Best Tonneau Covers for Tundra Crewmax

best tonneau cover for tundra crewmax reviewsHaving got the perfect, powerful and stylish full-size Crewmax pickup truck, you definitely feel lucky. Naturally now it is necessary to purchase the best tonneau cover for Tundra Crewmax.

Now you can transport any goods in its small, but capacious cargo area anything:

  • household;
  • agricultural;
  • even foodstuffs.

Meanwhile, the better tonneau cover for Tundra is necessary to protect them from rain, snow, direct sunlight and burglars. What one to prefer – tri-fold or roll-up? Which material is more weatherproof – vinyl or aluminum? Which brand is the most reliable?

See our selection of the best product!

10 Best Tonneau Cover for Tundra Crewmax in 2024

Selecting the best Tundra tonneau cover, let’s study the most durable products’ features and benefits. I’ve selected them thoroughly, tested and now I am ready to give you a bit of good online shopping advice.

#1. Tyger Auto
  • Material - vinyl
  • Way of opening - tri-fold
  • Type - tent
  • Weight, pounds - 28
  • Warranty - lifetime
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#2. Undercover
  • Material - FRP composite
  • Way of opening - tri-fold
  • Type - hard
  • Weight, pounds - 64.6
  • Warranty - 3-year
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#3. Gator Covers
  • Material - aluminum panels
  • Way of opening - tri-folding
  • Type - hard
  • Weight, pounds - 51,9
  • Warranty - 3-year
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#4. Bestop Soft
  • Material - polyester/ vinyl
  • Way of opening - roll-up
  • Type - tent
  • Weight, pounds - 37.6
  • Warranty - lifetime
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#5. North Mountain
  • Material - vinyl
  • Way of opening - roll-up
  • Type - tent
  • Weight, pounds - 28.5
  • Warranty - 3-year
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#6. Bestop Hard
  • Material - aluminum
  • Way of opening - tri-fold
  • Type - hard
  • Weight, pounds - 57
  • Warranty - 5-year
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#7. MAXMATE Soft Roll Up
  • Material - vinyl
  • Way of opening - roll-up
  • Type - tent
  • Weight, pounds - 26.1
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#8. TruXedoTruXport Soft Roll Up
  • Material – leather-grained fabric
  • Way of opening - roll-up
  • Type - tent
  • Weight, pounds - 24
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#9. Rugged Liner
  • Material – aluminum
  • Way of opening – tri-fold
  • Type – hard
  • Weight, pounds – 52
  • Warranty – 3-year
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#10. SyneticUSA
  • Material – aluminum
  • Way of opening – sliding
  • Type – hard
  • Weight, pounds –62
  • Warranty – 1-year
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1. Tyger Auto TG-BC3T1432: Lightweight Bed Cover for Toyota Tundra Crewmax

toyota tacoma tri-fold tonneau cover manualAspire for reliable protection of your cargo, ease of installation and everyday convenience? Select this tri-fold, tent-type tonneau cover. It is quite affordable, lightweight and stylish.

The mounting procedure takes up to 10 minutes, especially if your truck modification is “under-the-bedrail”. All hardware is included: the brackets, adapters for the clamps and bolts. Just align the clamps with the adapters and tighten them up properly.

If your Crewmax modification is “over-the-rails”, you’ll have to drill some tiny holes, and the mounting would take up to an hour, no more. The tri fold tonneau cover Toyota Tundra is intuitive to remove, close or open, when necessary. One person can easily solve this minor task. Driving with the open tonneau is possible with the heavy-duty buckles that don’t let the panels move.

Features and benefits

The vinyl material that is the basis for the Crewmax cover is marine-grade, meant to boats and yachts initially. So, it’s very hard-wearing. Actually, no tonneau cover is fully waterproof. Some leaks are possible on the corners, but these cases are not too common, only during the harsh weather, when it’s raining hard, etc.

The frames are aluminum (powder-coated), lightweight, but strong, heavy-duty and corrosion-resistant. The clamps are beneficially produced from stainless steel. Additionally, lifetime warranty from the Tiger, even if it’s limited, speaks for the tonneau cover’s durability.

The sleek design is beneficial for a modern, stylish look and the maximum fuel economy. With the Tiger Auto cover, it can reach 12%.

The tailgate mechanism is available. It won’t save you from a hardened criminal or burglar, but the accessory is ok in terms of security reasons.

tri fold tonneau cover toyota tundra guide

  • lightweight
  • fast and intuitive to install
  • durable
  • lockable
  • it takes some time and efforts to lock and unlock the mechanism


I highly recommend the tonneau cover for all 5.5-feet bed, Tundra Crewmax vehicles, as it’s durable, sleek by design and functional.

Please, check the fit on the Amazon pages, specifying the make, year of production and the model.

2. Undercover FX41007: Toyota Tundra Fiberglass Bed Cover

toyota tundra tonneau cover reviewsThe item looks very similar to its tri-fold counterparts, par example, the Gator’s one. However, it’s made of unique materials, being hard and flex simultaneously, granting multiple benefits to Tundra Crewmax vehicles’ owners.

The basic material is Reinforced Fiberglass (FRP): extremely strong and dent resistant, more durable than aluminum. I am sincerely surprised, but the tonneau cover made of polymer material is actually not too lightweight. It’s the heaviest of all accessories reviewed herewith, while it’s still weather-resistant and reliable. Placing heavy loads on the Tundra Crewmax cover top is not recommended, anyway.

However, I guess, the composite material is less environment-friendly and healthy than the commonly used for covers manufacturing aluminum or vinyl. Please, pay your close attention to reproductive harm and cancer warning and don’t spend a lot of time in the garage or parking premises.

The Toyota Tundra Crewmax tonneau cover is ultra-low by profile, looking perfectly sleek and allowing the drivers to save up to 10% of fuel. It is easy to maintain or wash with water and soap or any suitable tonneau protectant solution.

Interesting benefits

The installation is perfectly easy, no-drill, by means of a wrench only. It takes up to 30 minutes with the rubber seals, plastic clamps, drainage tubes, and hardware included. Prop rods are built-in to secure the accessory during the drive in the open position. Toyota Crewmax bed size also matters; the cover fits 5.5-feet tonneau.

fiberglass tonneau cover locks manual

  • flat;
  • great aero-dynamics;
  • easy to install;
  • immediate, intuitive to remove or fold up.
  • drain channels are a bit short.


The Undercover item produced from reinforced fiberglass, strong and weather-resistant. It is intuitive to install on the Crewmax truck and remove, super low profile, suitable for transportation of large and tall loads. The rubber seals and drainage system keeps water away, only a few drops can fall.

3. Gator Covers GC44008: Toyota Tundra Hard Folding Tonneau Cover

toyota tundra hard bed cover reviewsThe tonneau cover is unique, as it does not belong to the common cover types. Being made of hard and thick panels, it is bi-fold and hard, by nature. Therefore, it’s the easiest to operate, granting access to the good half of the Tundra Crewmax truck bed with the only move, allowing you to save your cherished time.

The installation takes up to 15 minutes. Just insert the clamps into the factory rails, place the rails that come with the parcel, the panels, attach them by the clamps. And center them properly! The manual is complete and clear. The accessory removal and re-installation is faster and easier than you could imagine it.

The hard tri fold tonneau cover Toyota Tundra is produced from aluminum panels that are impact resistant, strong and durable, but still comparatively lightweight. 2 kids could climb up, and the amount of the snow the covering could hold is really huge. A tailgate lock is available, keeping the cargo secure. Additionally, the tonneau cover is ultra-low (flush) profile, enabling sleek and stylish truck look, with a semi-gloss finish.

One more benefit is that the Tundra Crewmax tonneau cover is hard, resisting heavy rains or snowfalls, and it’s more water-tight than the tent items. Drain tubes are enclosed, to drain the water that flashes past the seals. The smallest leakages at the tailgate corners may be still available, nevertheless.

toyota tundra tonneau cover oem manual

  • hard;
  • simple to operate;
  • super low profile;
  • almost water-tight.
  • not the most convenient to transport tall items.


Generally, I recommend the EVO bi-folding item from Gator company as the best Tundra bed cover that is the easiest to operate and the lowest-profile. Its hard surface has 150 lbs weight limit, withstanding heavy snowfalls and rains. Just the tailgate seal could need some adjustment.

4. Bestop 19182-01: Quality Tonneau Cover for Tundra Crewmax

bed cover for toyota tundra crewmax guideThe tent looks exactly the same as all tent-type, soft items. It is black, smooth, sleek by design and it utterly mantles the truck bed, allowing easy operation and fast opening.

Additional pluses

Here are some advantages of the tonneau cover, including:

  1. leather-grain, textured fabric: vinyl, but extremely flexible, tested in cold and harsh weather, soft and durable;
  2. roll-up construction;
  3. automatic tension system;
  4. the easiest, the fastest installation thanks to the adjustable bed clamps, the straps included;
  5. the rails made of anodized aluminum with some silver content to enable increased corrosion resistance;
  6. easy tailgate access.

Due to the thick and reliable rails and cross-bed supports, the Tundra Crewmax tonneau cover is a bit more heavy-weight, but it’s simple to roll back and up, and the pull tabs at the rear corners are available, granting the best usability. Quite naturally, a lifetime warranty from Bestop is provided.

Thus, just insert the clamps into the Tundra Crewmax bed rails and fasten them by the straps. It takes only about 15 minutes, but the experience is a bit annoying and more detailed manual would be useful. The clamps are too big in comparison with the bolts, or, on the contrary, larger bolts are required for the installation.

Yeah, the Crewmax tonneau cover shouldn’t be removed every time to open the tailgate mechanism. But, of course, the lock is to be open before rolling the tent back. And, again, come to the back side of the truck to open it, get into the cargo area, take some stuff, and then to close it. The latches are released with 2 hands, only.


The tonneau cover fits only 5.5-feet Tundra Crewmax vehicles, and I think, virtually all modifications. Please, discuss it with the sellers.

bed cover for toyota tundra crewmax manual

  • flexible and weatherproof;
  • reinforced construction;
  • roll-up operation;
  • fast installation.
  • a bit small bolts for the clamps.


The tent from Bestop brand, EZ Roll series, is weather-proof, durable, intuitive to install. It is sturdy and reinforced. However, it’s not the simplest to open, and the enclosed hardware requires some modification.

5. North Mountain A80034-1264T: A Cold Resistant Toyota Tundra Truck Cover

tundra bed cover locking reviewsThe roll-up, tent-type tonneau cover is affordable and lightweight. That’s why, I believe that it’s less durable, strong and thick than the heavier products. Meanwhile, it is still made of top-quality materials. That guarantee superior protection during extreme weather conditions, in a cold and humid climate.

  1. The tent is made of the well-suited vinyl material, water-proof and suitable for marine applications.
  2. Frames are aluminum, as usually.
  3. The cross bars are available, ensuring flat, smooth look and the sufficient tarp tension. It improves aerodynamics, and the fuel savings are up to 10%.

The installation of the Tundra Crewmax bed cover is really instant and intuitive. It takes only about 5 minutes. I guess, it even easier than of tri-fold items. Firstly, you just have to mount the side rails. Secondly, fasten them with the available clamps. Thirdly, extend and tension the tarp. And that’s it!

However, the clamps are of dissimilar size. The biggest ones fit the front tonneau part, the smaller clamps fit the back side. Additionally, the manual is a bit cheesy due to poor English translation.

The cases when the accessory doesn’t fit the given Tundra Crewmax modification are common. So, please, check the fit on the Amazon product page carefully.

Interesting benefits

Meanwhile, one-finger release is handy and beneficial; the tailgate operates even if the tonneau is closed. So, I recommend the cover as a reliable and handy accessory.

toyota tundra bed cap guide

  • lightweight;
  • cold-resistant;
  • one-finger tailgate release;
  • easy installation;
  • keeps the water out.
  • the manual is not quite clear.


The North Mountain Tundra Crewmax tonneau cover is and weather-proof and tear-resistant. It is lightweight and affordable, fast to install and simple to operate. Just make sure that it fits your vehicle.

6. Bestop 14262-01: A Strong Toyota Tundra Hard Bed Cover

best bed cover for toyota tundra guideThe tonneau cover is tri-fold, consisted of strong and durable, but relatively lightweight aluminum panels. However, it stands out by unique construction that facilitates operation and installation.

The Crewmax tonneau cover is assembled, fast to install. The clamps are built-in, and there could be no complications with the installation. Just swing the worked in clamps up, that’s all.

This construction is beneficial, meeting security goals. Additionally, you would never be afraid to misplace the clamps. The metal panels are covered with foam and textured. The foam core is solid, adding structural strength. A hinge seal is extended, enabling increased weather-resistance and durability. Thus, the design is low-profile. But not completely plain. Tie-down, strong buckles keep the covering in place, granting it no chance to wave in the breeze behind the cab on the drive.

toyota tundra hard shell bed cover manual

  • built-in clamps;
  • intuitive and instant installation;
  • extended seals;
  • increased structural strength.
  • not the most low-profile.


The tonneau cover from Bestop is durable and solid, hard. But with foam to add strength. As well as cover textured, looking stylish and elegant. It is very handy, convenient by construction, fast to install and operate.

However, please, pay your attention that it fits 6.5-feet long bed Tundra Crewmax trucks and don’t forget to verify the vehicle’s model, make, etc.

7. MAXMATE Soft Roll Up: Heavy-Duty Bed Cover

heavy duty bed cover reviewIn winter, when snowstorms and blizzards happen, you need a reliable tonneau cover. Your powerful Toyota Tundra vehicle needs garment. Transport any kind of cargo, as it’s securely protected. The cover is provided by a reputable MaxMate Company. It’s top-quality and well-made.

It’s made of thick material. Is this vinyl outstanding? It’s dual-coated, 24-oz, marine-grade. This thickness represents the highest standard in the industry. It’s a very tough fabric. Sturdy rails and horizontal crossbars support the tarp. The frame is made of aircraft-grade aluminum.

Stainless steel clamps are rust-resistant, long-lasting. They are well-made, top-quality. Additionally, weatherstripping is handy and reliable. Thus, the cover is wrinkle-free and tight. Windy weather doesn’t damage your cherished fragile cargo. The cover is watertight.

Just install the tonneau cover properly and secure the clamps. It’s a snap. No drilling is necessary. Find the mounting hardware inside your parcel. Spend 15-30 minutes of your precious time. You’ll need only a screwdriver and a magnet to tighten the nuts and mount the bolts.

Features and Specifications

  1. Fits 2014-2020 Tundra vehicles.
  2. 5-ft bed length.
  3. Up to 13% gas savings.
  4. Undercover LED light.
  5. Patented US design.

Roll-up cover lets you haul sizeable items. A lot of space in your tonneau department is available. The cover provides easy access to the bed. It’s easy to install and adjust thanks to advanced tension system. Save a lot of gas with this sleek, stylish-looking truck accessory!

  • lightweight;
  • easy to install;
  • tight fabric;
  • sturdy frame;
  • low-profile design.
  • adhesive Velcro strips.


This tonneau cover is durable and reliable. Produced by reputed MaxMate Company, it’s covered by a 10-year warranty. It’s proudly designed in the USA. Additionally, roll-up style is beneficial. It provides easy access to the bed and takes virtually no space.

8. TruXedo TruXport Soft Roll Up: Tundra Bed Cover

heavy duty truck bed coversDo you like winter road trips? Keeping the cab free is beneficial. When it’s cold, you have bulky warm clothing. Place it on the rear seats. Store your luggage in your cherished truck’s bed. Durable roll-up cover by TruXedo keeps your cargo dry and secure.

Do you appreciate quality and functionality? Buy accessories that are made in the USA. Truxedo Inc. was founded in 2000, in Yankton, South Dakota. Now it produces innovative tonneau covers that meet your driving needs. They stand out by ultimate style and extra security. The prominent manufacturer offers a 5-year warranty.

TruXport is one of the new products. Does it differ from similar soft, roll-up accessories? Quite naturally, the cover looks stylish, attractive. It’s durable and waterproof. So, it stands all weather conditions. It handles several inches of snow. This ability is not common for soft tonneau covers.

Useful Benefits

So, what is this unique material? Quite naturally, it’s vinyl, leather-embossed fabric. It ensures premium look. Is it strong, industrial-quality? I think so. It protects your cargo from harsh wind and moisture. 24-oz thickness is impressive.

The heavy-duty, aluminum frame is reliable. It adds rigidity and strength to the cover. It consists of straight cross tubes. So, the cover sits 1.5 inches above the bed. The accessory is lightweight but stylish and reliable. It’s easy to install, thanks to the sliding clamps system.

What I like, it’s perfect functionality. The cover is intuitive to install and use. It offers 100% access to the truck bed. Paddle lathes are easy to unlock. In closed position, they securely fasten the cover to the rails. Additionally, you can adjust the tarp manually. This way, keep the cover tight and dry.

  • stylish look;
  • easy to use;
  • weather-proof;
  • functional;
  • durable.
  • not completely low-profile.


I highly recommend you TruXedo TruXport tonneau cover. Use it in winter, at any weather. It’s durable enough to handle some inches of snow. The cover is lightweight and easy to operate. Due to advanced tension control system it doesn’t flap on the highway.

9. Rugged Liner EH-TUN5514: Durable, Hard Bed Cover

durable hard bed coverDo you need a heavy-duty tonneau cover? If you live in California or Nevada, you might skip it. There are multiple heat and UV-resistant options. In Illinois, I guess, we’ll need fake bake this summer. The weather in May and June is pretty rainy. Risk of strong thunderstorms remains high in July.

So, harsh, humid weather or tough off-road conditions are probable. They make you care about your cherished vehicle. I am sure it’s powerful, able to go the distance. Truck bed and cargo (or luggage)inside it requires protection. E-series hard tonneau cover by Rugged Liner is a worthy option.

Features and Benefits

Aluminum panels are sturdy and resilient. They ensure enhanced durability and weather-resistance. The cover is a bit heavier than soft, vinyl counterparts. Hard product options are reliable and secure. In winter, they hold thick layers of snow easily. High weight capacity is a great advantage.

It matters now that the cover is tight, virtually leak-proof. Double-layer seals with hinges keep water out. The overlapping cab is beneficial. The tonneau cover is low-profile: it enables significant gas savings. Thanks to protective, matte black powder coating, it looks sleek and elegant.

The accessory is intuitive to install. Get it completely assembled in the parcel. So, it takes only about 20 minutes. Just set the cover and fasten the clamps. Have you got a short-bed (5’5”) Toyota Tundra? It fits like a glove. A tailgate lock and rear lathes are available. They provide additional security. The clamps are plastic, but they are not flimsy.

  • heavy-duty;
  • weather-resistant;
  • sturdy;
  • easy to install and use;
  • low-profile.
  • plastic hardware (clips and clamps);
  • daily use (folding it on and off) might be a bit labor-intensive.


Hard tonneau cover by Rugged Liner is sturdy and weather-resistant. The company manufactures tonneau covers and bedliners since 1995. Its headquarter and manufacturing facilities are in Owosso, Michigan. So, I think, it’s a reliable brand that supplies top-quality pickup truck accessories.

10. SyneticUSA: Strong, Low-profile Short-bed Tundra Tonneau Cover

low-profile short-bed tundra tonneau coverIs wet season coming soon? I hope it doesn’t keep you from traveling. Fortunately, your cherished Tundra Crewmax vehicle is powerful and versatile. It cruises effortlessly on highways like LSD and rock/muddy off-road trails. Protect your truck bed from elements, dirt and dust. All your luggage, tools and stuff remains clean and dry there.

The retractable tonneau cover by SyneticUsa is heavy-duty. Strong, aluminum slats ensure reliable cargo protection. The cover is low-profile. Its sleek design enables significant fuel savings. Additionally, it’s perfectly lockable, protecting your cherished packages from theft.

Features and Benefits

The durable tonneau cover is waterproof. It comes with reliable seal on rubber edges. Drainage and water outflow tubes keep water from going through your truck bed. They are pretty thick and efficient. A 9-inch-wide, storage canister accumulates moisture, keeping your tonneau department dry and clean.

The hard tonneau cover stands out by:

  1. Black, powder-coated exterior finish.
  2. Scratch-resistant surface.
  3. 2 secure key-locks on the sides.
  4. 150-pound weight capacity.
  5. 303 aerospace UV protectant by 3M Company.

The accessory looks perfect and elegant: its matte black finish and low-profile design are beneficial. Only the canister inside is silver aluminum but, it’s visible only when the truck bed is open. You can paint it black or leave as it is.

Installation is comparatively easy. It takes about half an hour, as the necessary hardware is available. You’ll need only a 9/16 wrench, and no other tools. 6 brackets and mounting bolts let you attach the rails easily. If M6-1 hex nuts are absent, buy them additionally and tighten the clamps.

Upon the installation, the cover is intuitive to use. The slats are sliding smoothly. The surface is weather-proof and maintenance-free. Wash it with soap and water easily. The cover doesn’t swing even in strong wind on the go. So, it’s quiet and convenient in use.

  • strong;
  • heavy-duty;
  • water-proof;
  • lockable;
  • low-profile.
  • non-matching (silver aluminum) canister;
  • incomplete installation instructions.


Retractable tonneau cover by SyneticUSA is weather-proof and heavy-duty. Sliding mechanism is special. The cover is easy to use and perfectly lockable. So, I recommend it for rainy and snowy climates. It resists any strong wind or storm.



A Toyota Tundra Crewmax bed cover is essential to:

  1. upgrade the truck’s aerodynamics;
  2. protect the cargo from cold, water, direct sunlight and burglars;
  3. improve your gear and stuff organization;
  4. save on fuel.

When you select the best tonneau cover for your Tundra Crewmax, don’t forget to measure its tonneau or truck bed that maybe 5.5 or 6.5 feet. Remember that versatile covers don’t exist. Each of them is custom-made for the given pickup truck modification.

Toyota Tundra retractable covers definitely exist. But I recommend several perfectly low-profile, durable folding products that are easy to operate, instead. To make an informed decision, consider also:

  • the material;
  • ease of use and maintenance;
  • manual clearness and distinctness;
  • possibility to drive when the tonneau cover is open, transporting large loads.

Types of Tonneau Covers

The popular tonneau covers’ types are:

  1. folding;
  2. rollup;
  3. retractable.

Bi- or tri-fold covers are lightweight and tear-resistant, weather-proof. The soft ones ensure the optimum tent tension; the hard accessories are flat and low-profile.

Roll-up products are fast to operate and flexible.

Toyota Tundra retractable bed covers are rigid, hard and automatically operated.

However, I review mainly folding Tundra Crewmax tonneau covers that can be dissimilar. Soft and hard. Low-profile and textured. As well as, made of vinyl and aluminum panels of fiberglass composite material.

Сlick here for more information.

Final Verdict

I think the best tonneau cover for Tundra Crewmax is the roll-up product from Bestop. It is flexible, easy to operate and durable. The aluminum panel cover by the same manufacturer is beneficial. Being completely assembled and textures, covered by foam. I would also recommend the bi-fold item by Gator Covers. But only if you don’t transport large and tall stuff.

5 thoughts on “Best Tonneau Covers for Tundra Crewmax”

  1. Elliiot Humphree

    I know nothing about bed covers but was recommended to get one for my new truck by my neighbor. He actually e-mailed me a few sites with reviews and this was one of them. Just wanted to say thanks for the helpful reviews and I will be buying one of these tonight.

  2. Nice reviews. I find them to be rather helpful considering so many companies sell tonneau covers these days. I remember when I was in my 20’s, there were only maybe 5 top brands, now there must be over 100. Helps to have people doing some research for you to know what is worth buying.

  3. Jordan Carlson

    Are the Gator Covers one good for wood transport and the like? I am an independent contractor so I need a reliable cover and I like the way this one folds back. I just worry it won’t have enough room or it would inconvenience me when I am out working.

  4. If you are going to get any one of these off this list, go with the Bestop cover. I got one for my Tundra at the end of the summer. It not only held up well throughout the harsh winter we have had but still looks brand new. I am well impressed with it. I plan on getting another one for backup. Well worth the money.

  5. I don’t know a single person who owns a truck that doesn’t have a tonneau cover! Well, I do now.. My father recently got a new Tundra and I told him he should get a cover for it. He said, “No, no I don’t need to fuss with that!”. I know they keep the bed from rusting as well as protect whatever you are carrying so I am buying one for him for father’s day. I know that isn’t for a few months yet but I want to do my research and find the best one. Planning on getting one off this list.

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