How to Inflate Car Tires at Home

how to inflate car tires at home quicklyHaving got any vehicle, such as a car, a pickup truck or an ATV, you are to remember about the automobile maintenance that includes checking and adjusting the pressure in the tires. Therefore, the knowledge on how to inflate car tires at home is really essential.

Owing and using an air compressor to fill tires is opportune and handy. A portable and durable device of this kind is to be available in your garage together with your electric garage heater, granting you the beneficial comfort and expediency. However, what is the best portable air compressor for truck tires: oil-lubricated or oil-free? Which brands are reliable? Which horsepower and tank capacity to select and how to use a tire air pump? Let’s find it out.

How to Put Air in Car Tires at Home

Brand & ModelCapacityDimensionsItem Weight
Makita MAC24004.2 gallon20 x 18 x 18.8 in81 pounds Check Price
BOSTITCH BTFP02012-WPK6 gallon16.9 x 16.5 x 19.1 in29 pounds Check Price

1. Makita MAC2400 – Best An Oil-Lubricated Compressor: A Durable, Reliable Device

best oil lubricated air compressorLooking for the best way to inflate car tires at home, prefer high-performance, long-lasting air compressor. Equipped with an oil-lubricated pump, it runs cool, being quiet, producing only up to 79 dB.

Meanwhile, the compressor is able to provide maximum possible efficiency and performance. 2.5 HP motor is 4 pole, sufficient for two nailers or couplers, to inflate 2 tires at the same time, enabling maximum output, reducing the filling time. It comes with large, heavy-duty cylinders and pistons, providing up to 130PSI pressure, running at 1,720 RPM. The motor is protected against overloading, and the device is covered by 1-year manufacturer warranty.

The compressor weighs about 80 pounds, being really powerful, but not the most compact or lightweight. Thus, an oil-lubricated device helps you to inflate flat tires temporarily on the road. It comes with a comfortable (roll bar) handle, providing a handy grip.

The compressor can handle airing of the large, pickup truck tires, having a 4.2-gallon capacity tank. It comes with an automotive-style air filter that is removable, easy to access and maintain but still requiring regular and frequent inspection and cleaning in warm water with soap.

NOTE: The lubricant quality is vitally important in the case. However, as the oil a coupler (1/4-inch, universal one) are included, it’s nothing to worry about.

  • durable;
  • long-lasting;
  • quiet;
  • overload-protected.
  • heavyweight, not the easiest to move.


An oil-lubricated compressor by Makita is powerful, long-lasting and heavy-duty. The device is quiet, preferable for garage use, suitable for light truck tires inflating. It could be too heavy to move it frequently or not the best for spray painting or other jobs that require a clean environment, but pretty good for the garage applications.

2. BOSTITCH BTFP02012-WPK – Best An Oil-free Compressor: Portable and Lightweight Device

best oil free compressorWhen you’ve got a flat tire, what to do? A compact air compressor weighing about 29 pounds is preferable for the application on the way. The pancake-designed device is amazingly convenient, steady, easily movable, coming with a large handle. It’s easy to store in your garage and carry when it’s necessary.

Meanwhile, the compressor is really powerful. It provides up to 150PSI, coming with a large, 6-gallon tank. Being equipped with a maintenance-free pump, it’s nearly as quiet as an oil-lubricated device, producing about 80 dBs. The motor is highly efficient, starting easily at cold weather conditions.

The compressor is environmentally-friendly, leaving no stains on your working surfaces or in your cargo area. It’s covered by a 1-year warranty, being still not as durable as the devices, equipped with the induction motors.

Finally, the compressor comes in a set with multiple handy accessories, including a flexible, abrasion-resistant air hose, a gauge, a blow gun, a tire chuck, and several inflation attachments. So, when you need to know, how to inflate the tires, consider oil-free devices that require fewer efforts and additional expenditures on consumables or parts.

  • lightweight;
  • easy to carry and store;
  • environmentally-friendly;
  • multiple attachments included.
  • a bit noisy;
  • common air leakage and tank heating issues.


An oil-free air compressor by Bostitch is lightweight and easy to carry, convenient and the best for tires inflation applications, coming with multiple handy attachments. It’s environmentally-friendly, maintenance-free and not noisy, but not as durable and long-lasting as oil-lubricated devices.

Buyers’ Guide

Whenever you are driving a small, sedan car or a huge, impressive pickup truck, assuring safety on the road is essential. For example, tough and heavy-duty mud tires on the highway when it’s raining and for off-road trips in fall and spring seasons are preferable.

Additionally, you are to know how to inflate car tires at home, inspect them before every trip and adjust the pressure. Thus, it’s quite convenient to have an air compressor in your garage. Which one to prefer?

Selecting a well-suitable device, consider:

  1. your tire filling needs and requirements;
  2. the frequency of use;
  3. the compressor’s type;
  4. it’s brand;
  5. your power circuit.

A portable air compressor or a tire inflator is the best to fill your car or truck tires, air mattresses, and sports balls. The devices are commonly designed for 120-Volt, 15 amp circuits, common for American houses and garages.

How to Work an Air Compressor?

First of all, it’s necessary to check the pressure in all 4 tires, making sure, it’s the same. How much air should be in truck tires? Commonly, the pressure makes 30-35 PSI. Meanwhile, it’s recommended to inflate the tires when they are cold. Otherwise, add about 3 psi more.

Being powered by electric motors, air compressors work flawlessly when the pressure is created by rotating impellers. Oil-lubricated devices’ operation is accompanied by oil splashes within the cylinders. Oil-free devices’ bearings are pre-treated with a kind of lasting lubrication, requiring no maintenance.

Putting air in tires with air compressor:

  • gauge the pressure;
  • remove the stem caps;
  • hook up and connect the compressor;
  • measure and adjust the pressure;
  • replace the caps.

To fill the air in tires at home, just turn on the regulator on the air compressor. Wait for 10-20 seconds, at least, to let the air in.

How to Use a Tire Gauge?

The air compressors are equipped with the gauges. So, to check the pressure, just put a gauge on and push it onto the valve.

How Do You Let Air Out of a Tire?

If the pressure on any tire is too high, just release the cap, rotating it counterclockwise. Wait for a while, check the pressure again and replace the cap.

How to Inflate a Completely Flat Tire?

The process is the same. Just press the car or truck tire on the back to attach the valve and proceed.

Where to Put Air in Tires Near Me?

If you don’t have a compressor at home, go to the nearest (full-service) gas station. It has gauges and air pumps built in. Use a coin slot to get access to the services and proceed in the same way as with your own compressor at home.

Final Verdict

The best way to put air in car tires at home is by applying a portable air compressor. An oil-lubricated one is durable and low-noise. On the contrary, oil-less devices are lightweight, maintenance-free and convenient for off-road trips or commutes.

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