How to Carry Luggage on Top of Car?

how to carry luggage on top of car

Spring is coming. Weather in April is still wet and cold. It’s changeable. Many states suffer from thunderstorms and heavy rains these weeks. They occur in many regions, from California to Florida, from New York to Texas. Would you like to go out for vacations right now? Bring a lot of essential stuff along. How to carry luggage on top of car? You’ll need a lot of things. Warm clothes and sunglasses, an umbrella and a swimming suit are necessary. How to handle your bulky stuff? There are several perfect options. Let’s consider each of them, studying their pros and cons.

Can I Put Luggage on Top of my Car?

Fortunately, it’s possible. Use your car roof as a second truck. It might be pretty spacious, able to hold your big and bulky stuff. Anyway, secure your load. You are to abide by your local road rules. In Illinois, each of your suitcases should not weigh more than 2,000 pounds.

Can I put luggage on top of my car, if it has no roof rack? Of course, yes, if you can prevent the following:

  1. Falling.
  2. Escaping.
  3. Dropping.
  4. Shifting.

I hope, you don’t carry water bottles on the top, and they don’t leak. So, let’s compare available rooftop storage solutions.

Car Roof Luggage Carrier

ParametersCargo BagsRooftop BoxesRoof Baskets
Weight, lbs. 5-11 30-5020-70
Applications light, soft cargo heavy, rigid or delicate items suitcases, cargo bags
Materials nylon, polyethylene, tarpaulin Heavy-duty plastic (ABS) Metal (steel, aluminum)
Volume, ft3 10-258-21 10-25 in2 x bag height
Weight capacity, lbs. 20-25 55-20050-500
Security system zippers built-in locks' crossbar locks
Accessories straps, clips roof racks crossbars

Do you need an additional cargo storage solution? People who go in for sports or travel with children usually do. Its type depends on your cargo profiles and your vehicle type. Let’s take them apart.

Best Waterproof Rooftop Cargo Bag: Pros and Cons

Roof bags are affordable and lightweight. They consist of heavy-duty, synthetic textiles, like nylon or PVC mesh. So, they provide protection from elements, being waterproof or water-resistant. Rooftop bags are:

  • soft;
  • adjustable;
  • intuitive-to-install;
  • versatile;
  • flexible.

Choice Roof Top Luggage Bag

Bags accommodate various items. They might be odd-shaped and bulky, but lightweight. Fold your cargo bag and store it anywhere in your house or garage. After the journey, this feature is useful. Rooftop bags suit multiple car models.

Do you need crossbars on a roof rack? If you have a compact car, like a sedan, it might feature a bare roof. Use cam-buckle straps to fasten the bag to hooks or loops through windows.

Cargo bags are handy and easy to use. But they are not as durable and reliable as hard storage options. Your luggage hardly remains completely dry in a heavy downpour. On a highway, bags can be noisy. Additionally, they don’t protect your valuables from theft.

Benefits and Drawbacks of the Best Rooftop Cargo Box

Hard rooftop storage options are perfect. They are solid, waterproof and easy-to-open. Rigid cargo boxes ensure:

  • Reliable anti-theft protection.
  • Advanced aerodynamics.
  • Ease of access.
  • Large loading capacity;
  • Security.

Choice Rooftop Cargo Box Reviews

Cargo boxes come in multiple sizes and models, matching different vehicles. Long ones hold your skies, golf clubs or surfboard. Load large and heavy items to them, but not tall ones. Material matters. Top-quality boxes consist of several layers of ABS plastic. They are weather-roof and UV-resistant. Manufacturers provide lifetime warranties on their premium models.

Sleek, aerodynamic design of rooftop boxes is beneficial. They open from both sides. The boxes feature built-in locking mechanisms with several keys. Installation ease is debatable. Roof racks are essential. Additionally, single-person cargo box installation would be challenging. These carriers are clumsy and heavy.

Best Roof Basket Application

Roof baskets are versatile and durable. You can attach various objects to them. Loading capacity of the baskets is large. Metal carriers last for decades. Bulky items of any size and shape find place there. Do roof baskets rust? Top-quality items feature rust-resistant powder coating.

Choice Luggage Baskets for Cars

Do they offer good aerodynamics? Unloaded, they do. Bulky cargo may decrease its performance. Flat trays that come with sides or without them are easy to install. A low-profile accessory of this kind takes not much space when you store it. But baskets have no covers. So, they provide no protection from elements and theft.

Mount your roof basket to any type of crossbars. How do you pack a suitcase on a roof rack? U-bolts and crossbar locks hold them in place. Top-quality items include wind fairing and mounting hardware. These baskets are not noisy at high-speed driving. Their aerodynamics is good. So, select a suitable mounting style: rear, front or roof. Load your suitcases. They are to fit tight to prevent sliding. Fasten them by cords or straps.

How to Keep Luggage Dry in Truck Bed?

Traveling in April is breathtaking. It’s a perfect time, as the atmosphere is pleasant. Trout fishing season in Illinois is already open. It started on the 4th of April. Do you want to visit Florida? Weather in April is sunny or partly cloudy there. It’s neither hot nor cold. Traveling in a car is pretty comfortable these days.

Light and heavy rains are still probable. Tornadoes are common in spring They occur in southern states and northern valleys. Regions that lay between the Rocky and Appalachian Mountains are vulnerable to them. Have you got a powerful pickup truck? You are lucky! Elements won’t damage your belongings. Let’s figure it out best way to keep luggage dry in truck bed?

best way to keep luggage dry in truck bedHow to carry luggage in your car without a roof rack? It’s possible to haul a lot of stuff in its long or short bed. A suitable tonneau cover protects your things from:

  1. Rain.
  2. Wind.
  3. Damage.
  4. Sunshine.
  5. Theft.

Don’t drive when a tornado or hailstorm approaches. Get off the road immediately. Find a shelter. When the storm passes, continue driving.

So, your 5th wheel fits a short bed. What about your numerous suitcases and luggage bags? You may bring a disaster supply kit along. Trunk in your car could be not spacious enough. It wouldn’t accommodate all your stuff. Let’s look for other solutions.

How to Use a Luggage Rack?

Roof rack may be a factory option. Your vehicle manufacturer could install the system. Is it not available? Some vehicle models suit other types of racks, such as hitch, spare tire or trunk. You can add a roof rack eventually. Selecting a suitable accessory is not easy. Its type stands upon your vehicle model, make and year. Bare roof cars differ from those that feature raised or flush rails.

how to use a luggage rackAll roof rack systems include essential components, such as:

  • feet or towers;
  • crossbars;
  • landing pads.

Different vehicles require different rack feet. Assembling the system and attaching mounts could be challenging. You might have to drill some holes. How do you pack a luggage rack? As soon as you have mounted and centered it, loading is possible.

Fit a carrier to your luggage rack. Its location is to be within cross and side bars. Install your bag, box or basket, then fill it with suitcases or stuff. Loaded carrier is heavy. Don’t lift it to avoid injuries. Close your carrier and attach it to the rack bars by straps.

Common Representation

Now you know, how to tie down luggage on a roof rack. Cam buckles tighten the straps, securing your cherished load. Use not less than 3-4 straps. Meanwhile, each rooftop storage solution is special. It comes with a specific mounting system. So, study the manual and follow the instructions. Fasten your luggage properly to ensure safety during your trip.

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