8 Best Exhaust Systems for Dodge Ram 1500 Hemi

best exhaust system for dodge ram 1500 hemi reviewsHaving got a powerful, Dodge Ram pickup truck, you definitely feel lucky, racing through the spectacular trails, on nature, desert and mountain paths. Your vehicle’s capability and performance are great, but you still can improve them with the best exhaust system for Dodge Ram 1500 Hemi.

You may replace your existing exhaust system before it becomes old, rusty and starts leaking. Additionally, it’s a perfect way to make the Dodge Ram more responsive, faster, powerful, improving driving.

Meanwhile, what is the best exhaust for Dodge Ram Hemi? It definitely should fit your vehicle modification, model and engine type. But, what material is more durable, 409 or 304 alloy? Is large tailpipe diameter preferable? Should you select the exhaust with 1 or 2 exits? Let me highlight the top-rated systems, their features, pros, and cons, to facilitate your selection task.

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8 Best Exhaust System for Dodge Ram 1500 Hemi in 2024

#1. Flowmaster 817633
  • Material - 409
  • Sound - Aggressive
  • Finish - Black Ceramic
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#2. Borla 140307
  • Material - T-400
  • Sound - Aggressive
  • Finish - Metallic
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#3. Flowmaster 817568
  • Material - 409
  • Sound - Moderate
  • Finish - Black Ceramic
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#4. TOTALFLOW 415633
  • Material - 409
  • Sound - Aggressive
  • Finish - Black Ceramic
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#5. Mufflex DOD14M
  • Material - 409
  • Sound - Aggressive
  • Finish - Metallic
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#6. B2 Fab 2019
  • Material - 409
  • Sound - Aggressive
  • Finish - Metallic
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#7. BBK 4009
  • Material - 409
  • Sound - Moderate
  • Finish - Nickel Chrome
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#8. Flowmaster 717835
  • Material – 409S
  • Sound – Moderate/Aggressive
  • Finish –Metallic
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1. Flowmaster 817633: The Best Exhaust System for Dodge Ram 1500

best exhaust system for dodge ram 1500 guideThe exhaust by the well-known Flowmaster, Inc. definitely differs from the other products, reviewed herewith. It is outstanding thanks to the ceramic, black finish that ensures the maximum durability, increased heat-proof quality, and thermal isolation, covered by lifetime Flowmaster warranty.

The basic material is 409-grade, titanium-stabilized and strong stainless steel. The system is compact, oval by shape, stylish and elegant. It’s apparently easier to maintain, being perfectly polished and sleek.

One more benefit is that the Dodge Hemi truck exhaust is the most aggressive, belonging to the premium, Outlaw, or Super 10, race-oriented Flowmaster series. Due to race-proven technology and advanced, race-bred components, the exhaust system makes throaty, growling, deep sound that is still pleasant to the ear. Thus, wondering how to make your truck louder, select this perfect system. Some drone is felt at low speed, only.

It beneficially ensures minimal restriction, increased performance, HP and torque. The outstanding exhaust is beneficially Dyno tuned, adjusting the HP output, but a heat shield is still not included. The Ram 1500 black exhaust tips diameter is 2.25”; the tailpipe diameter is 3”.

Additional information

The installation is pretty easy, but the clamps are a bit flimsy, so, I would advise to purchase the other ones beforehand. They also may be of false diameter, 2.75”, while 3” is commonly required for the front pipe.

Note! The exhaust system fits dual tailpipe Dodge Ram models, 2009-2018 years of production, 1500 capacity, 5.7L, 8V engine.

  • increased corrosion resistance thanks to ceramic coating;
  • deep, aggressive tone;
  • lifetime warranty;
  • race-proven;
  • dyno-tuned.
  • common clamps issues.


The 817633 Flowmaster exhaust system is performance and durable, as it’s intended to races. The system is ceramic-coated for the best heat resistance and rustproofing. Its sound is aggressive, deep, but pleasant. Therefore, I call it the best exhaust for 5.7 Hemi Ram pickup truck.

2. Borla 140307: Dodge Ram 1500 Full Exhaust System

full exhaust system for dodge ram 1500 reviewsUnlike the other products, reviewed herewith, the system is cat-back. It includes the muffler, piping and the tips, replacing the entire exhaust, but for the catalytic converter. The system increases exhaust velocity, torque, HP, enables impressive fuel economy, performance improvement, prolonging engine life. That’s why I highlight this truck accessory as the second better exhaust system for Dodge Ram 1500 Hemi.

Additionally, it features million-mile, perfect warranty. The system produces distinctive Borla sound, loud, aggressive, with a deep, mellow rumble that is still smooth, without popping or MDS drone. It belongs to S-type exhausts, being pretty quiet at idle and cruising speed, getting noticeable only when it’s desirable.

The 5” tip is impressive, sleek by design, round, angle cut. However, no welding is required by installation, as the tips fit the factory bumper cutouts. The pipes sizes are standard: 3” on the front part; 2.5” on the back. Thus, the installation is quite simple and fast, bolt-on.

Additionally, the instructions are pretty clear. So, study them carefully, use a spray lubricant. Meanwhile, the application of impact tools is not recommended, to avoid leaks, and as all clamps and connectors are easy to fasten.

Additional information

The ram 1500 Mopar cat-back exhaust fits only the Dodge Ram 1500, 09-13 modifications, such as:

  • regular bed (extended cab);
  • short bed (crew cab).

It fits both 2WD and 4WD models, V8, 5.7L makes. Unfortunately, it won’t fit any ram diesel engine sound system modifications, like V6 or 3.0, so.

  • cat-back exhaust;
  • performance improvement and gas economy;
  • deep rumble;
  • simple mounting;
  • stylish look.
  • heavy-weight.


The 140307 exhaust system by Borla is cat-back, performance and durable, enabling impressive torque and HP increase. It is simple to install, featuring large, 5” tips and produces deep, mellow, loud, not annoying tone.

3. Flowmaster 817568: A Moderate Sound Exhaust for Dodge Ram 1500 Hemi

dodge ram performance exhaust guideThe exhaust is stylish, attractive and elegant. The 3-chamber, an advanced muffler is black due to the ceramic coating that ensures additional durability and protection. It is beneficially produced from the 409-grade steel, MIG (metal inert gas) welded, being the most reliable, featuring the lifetime Flowmaster warranty.

The muffler is quite large, oval by shape, Dyno-tuned. It belongs to the 50, Delta Flow Series, featuring an innovative interior technology. The performance system enables great HP and torque improvement, gas saving.

The exhaust system makes a very pleasant, moderate, well-balanced tone with no drone. It has less loud, deep, but throatier exterior tone than the outlaw 817633 model. Some minimal drone inside the cab is felt, but it’s not obnoxious.

The Dodge Ram 1500 performance system is direct, easy fit. Actually, it consists mainly of the muffler, including only the standard, 3-inch diameter front pipe, and very short, 2.25” dual tailpipes, enabling only the reliable connection.

The factory tips and tailpipes remain in their places, so the installation is really fast. It takes 30-40 minutes, but you would need about an hour and a half more to remove the OEM muffler, lubricate the parts (for example, with WD-40), etc. The hardware and hangers are certainly available. A rubber mallet and a wrench can be helpful during the installation.

  • durable, ceramic-coated;
  • well-balanced, mellow tone;
  • easy fit;
  • performance and torque improvement.
  • short tailpipes.


I call the item the best exhaust system for 5.7 Hemi with moderate sound, durable, direct fit, producing pleasant, moderate starting sound, and minimal internal tone.

4. TOTALFLOW 415633: A Moderate Sound, Dodge Ram 1500 Dual Exhaust

dodge ram 1500 dual exhaust reviewsProduced by a family-owned, USA-based, innovative fabrication shop that is located in Waterford, MI, the exhaust system is top-quality. Thanks to the fully equipped craftsmanship and custom approach, and comprehensive control of the business owner, Mr. Matthew Bosch, the retrofit exhaust is well-built. Unfortunately, the information about the warranty is not specified by the manufacturers.

The Dodge Ram System is made of the 409 ferritic steel alloy. The tubing is professionally mandrel-bent by the famous Aerospace, TIG welded. It is made of the AISI 304 corrosion-resistant alloy that consists basically of stainless steel, chromium, and nickel.

The exhaust system is equipped with the moderate sound, 18” Magnaflow muffler. The readings taken right at the tailpipe are 99.1 dB, that is still quite loud, creating a magnificent, throaty growl, but very tolerable, even for women and elderly people, without any drone or cabin noise. So, I would call it the best sounding exhaust for 5.7 Hemi.

Additional information

Actually, the exhaust isn’t a complete cat-back system. It includes only the performance universal muffler with the essential hangers, including the clamps and hardware. Therefore, you don’t need to replace the tailpipes, so the installation is bolt-on, fast, and facilitated. Quite naturally, they remain as straight, as before the muffler installation.

The whole replacement procedure commonly takes less than an hour. The clamps are strong, top-notch, and reliable. The way the hangers are fitted (reversed) is innovative and perfect. The instructions are clear. However, the front clamp is not included.

NOTE! The exhaust system is quite versatile, fitting virtually all wheelbases, 2WD and 4WD, 2009-2018, 5.7 Hemi engine, Dodge Ram 1500 modifications.

  • custom fabricated in Michigan;
  • top-quality clamps;
  • simplified, bolt-on installation;
  • versatile;
  • great, moderate sound.
  • no tailpipes included.


Generally, I recommend the bobtailed Dodge Ram performance exhaust as cost-efficient, intuitive to install, versatile, and great sounding system.

5. Mufflex DOD14M: The Loudest Exhaust System

best muffler for 2014 ram 1500 reviewsThe exhaust comes with the top-quality MagnaFlow Muffler, but with the 14-inch one. Therefore, it produces really loud, aggressive, great tone, with perfect roar and rumble. It’s much louder than of the stock system, especially if you remove the resonators. Some minimal drone in the cab is still felt, but not obnoxious, quite negligible, anyway. The sound level, measured right at the tailpipe is 100.1 dB., or 9, according to the scale from 1 to10. The cruising and idle tones are much quieter.

Interesting benefits

The DIY installation is possible, as it’s the bolt-on and really easy. It commonly takes about half an hour, but it can last up to 90 minutes, if you take the spacer and tailpipes out, and install them again afterward, sealing them up properly with silicone.

If you use a powerful electric impact gun, it’s even faster and easier. The old, rusty, OEM system is removed easier if you use a mallet or a wooden block. The hardware and clamps are available. Like the extension pipes and the muffler, they are top-quality, proudly American made. The clamps are to be properly tightened, as the front pipe is quite large.

Meanwhile, the factory pipes, that contain the most corrosion-resistant, 409 alloys, can remain, as they don’t get rusty. They are beneficially mandrel bent, minimizing the flow. The muffler is produced of the same, titanium stabilized metal, as well as the extension tubes. The exhaust systems fit all the 5.7 Hemi, Dodge Ram modifications, starting from 2009, but not prior.

  • awesome, aggressive rumble;
  • intuitive DIY installation;
  • better gas mileage and throttle response;
  • top-quality, American-made clamps.
  • some drone can be felt.


The DOD14M exhaust system by Mufflex is top-quality and rust-resistant, completely made of 409-grade alloy, intended to intuitive DIY installation. It produces really loud, aggressive sound and improves throttle response perfectly well.

6. B2 Fab 2019 & up: A Dodge Ram Exhaust Pipe Muffler Delete

a dodge ram exhaust pipe muffler deleteThe muffler delete is actually not an exhaust. It can replace it, including the straight pipe truck system. Therefore, the piping is lightweight and stylish by design. The system is intended to produce great, loud, aggressive sound, outstanding by fantastic, boom throaty growl, without any drone in the cab. It is really rumbling at cold start, but much more quiet while cruising.

The exhaust system is efficient, improving the truck’s performance, increasing the horsepower. The muffler is Y-pipe by shape, being quite simple, but functional, suiting the application. But for the different brand name, it is welded by the above-mentioned Boesch Built fabrication shop that was established by Mr. Ken Boesch and his son, Matt in 2008, in Michigan.

The tubing is made of the 304 aerospace grade steel, that is preferable for cold climate, rust-resistant in the frosty areas, TIG-welded, retrofit. As to the installation, it’s pretty intuitive, taking about 40-50 minutes. Just remove the OEM exhaust system, and install the muffler delete instead.

The custom-made kit is terrific, precise fit, especially the clamps and hardware that are carefully selected and tested, completely metal and thick. Unfortunately, the instructions, as well as the information on the manufacturer’s website is not complete, but quite clear.

Note! The muffler delete fits 2009-2018 Hemi Dodge Ram models.

  • aggressive rumble;
  • no drone;
  • fast installation;
  • top-quality clamps.
  • too loud at cold start.


The DR03 muffler delete by B2 (BoeschBuilt) is custom-built, TIG-welded, made of 304-grade alloy. It is pretty easy to install, coming with reliable, precise fit clamps, and quite loud upon installation, producing aggressive, grumbling sound.

7. BBK 4009 1-3/4″ Shorty: The Best Exhaust Tip for Deep Sound

best exhaust tips for trucks reviewsThe Y pipe muffler delete is designed to replace the old, OEM muffler, increasing its volume and flow, but being still very lightweight. That’s why, I highlight this product in this review, among the dual exhaust systems for Dodge Ram 1500.

It produces a really aggressive, deep, loud tone, measured as 8, according to the 1-10 volume scale. It is outstanding by deep, low grumble, without popping or crackling.

The installation is quick and easy. It takes commonly from 10 to 30 minutes as the Y-pipe is direct, perfect fit, pre-assembled, with top-quality hardware, hangers, and clamps.

As to the material, it’s also quite durable and corrosion-resistant. The tubing thickness is 14 gauge (about 0.079”); the alloy grade in 409. As to the fit, it’s versatile, fitting 09-17 Dodge Ram True Dual Exhaust Hemi Engine modifications.

  • lightweight;
  • deep, low sound;
  • pre-assembled and fast to install;
  • heavy-duty, thick tubing.
  • not the best gas mileage.


Generally, I recommend the Y-pipe muffler delete as the best straight pipe exhaust, due to its perfect fit, durability, and ease of installation. It can be used to replace the old and rusty OEM parts, increasing the power, making your cherished pickup truck more responsive.

8. Flowmaster 717835: Direct-fit Dodge Ram Muffler

direct fit dodge ram mufflerLet’s come back to the powerful exhaust systems by Flowmaster. They are so perfect that I can’t stop talking about them. Replace factory manifold with a high-performance part. Get more horsepower, opening up exhaust flow. Special, chambered design results in advanced engine power, throttle response. Gas consumption is lower, mileage is higher. It reduces interior resonance. You hear no unwanted tones, but only terrific external sound.

FlowFX Series includes straight-through mufflers. It enables maximum performance. Huge, 3.00-inch core makes it possible. What is the tubing diameter? It also makes 3 inches. There are two mandrel-bent tailpipes. Quite naturally, outlet diameter is 2.25 inches.

All parts consist of 409S, ferritic stainless steel. Stabilization makes it corrosion-resistant and perfectly weldable. The system passes through mig-welding treatment. It has got superior properties such as durability and structural strength.

Additional Information

So, you get a perfect, compact replacement part. It’s pretty small, fitting tight spaces. Why is the surface so bright? It might be due to polishing and brushed finish. Flowmaster, Inc. provides limited lifetime warranty for exhaust systems. So, they are long-lasting and top-quality.

Due to direct-fit construction, installation is fast and straight-forward. It commonly takes only about 10-25 minutes. A socket wrench is the only necessary tool. Be careful about the fit. Item 717835 fits Dodge Ram 1500 models. But not all modifications. Only the options with Hemi 5.7 engine and two tailpipes are compatible.

Finally, let’s proceed with the sound. It’s one of the primary benefits you get. After the customizing, your engine delivers deep mellow tone. It’s not super loud or aggressive. You would describe it as moderate, but powerful. Call it throaty or rumbling. Anyway, it’s not obnoxious, sounding better than factory configuration.

  • great performance;
  • mellow sound;
  • durable;
  • corrosion-resistant;
  • easy-to-install.
  • is sounds not as aggressive as Outlaw series;
  • you might still hear some drone.


Why do I recommend 717835-model muffler by Flowmaster to yous all, guys? It’s high-performance, and durable. Installation is a breeze. You get improvement in power, mileage and sound. I think it’s worth your efforts.

AWESOME Buyer’s Guide

The OEM Dodge Ram 1500 exhaust systems are to be exchanged when they become old, some of their parts are rusted-through, slight or significant changes in sound are heard. Meanwhile, you may replace the OEM exhaust system, striving for dodge ram 1500 performance upgrades.

A new, performance exhaust is efficient in improving the engine power, torque, getting a stylish design, impressive starting tone, and gas economy. But it’s true only with the right fit, diameter and parameters system.

Commonly, it’s recommended to replace the entire exhaust system, to avoid any troubles later. But, as the Dodge Ram 1500 tips and tailpipes are produced from the 409 steel, being not rust-prone, you may replace only the basic part that consists of the muffler, basically.

Additionally, selecting the best exhaust system for Dodge Ram Hemi, consider its:

  1. brand;
  2. material;
  3. ease of mounting;
  4. tip diameter;
  5. style;
  6. configuration.

In addition, here you can view shocks for Dodge Ram 1500!


Considering, which exhaust system is the loudest, select an aggressive tone product. It may produce very impressive thunder, but not much drone in the cab. I recommend you the famous US brands that are popular and reliable.

Flowmaster vs Magnaflow Dodge Ram mufflers are more performant as they are chambered, Dyno tuned, while the Magnaflow items are commonly straight-through, louder and deeper sounding. All mufflers of both brands I highlight herewith are made of stainless steel. They come with lifetime warranties. Therefore, the Boesch Built and Mufflex exhaust systems that include Magnaflow mufflers are top-quality and durable.

As to the tip and tailpipe diameter, if it’s large, it commonly improves the performance, reducing the backpressure. However, it shouldn’t be enormous to avoid low speed and RPM engine effect.

Which Exhaust System Material is More Durable?

The best exhaust system material is certainly the stainless steel that is corrosion-resistant, strong and durable. Both 304 and 409 grades are perfect and commonly used. Meanwhile, the 304-grade alloy is more traditional, popular for a couple of centuries already. It is more rust resistant in cold weather conditions, being preferable for northern states. However, it commonly gets slightly discolored in a year or more.

The 409 stainless steel is more innovative, titanium and chromium stabilized, being better for the hot climate and the areas with ice protection by means of road salt.

What is the Difference between MIG and TIG Welding?

Metal inert gas welding is a bit different from the Tungsten method, as it’s more common, easier and faster. It involves using a wire coil as the filler material while TIG method implies utilizing of a tungsten electrode. Additionally, only 25% of Argon gas is necessary for MIG welding (the rest 75% is CO2), while TIG method uses the pure Argon, being more versatile, as the electrode is non-consumable. Therefore, the quality of TIG welding is higher.

How to Install Dual Exhaust On a Truck?

Installation of the bolt-on, pre-assembled exhaust systems I recommend herewith is pretty intuitive and straightforward. It would be only quite beneficial to ask somebody to help, positioning the pipes together. So, before the new exhaust installation:

  • lift the truck;
  • unbolt and remove the factory components that are to be replaced;
  • position the hangers or clamps initially, then the pipes;
  • tighten the tailpipes.
  • check the bolts.

Using a spray lubricant is highly recommended, to facilitate the bolts losing and tightening, and prolong the system’s lifetime.

To find out still more information click here!

Final Verdict

On my opinion, the best exhaust system for Dodge Ram 1500 Hemi is the outlaw Flowmaster item. It is dyno-tuned, ceramic-coated, durable and performance. The second item from Flowmaster is also long-lasting, differing by moderate, pleasant sound. If you prefer a cat-back exhaust system, select the Borla item, as it comes with large, 5” tips, ensuring great HP and torque increase.

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  1. If you go with the Flowmaster set, just do yourself a favor and get better clips to go with it. They are very thin aluminum and break easy. Other than the clips, I would say it is one of the best on this list. I have used 3 now in different trucks. Very impressed.

  2. Mr. Robertson

    Never in my day would I have expected to buy truck parts on Amazon. I had no idea they even sold them! Very glad I found this page and had a look at the pricing. My local mechanic sent me to another site that was asking for a good 20% more cost for the same systems!

  3. I had to find an exhaust kit for my son’s Dodge and we don’t know much between the pair of us. Thank you for this review page. It helped me find which was best for our price to order. I wanted to buy the parts online to save on the cost at the mechanic’s garage. He recommended I did this to save extra money which was nice of him.

  4. Brian Greggor

    Just forwarded this recommendations list to a buddy. He got himself a used 1500 hemi last week that needed a new exhaust put int. I never worked with trucks so I didn’t know what to recommend. Glad you can buy the parts online though. Beats out the cost the garage would charge for parts. Just have to pay the labor now.

  5. I have never purchased a car part online but since my local mechanical shop closed up this passed December, I have run out of options. I needed a new exhaust for my Hemi and I didn’t know what would work best. I loved your reviews and I was able to find reviews on Amazon from people who have used these. Super helpful with deciding.

  6. Does any manufacturer have a bolt on performance muffler yet for 2020 Ram 1500 5.7 Hemi short bed?

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