Tailgate Ladder for Pickup Trucks: FAQ, Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

best tailgate ladder for pickup trucks Having got a heavy-duty pickup truck, you may be going to use it for various loads delivery. Meanwhile, as your precious vehicle’s cargo area is pretty large, you may need a tailgate ladder for pickup trucks to arrange the cargo efficiently and in the best way. For example, a Silverado 1500 bed is commonly more than 100” long and more than 70” wide.

Thus, you may need to make a step or two to get into the bed safely, when your hands are busy with several cartons. Fortunately, a top-quality tonneau cover for Silverado comes with easy tailgate access, enabling one-hang or even one-finger release. So, now, let’s check what is a durable and easily mountable truck bed ladder and which brands are the most reliable.

Tailgate Ladder for Pickup Trucks in 2023

#1. Traxion 5-100
  • Capacity, lbs - 300
  • Weight, lbs. - 15
  • Material - steel
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#2. Westin 10-3000
  • Capacity, lbs - 250
  • Weight, lbs. - 13
  • Material - 6005A-T6 aluminum
  • Warranty - 3 years
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#3. Beech Lane BL-107
  • Capacity, lbs - 300
  • Weight, lbs. - 10.85
  • Material - galvanized steel
  • Warranty, years - lifetime
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#4. Great Day
  • Capacity, lbs. - 300
  • Weight, lbs - 16
  • Material - aircraft aluminum
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#5. Top Line TS2000-01
  • Capacity, lbs. - 400
  • Weight - 2 pounds
  • Material - high-strength
    (T-6463) aluminum
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#6. Heininger 4260
  • Capacity, lbs – 400
  • Weight – 11.13 pounds
  • Material – steel
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1. Traxion 5-100: A Reliable Truck Tailgate Ladder

top ford tailgate ladderGoing to load some heavy stuff to the cargo area, you need security and reliability. This truck tailgate step attachment is really handy, as it’s fast to install, simple and it contracts your efforts on getting in the truck bed. Additionally, it’s stable, ground supported and strong.

The tailgate ladder steps are versatile, fitting virtually any pickup truck model, for example, Toyota Tundra, Dodge Ram or Ford F150. They are adjustable, working on the vehicles with 28”-45”-high tailgates. The pickup truck bed ladder is bolted to the tailgate, removed or adjusted, using the clip (release) pins. The construction beneficially includes a mounting plate and tie-down straps, so, it’s amazingly user-friendly.

The pickup truck tailgate steps are intuitive to install and deploy. So, the installation takes only a couple of minutes. The mounting instructions are clear and complete, illustrated. They include several safety precautions that are to be followed. Meanwhile, some adjustments could be required, for example, for the tailgates with plastic bed liner.

Useful information

As to the warranty, it’s provided by the service facilities, as the installation is not supported by the manufacturer or seller. However, you can mount it by yourself easily.

  • adjustable height;
  • reliable steel construction;
  • simplifies getting in and out of the cargo area;
  • stable.
  • flimsy hardware included;
  • a flat ground surface is necessary.


The 5-100 rear steps for trucks by Traxion are reliable, versatile and intuitive to install. Their construction is advanced and handy, so, you can remove or deploy them whenever you need it, without any efforts.

Additional Accessory

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2. Westin 10-3000: Durable and Compact Fold Away Steps for Trucks

best westin tailgate ladderWhen you transport various heavy loads in your powerful vehicle every day, a foldable truck tailgate ladder is an opportune solution. The truck-pal item is lightweight, made of top-quality, corrosion-resistant aluminum, but durable and long-lasting. The ladder is folded flat, being compact, easy to store and fast to lay out, when necessary.

The installation is not complicated, actually. Some holes are to be pre-drilled, on the passenger’s or driver’s side. It takes up to 20 minutes. Meanwhile, the beech lane pickup truck tailgate ladder is really handy in use, standing out by wide steps and perfect design. It’s versatile, fitting any pickup truck model.

Additional information

However, the maximum ladder height is 38 inches, so, it’s recommended the best for the ¾ ton vehicles. Anyway, the Ford f150 tailgate weight capacity should not exceed 1 ton. Larger models are to be used for heavier-duty trucks. The ladder is compatible with a tonneau cover for f150, if any available, being easy to mount and quite universal.

  • well-designed;
  • equipped with wide steps;
  • versatile;
  • foldable;
  • lightweight.
  • no handle to hold on.

Useful Accessory


The 10-3000 flip down steps for trucks by Westin are compact and lightweight, but pretty durable and corrosion resistant. They are well-built, top-quality, coming with wide footboards. The ladder is versatile, as its use is limited only by the 38-inch length.

3. Beech Lane BL-107: a Versatile Pickup Truck Tailgate Ladder

beech lane tailgate ladderDo you need a tailgate ladder? To get access to your stuff, you are to step up. Meanwhile, a universal fit is beneficial. The ladder fits virtually all truck models. For example, Toyota Tundra, F-150, Dodge Ram 1500 or 2500 that is not equipped with a RamBox system. Side rails would prevent the installation.

The several pickup truck models the ladder doesn’t fit are:

  1. Chevy Avalanche.
  2. Cadillac Escalade.
  3. Dodge RamBox.

All other vehicles can be modernized. Commonly, the ladder can be installed on any side: drivers or passengers. The mounting is easy and intuitive. The self-tapping screws help a lot. They are durable, rust-resistant, made of stainless steel. The ladder’s height is adjustable (up to 45”). Several holes are pre-drilled.

What is the basic material? It seems to be galvanized steel, powder-coated. The ladder is pretty lightweight, but reliable and sturdy. It’s durable and strong. The stability is ensured by aluminum grip plates. Their surface is grooved, giving your shoes a perfect hold. Traction is good even when the weather is rainy and the ladder is wet.

Rubber feet are also beneficial. They make the base solid and secure. Therefore, the weight capacity of the tailgate ladder is 300 lbs. You can step in and out of your truck bed without any fears. Another great advantage is the lifetime warranty. Beech Lane brand grants it for its top-quality, innovative products. They are made in Sanford, North California since 2017. The company is new and high-potential.

Interesting Information

Are there any downsides? The heavy-duty buckle is made of POM plastic. It’s famous for its high stiffness and dimensional stability. But don’t load heavy stuff on it. The strap is to remain tight. Just install it properly or ask the manufacturer to replace it. I wish the strap was a bit longer, but it’s ok. Would you like to replace the buckle? A metal (ratchet-type) part could be more reliable, but it makes noise.

  • versatile;
  • easy to install;
  • sturdy;
  • durable;
  • adjustable height.
  • plastic buckle;
  • common strap tightening issues.

Auxiliary Accessory


I recommend you the ladder from Beech Lane. It’s easy to use and install. The item is sturdy and secure. If you are about 235 pounds or even more, it withstands your weight. The ladder guarantees reliable hold.

4. Great Day Tailgate Ladder: Heavy Duty Step & Seat Platform

heavy duty step seat platformEach of us becomes an aging truck owner one day. Climbing in and out of your vehicle bed would be not easy. With this perfect accessory, it’s much safer and convenient. It’s called Truck N’ Buddy. Is it a tailgate ladder? Yes, but it’s wide and sturdy. So, it’s rather a step platform. You can seat on it and have some rest.

When you go hunting or camping, it’s useful. Seat on it to change your shoes. Entry or exit your truck bed department easier. Access your equipment or luggage. Your equipment trailer or flatbed truck might be high to step. Attach the platform to the floor and use it.

Do you have a pickup truck? This handy platform fits it for sure. For example, it fits Toyota Tundra, F250, and Chevy Avalanche vehicles. Just sect the suitable variant. One of them mounts directly to the truck bed. Have you installed a tonneau cover? If so, select the second option and mount the accessory to the tailgate.

Useful Opportunities

The step attachment is sturdy, durable and lightweight. It’s made of aircraft aluminum, powder-coated. This useful accessory is easy to install and unfold. Installation takes only about 20 minutes. Drilling might be necessary. Hardware is enclosed.

Upon installation, the ladder unfolds within seconds. It’s equipped with an18” grab-rail on the right side. Rubber-coated, 1700-lb test cables support the platform. Traction ridges on the platform enable safe footing.

Truck N’ Buddy is made in the USA. Great Day Inc. is a leading UTV’s, ATV’s and truck accessories manufacturer. Located in a small community in Louisiana, it works for more than 12 years.

  • sturdy;
  • handy;
  • durable;
  • easy to install;
  • ridges on the surface make it non-slip.
  • mid-grade bolts and fasteners;
  • get a Warranty verification card with the parcel and recognize the terms.


I recommend Truck N’ Buddy platform to all truck owners. It helps you to get into the bed. If you are an elderly person or a fisherman, this accessory is essential. It’s top-quality, reliable, easy and safe to use.

5. Top Line TS2000-01: Compact and Lightweight Tailgate Step

compact and lightweight tailgate stepDo you use your powerful pickup truck occasionally? This small accessory meets all your cargo loading needs. It includes only 2 steps. But it works great on your Tundra or Ram 2500 vehicle. The bed hopper is versatile, fitting both round and square nose tailgates.

Do you think, it’s a flimsy gadget? Not at all. Weighing only 3.2 pounds, it’s tough and sturdy. The step supports up to 400 pounds! This weight capacity is impressive. Using this step, you get into bed with heavy cargo. It makes loading and unloading safe.

It might surprise you, but it’s a top-quality accessory. It’s produced in the USA, by an experienced and well-known TopLine Mfg. Company. The factory is located in Paramount-city, California. It has manufactured its high-rage accessories for more than 45 years. Its range of products includes bike and roof racks, RV ladders, tire and tailgate steps.

This handy accessory that is called bed hopper is made of T-6463 aluminum. It’s available in black and silver colors. Both of them are corrosion-resistant. They match any vehicle color and design. However, your choice implies not only the accessory appearance. Black one is powder-coated. Silver one features anodized finish. Both of them withstand harsh weather conditions.

Useful Facts

The surface of the step is rugged, non-slip. It lets you climb in and out safely. This accessory is easy to install. Stainless steel hardware is included. When not in use, it folds away. Store the hopper in your truck bed. It takes virtually no cargo space. Manufacturers provide a 1-year warranty.

  • compact;
  • lightweight;
  • corrosion-resistant;
  • sturdy;
  • versatile.
  • no handle;
  • screws might be inadequate.


Compact and lightweight bed hopper by Top Line is top-quality. I recommend it to young and vigorous pickup truck owners. The accessory supports up to 400 pounds of weight. It’s sturdy, easy to use and corrosion-resistant. Climbing on it is safe, as the step surface is ribbed. But it’s not convenient, as no handle is available.

6. Heininger 4260: Sturdy, Durable Tire Step

sturdy durable tire stepDo you need access to the elevated parts of your powerful vehicle? It’s always necessary when you need to load cargo to the truck bed. Loading cargo bag or box to your impressive vehicle’s roof might be challenging. For example, Ford F-150 is 6’3.5” high. How tall are you? I guess you may need to raise yourself on tiptoes. It lets you have a peep at your vehicle roof.

If you prefer a roof rack, it might be even more daunting and laborious. This cargo storage solution requires assembly and installation. Make your life easier. Use a tire step that lets you be more mobile and handy. Yes, it’s only one step, but a very wide reliable thing. It mounts directly to your wheel, adjusting to its width and height.

Features and Characteristics

HitchMate step is a useful accessory. It lets you maintain your large pickup truck fast and safely. You easily reach its engine components or clean outmost spots on the roof. If you need water for this, then it will be easy to bring it there with the help of the best wall mount hose reel. The step looks like a wide, steady platform. It stands by:

  1. 22” x 10” dimensions;
  2. thick steel structure and frame;
  3. corrosion and UV-resistant powder-coated surface;
  4. rifled anti-slip pad;
  5. 400 lbs. weight capacity.

The platform fits all tire sizes up to 12.5”.It’s intuitive to mount. Just get your fully assembled accessory, unfold and place it on the top of any wheel, front or rear. Which way does it adjust to the wheel dimensions? Flexible joints allow you to rotate the frame the way you need. Bolt it on, and it supports you securely, assisting your daily tasks.

  • sturdy;
  • easy to use;
  • compact to store;
  • non-slip surface;
  • adjustable.
  • no carry bag available;
  • gives you only side access.


HitchMate 4260 tire step by Heininger is a useful accessory. It consists of a wide platform and a reliable, steel frame. The step comes with non-slip riffling and durable powder coating. It easily adjusts to your tire dimensions and folds flat when you need to store it.

Buyers’ Guide

Selecting a tailgate ladder for pickup trucks, consider its:

  • fit;
  • ease of installation and use;
  • reliability;
  • weight and dimensions.

The tailgate ladders steps’ models I recommend herewith and top-quality, well-designed, handy and reliable. However, please, pay attention to your vehicle size, capacity, and peculiarities. For example, if you have already installed a tonneau cover for Tundra Crewmax, the pickup truck bed side steps are to be compatible with it, easy to mount and universal.

Is Aluminum Finish Better than Stainless Steel?

In terms of corrosion resistance, both steel and aluminum materials are perfect. Aluminum is lightweight, making the ladder quite handy, easy to use. Meanwhile, steel is definitely stronger and more durable than aluminum, making the truck steps long-lasting and hard-wearing.

I would also mention that foldable tailgate ladders for pickup trucks are a bit more user-friendly and handy than the ones that are clipped by release pins.

How to Install a Tailgate Ladder?

Quite naturally, any top-quality, user-friendly tailgate ladder for pickup trucks is easy to deploy and use, as it really requires no maintenance at all. Meanwhile, mounting still requires some effort. I would recommend you to order professional installation, to get a warranty, at least. If you prefer to assemble and install the ladder by yourself:

  1. Measure and mark off the holes’ location.
  2. Drill them.
  3. Mount the brackets or tubes, plates, and straps according to the instructions.
  4. Enjoy easy and safe access to the truck bed.


I think, the pickup truck tailgate steps by Traxion are preferable, as they are made of steel, designed for 300 lbs capacity and adjustable, being able to reach 45”-high tailgates. The foldable model by Westin Company is also great, well-built and handy, but only up to 38” high.


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