Best Electric Garage Heaters 120V, Portable, Ceiling or Wall-Mount

best electric garage heater 120v reviewsIf your garage is not connected to the central house heating system, it may be quite cold inside in winter. Your cherished vehicle may get cold, becoming rust-prone, or it would be not comfortable to work at low temperatures. So, autonomous heating should be created, and the best electric garage heater 120v is really necessary.

Quite naturally, it’s better to have your basement, small room or garage insulated, regardless of the fact if it is made of metal, brick, or any other material. Meanwhile, a 120V electric heater is a good choice, safe, convenient and compact.

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10 Best Electric Garage Heater 120V in 2024

Which brand and model to select? Is portable device better than ceiling mount? Which type is preferable: infrared or fan forced? Let’s see!

ImageBrand and Model
#1. Fahrenheit FUH54
  • Type - Ceiling
  • Wattage - 2500/5000
  • Mounting Mode - Built-in ceiling
  • Area heated, sq. ft. - 500
  • Built-in single pole thermostat
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#2. Dr. Infrared Heater DR-988
  • Type - Infrared
  • Wattage - 5600
  • Mounting Mode - Portable
  • Area heated, sq. ft. - 600
  • Power, BTUs/hr - 19,000
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#3. Patton PUH680-N-U
  • Type - Fan Forced
  • Wattage - 1000/1500
  • Mounting Mode - Portable
  • Area heated, sq. ft. - 180
  • Power, BTUs/hr - 5,119
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#4. TPI Corporation HF686TC
  • Type - Fan Forced
  • Wattage - 5600/4200
  • Mounting Mode - Portable
  • Area heated, sq. ft. - 550
  • Power - 262 cubic feet per minute
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#5. Comfort Zone Wall Mount Heater
  • Type - Fan-forced
  • Wattage - 7,500
  • Mounting Mode - Wall Mount
  • Area heated, sq. ft. - 750
  • Thermostat control
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#6. NewAir G73 Hardwired
  • Type - Wall or Ceiling
  • Wattage - 5,000
  • Mounting Mode - Portable
  • Area heated, sq. ft. - 500
  • Power, BTUs/hr - 17,000
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#7. King W1215 Wall Heater
  • Type - fan-forced
  • Wattage - 500/1500
  • Mounting Mode - wall
  • Area heated, sq. ft. - 100
  • Power, BTUs/hr - 5,120
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isiler#8. iSiLER 1500W
  • Type – Fan-forced
  • Wattage – 1,500
  • Mounting Mode – Portable
  • Area Heated, sq. ft. - 108
  • Thermostat Control
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newairngh160ga00#9. NewAirNGH160GA00
  • Type – Fan-forced
  • Wattage – 1,500
  • Mounting Mode – Portable
  • Area Heated, sq. ft. - 160
  • Power – 200 CFM
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#10. Dr. Infrared Heater DR-978
  • Type – PTC/Infrared
  • Wattage – 1200/1500
  • Mounting mode – portable
  • Area heated, sq. ft. – 650-800
  • Power, BTUs/hour – 5200
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1. Fahrenheit FUH54: Best Electric Garage Heater 240V/120V

electric garage heater 240v guideThis powerful, industrial heater is a great choice, suiting large premiums, like warehouses or multi-vehicle garages, shops, basements, exposed areas. Being quite compact, but extremely durable, corrosion-resistant and highly-efficient, it perfectly fits both commercial and household purposes.

The rugged, epoxy coated case is beneficially strong and sturdy. It is white, matching any room design and style, looking quite modest. But, the 240volt electric heater withstands the harshest temperature extremes, operating in high humidity environments efficiently. It is intuitive to install on the ceiling or on a wall, in a horizontal or vertical position, due to the handy bracket.

Meanwhile, using the heavy-duty, garage heater in small and medium-sized premises is certainly possible. 5000 and 6500 additional watt taps are available. The unit comes with adjustable shutters that make possible to direct hot area wherever you need.

Additionally, the 240volt electric heater features the thermostat that enables regulating the temperature from 45 to 135°F. When the air is too cold, the distribution fan is activated, making the heat circulate, heating large rooms within an hour (20 minutes are commonly sufficient to warm small ones). Meanwhile, overheating is prevented thanks to the advanced shut-off mechanism.

Features and benefits

Wiring is to be made by a professional electrician. It is simple but comes with 2 hot (black) wires that are connected to L1 and L2 lines (when you want to keep the available 240Volt configuration). White and green (ground) wires are also available. The garage heater can be connected to a 20 or 40 amp breaker.

I would call it the most powerful 120V heater, aside from the complicated wiring. To rework it, making it operate at 120 volts, internal wiring modifications are required. Please, study the manual carefully, to check the details.

Thus, I highly recommend the unit as the best electric forced air heater for the garage. I guess, it fits mainly industrial and commercial premises, as it’s durable, efficient, compact, quiet and safe, but it consumes a lot of energy.

  • heavy-duty, corrosion-resistant case;
  • easy, fast installation thanks to the built-in bracket;
  • possibility to direct heat to the preferable area and adjust the temperature;
  • covers large areas and premises;
  • quiet operation.
  • complicated wiring (especially, reworking it to 120V).


The heavy-duty, industrial, 240-volt garage heater by Fahrenheit is long-lasting, strong and efficient. It operates in the harshest environments perfectly well, being easily adjustable and automatically regulated.

2. Dr. Heater DR988: Lightweight, Electric Shop Heater with Thermostat

electric garage heaters with thermostat reviewsTo heat up spaces and industrial premises up to 600 sq. ft., use this lightweight, but powerful 240 volt heater. It is efficiently used in shops, garages, churches, basements, construction sites, warehouses, and hospitals. The electric heater is quite efficient, warming up large rooms or plant areas during 15-20 minutes.

A thermostat and overheat protection is available, ensuring the necessary, stable temperatures between 45 and 95°F. The power (up to 5600W) and output 19,000/BTU/hour are quite impressive and suiting multiple commercial or industrial applications.

Meanwhile, I call the device the best portable garage heater as it can be placed on the floor, providing comfortable conditions to repair or maintain your car or truck. Just put it close to the vehicle if you are going to lie underneath it, and you won’t freeze. I would also recommend it to contractors and workshop employees.

I can also recommend the best ceiling fans for large rooms for the opposite effect, for example, if you need to quickly cool a space.

However, the garage heater is a bit loud, and the voltage is not typical, 208/240 volt, comes with a unique (NEMA 6-30P) cord, requiring a 30-amp plug. It works with a 220 Volt outlet, but the wiring is a bit complicated. An extension cord is essential, as well.

  • the electric heater can be placed on the floor;
  • efficient thermostat;
  • overheat protection;
  • fast to warm the premises;
  • a fan is available, keeping smoke and sawdust out.
  • a bit loud, vibrating with metallic noises.


The Garage heater by Dr. Infrared Heater is lightweight, fast to heat the rooms and perfectly portable. It can be placed on the floor in the garage, shop or near your working place, being recommended to contractors, handymen, and car enthusiasts. It is intended to 208/240 volt, a bit complicated to wire and remodels. Additionally, the heater is a bit loud.

3. Patton PUH-680-N-U: The Best Electric Garage Heater 120V

120v electric garage heater reviewsThe portable, fan heater is beneficially compact and lightweight. It weighs less than 6 pounds, meeting traveling, moving and occasional spot heating needs perfectly well. The unit is equipped with two front and a large top carry handles that let you transport the heater anywhere you need.

Meanwhile, the 120V garage heater is perfectly durable and safe. The housing is rugged, completely made of steel, equipped with front guards, enabling safe operation even if the garage heater tips over. Quite naturally, an automatic shut-over option is available. 5-years warranty is a reliable durability and safety proof; therefore, I think, it’s the best portable electric heater for garage.

Additionally, a thermostat is built-in, automatically regulating the temperature, and you can set the output manually to 1000W or to 1500W, according to the season and your needs. The unit features a grounded male, requiring no installation. Just plug it into a standard 110-120 volt outlet anywhere: in a garage, basement, workstation, gym, laundry rooms, and enjoy the beneficial comfort.

I would recommend using the 110V garage heater when the outdoor temperature is 20-30°F or lower. Just keep it not less than 6ft away from living plants. It’s only a bit noisy, as all fan-forced heaters.

  • convenient carry handles;
  • reliable tip-over protection;
  • the heater’s case stays cool when operating;
  • durable and long-lasting;
  • compact and lightweight.
  • the electric heater can’t warm large spaces.


The PUH-680-N-U garage heater is perfectly portable, compact and lightweight. It is easily used in travel trailers, 1-3 car garages, and basements, gyms, being safe, durable and perfectly adjustable.

4. TPI Corporation HF686TC: Best 120V Garage Heater

120v garage heater guideThe device perfectly fits small rooms, garages and workspaces. It is amazingly lightweight, made of aluminized steel and compact. The electric heater is well-suited to open areas, workshops, roofed back porches, heating of outdoor areas and freeze protection.

The 120V garage heater is efficiently used in damp or frosty environments, at extremely low temperatures, as it’s moisture-proof, corrosion-resistant. Due to powder-coat, durable finish, the heater is long-lasting, low-maintenance. It requires only daily or weekly wiping with a damp cloth, depending on the dust concentration. It is equipped with the simple latch, easy to open and access.

However, the garage heater is hard-wired, requiring installation, connection to a wall switch. It’s easy-to-install, but I would recommend you to hire an electrician. It is properly wired, meanwhile, and quite safe. A power cord and connector can be also installed to plug the heater into a 110/ 120V outlet, making it a plug-in 110 volt garage heater.

Commonly, the appliance is quiet, but it warms only the limited spaces, up to 5 feet each size, and it’s recommended to install it right over your working place or workstation, and not at a high height, otherwise, you might feel cold. The garage heater is the best to be used at 20-45°F outdoors, suiting commercial indoor applications the best.

  • ideal to heat a working place;
  • quiet;
  • safe quartz element;
  • low-maintenance.
  • hard-wired;
  • warms only the limited space underneath.


The OCH-120V-SS heater by TPI Corporation is lightweight, durable and low-maintenance. It is hard-wired, requiring professional installation, and it warms objects, meeting spot and area heating needs, suiting small rooms, workshops and garages.

5. Comfort Zone Wall Mount Heater: A Modern, Hanging Electric Heater for Garage

hanging electric heater for garage guideDue to futuristic, space-saving design, this stylish device is recommended mainly to homeowners, suiting small garages and shops, anyway. It works quite efficiently in dusty environments, so it is used in woodworking facilities, cramped garages, basements, etc. The 120V heater is flat and compact, weighing only about 8 pounds. It is intended mainly to ceiling mount, fitting any room design and style, taking up virtually no space.

The garage heater provides sun-like, infrared warmth, being equipped with modern halogen lights. It is to be installed right over your working place or the vehicle, as it warms the place underneath. The installation is fast and easy due to the available metal bracket. The necessary bolts are included. Just plug it into a standard USA (120V) outlet, and try not to damage the cord.

A pull cord is available for easy heater turning on/off. However, I would better use traditional unit’s turning on/off (or by remote control), as the cord is a bit flimsy and it might break very soon, in several months of everyday, heavy use. The bracket is also not the strongest or sturdy; it lets the 120-volt garage heater rotate up to 45° each size (when it’s located vertically). Therefore, I don’t advise you the wall installation.

Generally, I recommend the unit as the best plug in garage heater for small spaces.

  • atmospheric halogen lights;
  • space-saving design;
  • versatile bracket;
  • intuitive installation.
  • flimsy pull cord.


The H-9010 electric heater by Optimus is flexible and versatile, easily-mounted. It’s compact, lightweight, space-saving by design, matching small premises or 1-2 vehicle garages. It is quiet and safe, protected from overheating, but the pull cord is a bit flimsy.

6. NewAir G73 Hardwired: Best Electric Space Heater for Garage

top portable garage heater reviewsThe 120 volt heater is pretty compact, matching any tight spaces, small premises.

It is portable, featuring a carrying handle and long, 72-inch cable, so, you can locate it on the desktop or floor. The heater is also helpful while traveling in a trailer or so, very convenient.

Meanwhile, it’s durable and well-made. The case is metal (steel), rugged, protected by rubber bumpers on the corners. Only the handle is plastic that is still ok, enabling its long-lasting, reliable operation.

The 120V electric garage heater makes you feel comfortable on the distance up to 68 inches. Therefore, it’s better to place it right nearby and use only in small rooms. A thermostat is available, allowing you to regulate warmth from minimum to maximum to feel comfortable. 1200 Watt setting and the “fan-only” option may be selected to save on electricity or according to your current needs. Quite naturally, overheat protection features are included, so, any burn risk is prevented.

Finally, the unit is efficient due to ceramic heating elements that warm the nearby space fast, during 10-20 minutes. So, I recommend the 120V ceramic garage heater, mainly to traveling needs and small spaces. It’s only a bit loud, producing about 66 dB and some vibration.

  • durable, rugged, steel construction;
  • portable design;
  • compact;
  • efficient ceramic elements;
  • built-in thermostat.
  • some noise and vibration are felt.


The 6201 electric heater by Broan-NuTone is preferable for tight spaces and travel trailers. It is compact and durable, efficient and cost-effective, but a bit noisy and not able to make large rooms warm too fast.

7. King W1215: A Wall-Mounted, 110V Electric Garage Heater

small wall mounted electric heater reviewsThe heater is space-saving, recommended to install in bathrooms, utility areas, apartments, and small, 1-car garages. It is corrosion-resistant, thanks to powder-coated, metal, white casing, withstanding any damp environment, matching any room design.

The 120volt electric heater features a 4-bladed impeller that is aluminum, quite efficient; and safe, fast and productive, NiChrome heating element. A garage heater is safe due to the reliable shut-off mechanism that switches the unit off automatically, avoiding overheating.

The heater is durable, made in the USA, by the experienced King Electrical Co., covered by 1-year warranty, UL-certified. However, it requires installation that is easy and intuitive but still takes up to 30 minutes. Installation is to be made only by a certified electrician to ensure the essential safety guarantees. A thermostat can be added.

Thus, I would recommend the electric heater for garages 110V, as it’s moisture-resistant, space-saving, safe and durable.

  • compact and space-saving;
  • moisture and corrosion-resistant;
  • quite powerful for a wall-mounted unit;
  • easy to wire and install.
  • not too quiet.


The W1215 heater by King Electric is intended to wall mounting and installation in various living spaces up to 100 sq.ft. It is space-saving and white, matching any garage design, corrosion-resistant and overheating-protected.

8. iSiLER 1500W: Ceramic Garage Heater

ceramic garage heaterHave you got a one-car garage? This small, compact, and lightweight space heater is what you need. Measuring only 6 x 6.7x 7 inches, it’s beneficially portable. Due to wide and thick, ergonomic handle, it’s easy to carry and transport. Triangular supportive stand lets it be placed steadily on any surface (floor or table), eliminating tipping-over possibility.

The device is useful in your study, basement, or small room. Being unpacked, it weighs only about 2.5 pounds. Therefore, recommended it’s for elderly people and ladies. The heater makes your environment more comfortable when you work in your garage. Afterward, it might be taken away to the house without any efforts.

The unit is helpful and functional in any limited space. It’s safe and reliable thanks to advanced ceramic heating elements and adjustable thermostat. It operates on the base of PTC (positive temperature coefficient) operation mode when the temperature is too high, resistance increases.

This way, overheating is beneficially prevented. Just select the necessary temperature that lies in the range from 41 to 95°F. Rotate the thermostat control dial and heat your garage space or reduce electricity consumption.

Interesting Information

Meanwhile, the heater is useful not only in your garage workshop. It creates a healthy environment, distributing heat evenly throughout the room. Space is heated up within several minutes. Oxygen not consumed is during its operation. 1500W are sufficient to call this device mighty or powerful. Additionally, it’s pretty quiet, producing only about 50 dB.

The heater is safe, as it’s made of flame-retardant (V0-rated)materials. According to UL-94 standard, they would not be inflamed in a fire and stop burning in 10 sec. The portable fan heater itself conforms to 1278 UL standard. An ETL certification mark is beneficially available.

  • compact;
  • lightweight;
  • easy to carry;
  • safe;
  • powerful.
  • too small to heat a large room or garage;
  • it should be used only indoors, in a dry environment.


So, I recommend this 120v electric heater for any limited space and all your family members.

The iSiLER space heater is portable and lightweight. It’s designed for small rooms and limited spaces, such as a one-car garage or a dressing room. Coming with a ceramic heating element, it’s safe and healthy, but powerful and efficient.

9. NewAir NGH160GA00: Spot Heater for Garage

spot heater for garageWhen the weather is getting chilly, temperature in your garage may drop below 40°F. So, you would need a portable heater to stay warm. This unit from NewAir is portable but durable and reliable. The spot heater withstands tough conditions, being suitable for garages and workshops.

It’s pretty compact, being 10.3 inches long, 8.6 inches in diameter. So, it’s easy-to-store, when spring comes. Meanwhile, the heater is heavy-duty and durable, coming with a rugged shell. It features a wide integrated handle on the top and a solid metal stand on the bottom.

Exterior housing is always cool to touch. So, it’s beneficially safe, as accidental burns prevented are. Additionally, the unit protected is from overheating. It automatically shuts off when the temperature is too high. A thermostat dial is available on the top, near the handle. It lets you set the necessary temperature, avoiding undesirable waste of power.

Two heating modes are offered to select. You completely control the power, saving as much electricity as you want. Its maximum reaches 200 cubic feet per minute. It lets the device heat your garage pretty fast. It takes about an hour to get a 10-15-degrees temperature increase, making your workspace comfortable.

Features and Benefits

This 120V electric garage heater equipped is with an adjustable tilt head. Therefore, it directs warm air to the area where you work. Cold spots efficiently eliminated are. So, this device offers you complete flexibility in tough conditions. Additionally, it’s pretty powerful, as it outputs 1,500W.

  • safe to touch;
  • flexible;
  • adjustable;
  • efficient;
  • heavy-duty design.
  • requires 240V outlet, coming with a non-standard plug;
  • a bit noisy.


The NGH160GA00 garage heater from NewAir is heavy-duty and durable. It’s portable, equipped with a handle and robust stand. It’s flexible, letting you direct warm air to the spot where you work at the moment and set the necessary temperature. Additionally, the unit is safe, protected from overheating, featuring the housing that stays cool.

10. Dr. Infrared Heater DR-978: Safe and Powerful Small Garage Heater

safe and powerful small garage heaterBefore a regular winter cold spell, see about additional heating. A small and lightweight portable heating appliance by Dr. Heater is a smart choice. It’s very compact, measuring only 10 x 9 x 12 inches. It fits any limited space, adding warmth to your bedroom, basement or frunchroom.

These large and stylish spaces are usually a bit humid. They are about 4-5 degrees colder than second-floor rooms. So is your detached or attached garage. Having no central heating connection, both of them might be a bit chilly. An efficient portable heater is a real catch!

A portable appliance by Dr. Heater is a good buy. It weighs only 10 pounds, being easy to install and use. The unit has no carry handle. But it comes with 4 nice, steady wooden legs. They are attractive, screw-in, retro-style. Therefore, your compact heater matches any room interior.

Benefits of Technology

Small and lightweight heating appliance is quiet. A large blower deals with heat distribution without making noise. Why do I want to single out DR-978 unit? It’s unique due to hybrid heating system. Quartz infrared element heats surfaces and objects directly.

PTC (positive temperature coefficient) technology is innovative. It involves self-regulating materials that react to temperature drops. Their resistance change, working as a sensor. Therefore, it’s a safe, flexible and fast system. It doesn’t overheat. External control is neither necessary.

Surface of Dr-978 heater is safe-to-touch. It gets warm, but can’t cause burns or fire. It comes with trip-over and overheats protection. UL certification is reliable. Features like a thermostat, remote control, and timer are useful. Additionally, 3 power modes are available. So, you can choose eco, low or high-heat options.

  • compact and lightweight;
  • safe;
  • efficient;
  • quiet;
  • energy-saving.
  • no carry handle available;
  • standing on the floor, it burns dust, lint and pet hair.


DR-978 heater is compact and lightweight. It fits even the smallest, single-car garage. It comes with steady, retro-style legs. So you can place it near your vehicle or work seat to enjoy pleasant warmth. Innovative technologies make the heater efficient and energy-saving. Additionally, it’s safe, easy to assemble and feature-rich.

Better Electric Garage Heaters 120V: AWESOME Buyer’s Guide

When your basement or garage is not connected to the central house heating system, it may be quite cold there, even if it’s properly insulated. Therefore, a 120V garage heater, intended to create a comfortable environment in medium or small spaces is essential. Let’s see what to pay attention first of all when you are going to buy a garage heater.

However, what is the best electric heater for a garage? Selecting a suitable appliance, consider the following issues:

  • the size of the garage;
  • the heater’s design and portability;
  • adjustability;
  • type and installation;
  • output and voltage;
  • energy efficiency;
  • safety options.

First of all, measure your workspace, room or garage footage and consider the preferable heat direction. Par example, if you repair the vehicle, you would better locate the garage heater just on the floor. For woodworking, metalworking or other activities, infrared, ceiling-mounted heaters would be suitable.

Don’t purchase an overly powerful appliance to avoid enormous electricity bills. The best 120 volt heater for garage is perfectly adjustable by wattage, hot air direction, and heat level. A thermostat is desirable to regulate the warmth.

Garage Heater Types

The basic electric heater types are:

  1. Infrared.
  2. Fan-forced.

Fan units move or blow hot air across the room. Therefore, they provide soft, comfortable warmth for the surrounding premises quite evenly and fast. They commonly come with the essential shut-off mechanisms and thermostats to regulate the heat level. The 110 volt electric garage heaters may include ceramic heating elements, being able to warm larger rooms.

Infrared electric appliances warm the objects underneath them, thus, it’s better to locate an appliance right over the working place. They ensure the comfortable conditions virtually immediately, but if you move just several steps away, you may feel cold. Infrared garage heaters may be equipped with quartz elements, being more efficient.

Additionally, electric heaters are:

  • portable;
  • wall or ceiling-mounted.

The portable appliances are handy and lightweight, coming with comfortable carry handles, meeting traveling needs. In a garage, you can locate a device of this kind on the floor right near the car and feel comfortable while repairing or maintaining your vehicle. Additionally, they are plug-in, requiring no installation and fitting any standard 120 volt garage heaters electric outlet.

The wall or ceiling-mounted heaters are safe upon installation, allowing no tip-over possibility. They provide large heat coverage, taking no space in the room.

Safety Precautions

Electric heaters are sources of major hazard. They are much safer than fuel, hot water of gas ones, but they still might cause a fire or short circuit while used improperly. Therefore:

  • keep the flammables away from the heater;
  • place the portable heater on the room perimeter or out of the path to avoid its knocking over;
  • don’t use damaged or improperly wired heaters.

The best 120 volt electric garage heater comes from a reliable brand, being preferably made in the USA, covered with at least 1-year warranty. The stationary appliances are to be installed only by professional electricians. A heater is preferably connected to a reliable 20-50-amp circuit breaker, especially the powerful, 208-240V devices.

Additionally, select only the heaters that come with safety options, such as overheat protection, knock-over sensors.

More information can be view here.

Final verdict

I think the best electric garage heater 120V is FUH724 by Fahrenheit. It’s powerful, requiring wiring, installation, a bit complicated to rework to the standard 120V supply network. To travel, select the portable Patton PUH 680-N-U heater, lightweight and extremely durable. Finally, the wall-mounted King W1215 item is the safe, space-saving option for damp premises.

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  1. This article is supposed to list the best 120v electric garage heaters yet most of the heaters require 240 volts. For example, you state several times that the NewAir G73 is 120v but if you read the Amazon listing it says that the NewAir G73 requires 240v hardwired by an electrician. I noted that, despite the titles, several of the heaters in your list require 240v. Not being able to keep this very basic, and essential, point accurate totally invalidates any recommendation you made.

  2. Hi Larry, unfortunately there aren’t too many 120v heaters suitable for a space the size of a garage, but I’ve done my best to select those that could be, and also those that can be converted. Best of luck in your search – report back with your recommendations!

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