-30 minutes. Hardware is included. Instructions are complete and clear.

  • durable;
  • easy to install and use;
  • low-profile;
  • stylish look;
  • lifetime warranty.
  • does your truck model feature accessory railing? Installation might be a bit more complicated.


Do you appreciate innovations and top-quality products? If so I highly recommend Trifecta 2.0 tonneau cover to you. It’s made in the USA, by reputed Extang Engineering Company. The cover is durable, weather-proof and easy to use. Additionally, it’s low-profile, looking smooth and stylish.

8. Retrax 60812: Durable and Secure Toyota Tacoma Tonneau Cover

durable and secure toyota tacoma tonneau coverIf you live in a state with a harsh climate, you’ll need additional track bed protection. Do you like traveling? Your cherished Tacoma is capable to go on long-distance trips and commutes. Maintain it properly, and it enables smooth rides.

Your Double Cab model incorporates a long, 6’2” bed. It accommodates a lot of luggage, but you need a reliable tonneau cover to protect it.60812 model by Retrax is what you need. Manufacturers call it Retrax One MX. It consists of a one-piece polycarbonate sheet with aluminum support beams reinforce it. So, the cover is durable, high-capacity and easily retractable.

Features and Specifications

Rigid polycarbonate construction in beneficially impact-resistant. It stands out by:

  1. sStylish, matte black powder-coated finish.;
  2. 200 lbs. weight capacity.
  3. Ball-bearing sliding mechanism.
  4. -50 – +200°F temperature resistance.
  5. Ultimate UV protection capabilities.
  6. Convenient handle.
  7. Secure latches and key locks.

If you go sightseen to a major city, like Chicago, street parking might be a rarity. Calling dibs nearby Historic District would be complicated. But your luggage is completely secure with the lockable tonneau cover by Retrax. It comes with a key-lockable latching mechanism. Raised and locked tailgate doesn’t let intruders access your truck bed.

Are you going to haul oversize cargo? You can lock the cover in any position. It ensures perfect luggage protection and ultimate flexibility. Additionally, the surface is beneficially durable and scratch-resistant. It comes with 1-year manufacturer warranty. The ball-bearing mechanism lets it move smoothly, without any jams or failures.

  • durable;
  • secure;
  • easy to install;
  • functional;
  • low-profile and looking great.
  • it might be stiff to open and close the cover in certain spots.


One MX (60812) tonneau cover by Retrax consists of a polycarbonate sheet. It’s durable, weather-resistant and heavy-duty. Key-lockable design enables perfect flexibility. It grants ultimate security to your cargo.


Buyers’ Guide

How do you keep your things dry in a truck? A bed lid protects them from wind, mud particles and water. The accessories provide some security. They come with the advanced locks. Besides, the truck is streamlined, and it lets you save the gas.

  1. However, which accessory to select?
  2. Which brand is trustworthy?
  3. Are tarp-type or aluminum covers more durable or easier to operate?
  4. How to save gas mileage in a truck?

A tonneau cover is an essential accessory. It’s used for:

  • improving your Toyota Tacoma aesthetics;
  • protection from rain and snow;
  • security reasons;
  • aerodynamics enhancements.

The basic purpose of using a tonneau cover is the stuff protection. A perfectly sealed accessory doesn’t let moisture and dust come inside the cargo area. Enormous heat is also sheltered. Sun damage is successfully prevented.

Do Tonneau Covers Save Gas Mileage?

They actually do. With this simple accessory, your impressive vehicle looks smooth and stylish. When the Tacoma tonneau area is covered, the air glides smoothly. Wind resistance is reduced. So, it improves aerodynamics.

Gas savings are achieved. Why do you need it? To reduce expenses. Additionally, all light-duty vehicles, including the pickup trucks are to comply with the emission standards.

Quite naturally, you are to tighten the gas cap. Driving with the windows closed, you save your budget. However, tonneau vs cap for the gas mileage is more efficient. The fuel is nor evaporated, neither wasted.

The Basic Selection Parameters

Selecting a lid for your truck’s bed, balance:

  • the accessory type and style;
  • ease of installation;
  • compatibility;
  • materials.

Above all, hard, aluminum covers are stronger. Firstly, they are handy. And secondly, perfectly lockable. In other words, you can place some cartons or bags on the top. But, why soft, vinyl items come with longer warranties? Most importantly they are lightweight and hard-wearing. Do you prefer quiet riding? Above all, a soft accessory makes no noise. Are harsh winds frequent in your region? In this case, opt for a hard tonneau cover.

Quite naturally, the fit is to be considered. Measure the Toyota Tacoma bed dimensions. The cab can be neglected.

How Do You Pack a Pickup Truck?

Roll-up, reinforced tonneau covers are faster to set up. Mounting a soft one:

  1. Remove the bullhead bar
  2. Place the foam blocks and reinstall it.
  3. Remove the tie-down cleats.
  4. Mount the hanger brackets.
  5. The tie-down cleats can be set in place now.
  6. Place the tonneau cover.
  7. Push it towards the cab.
  8. Unclip the tonneau cover and fold it back.

Now, it remains to center and tighten the clamps. Just follow the instructions. Otherwise, order the professional installation services.

General Verdict

In conclusion, a better soft tonneau cover for Toyota Tacoma is the product from Tyger Auto. Because, It’s the most hard-wearing, reliable and handy. Likewise, the hard, roll-up item by Truxedo is preferable for heavy-weight loads and hot-climate states. On the other hand accessory by BAK Industries is luxury and low-profile. Besides, it is equipped with an advanced, automatic latching system. As a result, safe.

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