9 Best Jump Starters for Diesel, Portable, 12V

best jump starter for diesel reviewsRiding distant and wild off-road trails on a pickup truck, like Dodge Ram, Toyota or Silverado, you definitely should be well-equipped to avoid any troubles and delays. Thus, during a long trip, your vehicle battery can get low anywhere. And the truck might get stranded, requiring the best jump starter for diesel to add some power and re-start the engine. Or a different situation you can render help to any other car owner on the road.

However, being an inexperienced car enthusiast, how can I determine, what size jump starter do I need, which type: lithium-ion or lead-acid battery is better? How many peak amps do you need to start a car? I hope, this review helps you to answer all your pressing questions, estimating which jump starter is well-suited for your driving needs and preferences.

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Top Best Jump Starter for Diesel in 2022

 #1. Beatit QDSP
  • Peak Amps - 2200
  • Jump starts N on a charge - 30
  • Weight, lbs - 2
  • Battery type - lithium
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#2. Clore JNC660
  • Peak Amps - 1,700
  • Jump starts N on a charge - numerous
  • Weight, lbs - 18
  • Battery type - lead-acid
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#3. NOCO GB40
  • Peak Amps - 1,000
  • Jump starts N on a charge - 20
  • Weight, lbs - 2.4
  • Battery type - lithium
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#4. GOOLOO E-Power-37
  • Peak Amps - 800
  • Jump starts N on a charge - 30
  • Weight, lbs - 1.16
  • Battery type - lithium polymer
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#5. DBPOWER AP3109
  • Peak Amps - 2000
  • Jump starts N on a charge - 20
  • Weight - 615g
  • Battery type - lithium ion
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#6. Rugged Geek RG1000
  • Peak Amps - 1,000
  • Jump starts N on a charge - >20
  • Weight, lbs - 0.99
  • Battery type - lithium ion
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#7. Jump&Go 120C
  • Peak Amps - 600
  • Jump starts N on a charge - numerous
  • Weight, lbs - 1.79
  • Battery type - lithium
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#8. Autogen MJS111
  • Peak Amps - 3000
  • Jump starts N on a charge – multiple
  • Weight, lbs – 4.15
  • Battery type –lithium polymer
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  • Peak Amps – 1400
  • Jump starts N on a charge – numerous
  • Weight, lbs – 18.76
  • Battery type – lead-acid (product-specific)
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1. Beatit QDSP: Most Powerful Lithium Jump Starter

most powerful lithium jump starter reviewsThe compact and my favorite unit is amazingly powerful, lightweight, and handy, portable and wireless by nature. Weighing only 2 pounds, it is comfortably stored in a small box that is beneficial during distant trips. Additionally, you charge various devices on the go and much faster due to 10W charging technology.

Meanwhile, the diesel jump starter stands out by impressive, 21000mAh peak capacity, jumping any vehicle up to 10.0L, including boats, vans, and trucks, with both diesel or gas motors. Therefore, it’s definitely a capacious jump starter for v8 engines, advanced and handy.

When it goes about the safety options, the diesel jump starter is incredibly reliable and innovative. It is fail- and spark-proof, eliminating any short circuit or reverse polarity risks. Moreover, it is backed by the latest QDSP technology, withstanding cold and heat extremes perfectly well. Overcurrent and overvoltage advanced protection is available, as well.

Interesting information

Additionally, the diesel jump starter is certified:

  1. meeting the strictest UL,
  2. ROHS,
  3. CE requirements;
  4. it features a 2-year warranty.

The bright flashlight features 3 modes, including an SOS signal. It saves you by all means, anywhere. Thus, I highlight the product as the best emergency car battery jump starter, recommending it for all-season trips, camping, hiking.

  • comprehensive, over-temperature protection;
  • 2-year warranty;
  • lightweight;
  • powerful;
  • versatile.
  • a bit small clamps.


The diesel jump starter is pretty handy and powerful, suiting both professional and personal applications, quite compact, but a bit heavy-weight portable device. I recommend it to all light truck owners, car enthusiasts, and drivers.

2. Clore Automotive JNC660: The Best Jump Starter for Diesel Engine

commercial portable jump starter reviewsThe diesel jump starter fits pickup trucks the best as it’s really powerful, robust and capacious. It stands out by impressive 1,700 peak amps, being able to boost any vehicle, even the most unusual one, like a tractor or a lawnmower. This heavy duty jump starter for truck is unparalleled in terms of capacity.

Additionally, it’s versatile, able to help almost all stranded vehicles. Due to long, 46-inch, insulated cables with 2AWD leads and large, robust clamps, it has sufficient reach to set any truck engine unit. The diesel jump starter is intuitive to connect. Above all, thanks to handy clamps. That easily connect even the rust-through units and USB ports, being fitted in charging smartphones and accessories, as it’s 12V.

The diesel jump starter is sleek, rugged and stylish by design, intended to professional use, for example, on tow trucks. It features an outstanding Proformer battery, specialized especially in jump-starting, heavy-duty applications. This innovative technology makes the starter extremely efficient, able to make multiple jumps on one charge.

Additional accessories

The diesel jump starter includes:

  1. a built-in recharger;
  2. a voltmeter;
  3. convenient carry handle;
  4. lights on the front.

It shows the recharging progress on the small screen, only press the button to check it.

  • heavy duty;
  • large power and capacity;
  • suits professional applications;
  • versatile;
  • handy clamps.
  • heavyweight.


The diesel jump starter is pretty handy and powerful, suiting both professional and personal applications, quite compact, but a bit heavy-weight portable device. I recommend it to all light truck owners, car enthusiasts, and drivers.

3. NOCO GB40 Jump Starter: The Best Jump Box for Diesels

best jump starter for diesel engine manualThe unit is quite handy, compact, user-friendly. It has a sturdy, rugged and stylish case, being quite convenient for any truck driver or off-road enthusiast. The diesel jump starter is pretty powerful, able to jump various vehicles 20 times/charge. So, you’ll easily overcome all obstacles on the mountain and sandy trails with this smart device.

The unit is versatile. Suiting any diesel truck motor up to 3 liter and gas giants up to 6L. It is backed by mistake-proof, spark-protection technology. That allows you to avoid shocks or reverse polarity cases. That’s why the item is definitely the safest portable jump starter for a diesel engine.

Additional accessories

The diesel jump starter is amazingly convenient, coming with:

  1. dual high-output LED lights;
  2. 2 needle-nose clamps;
  3. USB ports;
  4. a charging cable;
  5. a storage bag.

Riding far away from home, recharge your laptop or smartphone by the jump starter, staying always online. The clamps are really safe to touch, even by both hands. A flashlight is bright, including 7 multifarious, beneficial modes.

The jump starter is covered by 1-year warranty, is durable, safe and reliable.

best jump starter for diesel engine reviews

  • lightweight;
  • handy;
  • safe;
  • USB ports;
  • bright flashlights.
  • short charging cable.


The GB40 diesel jump starter is quite powerful, durable, handy and compact. Charge multiple devices by it, and use the bright flashlights at night. However, the unit has no match regarding safety, being shock and spark-proof.

4. GOOLOO EPOWER-37: The Best Lithium Ion Jump Starter with Cigar Jack

best lithium ion jump starter reviewsThe unit stands out by sleek, smooth, perfect design. The case is compact, black, scratch-resistant and incredibly handy, being useful in various emergency and traveling situations. It is quite powerful, able to boost any vehicle, including motorcycles, watercraft, snowmobiles, SUVs, ATVs and, certainly, light trucks. The maximum, well-warranted engine size is 7.0L (gasoline) or 5.5L (diesel).

The diesel jump starter is super-safe, coming with the trouble proof clamps that are protected by five advanced technologies. It is efficiently secured against reversed polarity, overload, over-charge, overcurrent, and overvoltage. The starter has got complete international certification according to CE, RoHS, MSDS, FCC requirements.

Interesting benefits

The diesel jump starter includes a power bank, built-in, fast and efficient to recharge any mobile devices during the trips. The 3.0 USB port is advanced, thanks to innovative, Quick Charge technology. Quite naturally, a 3-modes flashlight is available, being quite beneficial at night, when the vehicle parts inspection is essential.

The LED indicator on the unit’s front shows the current level of charge. Additionally, both AD and DC chargers, a wall and car chargers are included, together with a user’s manual and a carry bag.

Note! However, please, be careful, don’t put black and red clamps together; don’t make too many jumps starts within the limited time, make pauses. The jump starter is to be removed at once after your pickup truck starts.

Recharge the device every 3 months to enable continuous operation.

best lithium ion jump starter manual

  • well-built;
  • large capacity;
  • increased safety protection;
  • fast charging technology;
  • handy carry bag with pockets.
  • flimsy AC and DC chargers;
  • no adaptors.


I recommend the GOOLOO 800A diesel jump starter to all drivers as a safe, multi-purpose and user-friendly emergency device. It is efficient to charge your camera, laptop or smartphone fast. But, the clamps are a bit flimsy and the adaptors are not available.

5. DBPOWER AP3109: A Long-lasting, Portable Jump Starter for Semi Trucks

portable jump starter for semi trucks reviewsI highlight the product among the best jump starters for diesel. As it’s covered by a 3-year warranty. Being definitely the most durable. The diesel jump starter is amazingly compact. Featuring a plastic case that is still very solid, well-built and user-friendly. It is provided with basic safety options. Most importantly, that is, against overvoltage, short circuits, overload.

The 600 amps’ starter’s peak power is quite modest. However, if you wonder how many cranking amps are essential to start a car, its 200-400 Amps cold starting rating is quite realistic and sufficient to boost any van or truck. Its 18000 mAh capacity is very good to jump any vehicle engines up to 5.0L (diesel), 6.5L (gasoline).

Features and benefits

Meanwhile, the diesel jump starter is feature-rich and functional. It comes with a small LCD display, two fast-charging, smart USB ports, 8-in-1 laptop adapter, and a flashlight. The starter’s unique feature is a compass that is still very small and not efficient.

Additionally, multiple accessories are available, such as a scarry case and the charging cable. However, the instructions are short and not too clear, the cable leads are thin. So, I generally recommend the jump starter as a multi-purpose, reliable and user-friendly device that still involves common accessory issues.

Note! Please, read the safety measures information carefully and start the truck only when the battery is 100% charged or the indicator light is green.

best semi truck jump starter manual

  • lightweight;
  • a small, but helpful digital display;
  • a compass and a flashlight available;
  • wall and cigarette chargers included;
  • 3-year DBPOWER’s warranty.
  • short user manual;
  • no MacBook cable.


The JDS50 diesel jump starter by DBPOWER is lightweight and feature-rich. Its power is sufficient to boost virtually any diesel or gas vehicle. Additionally, it features multiple useful accessories that are not completely perfect.

6. Rugged Geek RG1000 Item: The Best Jump Starter for V8

best portable jump starter for v8 reviewsGoing fishing, hunting, camping or just traveling, what we need are safety, reliability, and power. The Rugged Gear diesel jump starter meets all off-road riding needs. It is lightweight, versatile and powerful, featuring all the essential options.

The RG1000 jump starter is effectively protected against current drainage and shock risks, thanks to the innovative Intelliboost technology. It is stylish by design, sporty, tire tread-like. It’s only 1.3”-thick, being nearly as thin as a modern smartphone. So, it’s lightweight, handy and small.

However, the starter is pretty powerful, able to boost various vehicles, including boats, motorcycles, and vans. It is intended to help the stranded vehicles up to 7.0L (gas engines) and diesel ones up to 3.5L.

Additional accessories

Meanwhile, the diesel jump starter is amazingly handy and feature-rich. It features:

  1. a top-quality display;
  2. cables with dual tip clamps;
  3. 2 USB and a laptop charging ports;
  4. a 110-220V (wall) and a car charger;
  5. a handy carry pouch.

It stands out by 3 voltage options: 12, 16 and 19V, charging laptops fast and efficiently and 3-in-1 USB cable, fitting various devices like drones, cameras or smartphones. The flashlight is bright and convenient, featuring 3 modes, par example, strobe, and SOS.

Air compressors are sold additionally, so get the best portable jump starter and air compressor, with pressure up to 150 psi (pounds per sq. in.). However, the clamps are too thin and flimsy; the carry pouch comes with a weak handle, the jump starter is inefficient at very cold weather conditions.

  • efficiently protected;
  • robust, eye-catching design;
  • 2 advanced USB ports;
  • 100-lumen, bright flashlight;
  • versatile.
  • poor effective at very low temperatures;
  • plastic case and clamps.


The RG1000 diesel jump starter is handy, powerful, safe and feature-rich. It boosts virtually any vehicle on (and off) the road, featuring a stylish case, a flashlight, and multi-service USB ports. However, the clamps are too thin and flimsy, prone to fracture.

7. Jump&Go 120C: A Handy Battery Charger and Jump Starter Combo

battery charger and jump starter combo reviewsThe item isn’t the most capacious of all items reviewed herewith. However, its 16,000 mAh is sufficient to boost virtually all vehicles, including boats, motorcycles, and SUVs. Its power is limited only by the diesel or LPD 4L engine size and gasoline 8L motors.

Quite naturally, the diesel jump starter is safe, protected by Anti-spark, Anti-overheat technologies. When the polarity is occasionally reversed, you see a red light on the interface that is still very simple and has no display. The product is certified according to the international CE, KC, RoHS requirements, being quite reliable. Unfortunately, the warranty details are not specified.

Meanwhile, the diesel jump starter is outstanding due to its sleek, perfect design. The unit is black and elegant, being very hard-wearing in the off-road conditions. It includes a sturdy handle, being incredibly handy and convenient.

Useful information

Additionally, the battery booster/jump starter pack is multipurpose. Consists of:

  • 2 USB connectors (5V);
  • a cigar jack;
  • DC and AC ports;
  • a bright and solid flashlight.

It includes a power bank, capable to recharge both Android and iOS phones, modern laptops multiple times completely (showing 100% charge). The charging cable is pretty good; the flashlight with 3 basic modes is useful at night. Therefore, the diesel jump starter is recommended to use during camping, traveling and family trips. It is fast-charging, requiring 5-6 hours to be fully recharged and it charges various devices quite fast too.

  • convenient handle;
  • compact, sturdy design;
  • a built-in power bank;
  • 2 USB ports available;
  • multipurpose;
  • solid flashlight.
  • a carry bag or a travel case to keep the accessories organized would be desirable.


The Jump&Go starter is safe, certified, robust and incredibly handy, coming with a large and sturdy carry handle. It includes a power bank, being intended to recharge mobile devices fast and easily. It is essential during camping trips, but a carry bag for accessories would be nice.

8. Autogen MJS111: Heavy-duty Jump Starter

heavy duty jump starterIn January or February, snowstorms and flurries happen. Get ready for extreme road conditions. You need a large and reliable jump starter for your diesel truck. This model by Autogen brand is smart, heavy-duty and user-friendly. It comes with multiple useful features and provides extreme security for travelers.

What would you need if you get stranded on a snowy road? Restarting your diesel engine very fast is essential. Avoid any risks and issues such as overheating, over-loading and over-current. MJS111 starter comes with large-capacity powerbank. Advanced lithium-polymer battery implies nearly no chances of exhausting. It works at a wide range of temperatures, from -4 to 140° Fahrenheit. Hot summer or cold winter weather doesn’t prevent you from having off-road trips.

Having passed UL Certification, backed with patented technology, the starter is innovative and reliable. Does it come with self-recharge function, as other Autogen models? For example, Genius does. Unfortunately, MJS111 doesn’t provide endless starting capabilities. It doesn’t self-recharge instantly. But it’s extremely fast and productive. Numerous re-charging cycles during one trip are possible.

Additional Accessories and Features

This smart innovative device is multi-functional. It lets you recharge your smartphone, camera, watch or laptop on the drive. It has USB ports and a cigarette lighter socket built-in. During a camping trip, recharge car fridge, vacuum or tire pumps with it. 100% copper clamps and cables ensure spark-proof, mistake-proof connection.

What I like most is the built-in LED flashlight feature. This device is ultra-bright, having 3 different modes. It works as an emergency, signal or just as a portable work light. So, connect the clamps, according to the detailed instructions. Plug them and start your truck vehicle. Press the Boost button only when the vehicle battery is completely dead.

  • heavy-duty;
  • safe;
  • multi-functional;
  • reliable;
  • convenient.
  • not the most compact or lightweight;
  • tiny boost button.


Autogen MJS111 jump starter is safe and powerful. During a long winter trip, it ensures several successful starts. Additionally, it helps you to recharge all your mobile phones and other 12V devices. Bright flashlight lets other drivers see you on the road and avoid any accidents.

9. DEWALT DXAE20VBB: Multi-purpose, Feature-rich Jump Starter

feature rich jump starterDo you often get stranded on the road? During a thunderstorm or heavy rain, it might be dangerous. Try to avoid driving at rainy weather at night. If the battery is dead, don’t give up. The jumper box by Dewalt saves you from trouble. It seems to be not the most compact or lightweight. So, I hope it finds enough place in your trunk or truck bed.

It makes sense, as the item comes with a compressor. Digital, 120 PSIdevice is pretty powerful. So, it helps you get over by there, avoiding any delays. It takes only about 15 minutes to air your tires. Auto stop feature is great. It keeps you from wasting time and energy, avoiding excessive inflation. Brass, Surefit nozzle eliminates all issues.

Beneficial Features

The jump starter itself comes with a ton of useful features. It includes:

  1. Alternator tester.
  2. LED worklights.
  3. Two USB charging ports.
  4. Reversed polarity alarm.
  5. Built-in cable storage.
  6. Backlit LCD screen.

Control panel is pretty handy, intuitive to use. It includes a large power switch and a couple, two, three pushbuttons. Additional storage for the compressor’s hose is also available. Find it on the backside. Thus, rugged housing is quite durable. It’s sturdy, impact-resistant.

A wide, rubber handle is on the top. It lets you carry and transport the jump starter easily. The clamps are rather durable too. They are metal, coming with powder coating, heavy-duty. Additionally, the jump box lets you recharge any portable electronic device at hand. Renewing your smartphone or laptop on the go is fast and easy. Standard extensions cord is compatible.

  • versatile;
  • feature-rich;
  • intuitive to use;
  • solid and durable;
  • fool-proof.
  • a bit noisy;
  • heavyweight.


The portable jump station by Dewalt is reliable and easy to carry. It is intuitive to use and stout. The only issue is product specific battery. Recharge it for 40 hours initially, then every week or more frequently. Don’t forget about it, and the jump box works, giving you a sense of security.

AWESOME Buyer’s Guide

The proven and reliable jump starter for diesel is essential during off-road, camping, fishing and traveling trips. It helps you in various emergency situations if you get stranded or the vehicle battery is dead.

Thus, selecting a diesel jump starter to purchase, consider its:

  • power;
  • safety;
  • durability;
  • additional options.

Thinking about the cranking amps needed to start a car, just be aware that this term refers to the power the jump starter delivers at 32°F. It matters from the second-fifth second the engine boosts. Commonly, 400 cranking amps are sufficient to jump a V8 pickup truck.

Cold cranking amps is another parameter that is used to measure how many amps to jumpstart a car. It refers to the output the battery delivers when the temperature outdoors is 0°F.

Peak amps refer to the maximum power the diesel jump starter can deliver. Thus, the models with 1000 amps are worth your attention. More is better, the jump starters with 600-800 peak amps’ specifications suit only the special vehicles with smaller engines.

I recommend only the starters that are completely safe and secured against any possible risks. As to the durability, the jump starters, covered by at least 1-year warranty, are preferable. They are to feature sturdy, cases, being advanced by design. They can be made of top-quality plastic, to decrease the weight and improve usability.

Difference Between Battery Charger and Jump Starter

Extra features are always desirable during distant and off-road trips. Thus, a power bank and at least one USB port save you from being offline. A compressor is useful to inflate the truck tires between the gas stations. A flashlight helps you to inspect the broken vehicle at night.

Meanwhile, a battery charger is commonly bulkier. It is plugged into a standard 110-120V outlet, in a garage, taking about 7-24 hours to charge a vehicle battery.

A diesel jump starter is compact and handy, and 10-15 minutes are sufficient to boost a truck.

Lithium vs Lead Acid Batteries

Lead acid ones are traditional. They are heavyweight, bulky, but durable, affordable and temperature-resistant.

Lithium-ion accessories are lightweight, small, able to handle multiple charge cycles.

How to Boost a Diesel Pickup Truck?

When your vehicle is parked and the transmission is in Neutral position:

  1. Connect the red clamp to the positive (commonly, right-side) terminal; black one to the other (left-side) terminal.
  2. Start the engine.
  3. Disconnect the black cable, then the red one.

Switch the diesel jump starter off at once after the engine starts. Recharge the portable device asap, and check the truck engine’s charge frequently.

For more information, click here.


I recommend the powerful and heavy-weight JNC660 device as the better jump starters for diesel when it goes about industrial or commercial applications. Beatit G18 Pro is perfect for families and personal car enthusiasts as it’s powerful, lightweight and good for various emergency situations. For multi-purpose use, including recharging of mobile devices, the NOCO GB40 jump starter is highly recommended.


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    I have a 2000, Ford F250 6- speed manual 7.3 L Banks diesel engine with two batteries under the hood.
    Is the NOCO Genius 10 a good choice for charger maintainer?

  2. 2

    NOCO Genius 10, its parameters seem suitable for your Ford F250.
    But still, for reliability, it is better to consult directly with the manufacturer.
    Good luck!

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