8 Best Weight Distribution Hitches with Sway Control

Having got a powerful and impressive pickup truck like Silverado 1500, you might be fond of off-road trips and traveling. Camping with a large, roomy trailer is definitely cozy and expedient. Thus, the best weight distribution hitch with sway control is necessary.

best weight distribution hitch with sway control reviews

The device is required when your pickup truck’s weight is significantly inferior to the total trailer’s weight. To prevent lane wandering, control sway. Especially when stormy winds are blowing or you are driving on steep, downhill trails. Using a sway control system is commonly required by your truck manufacturer.

However, what is the best weight distribution hitch? Which brand to prefer and how to fit the device? Let me highlight the 7 top picks offered now, comparing their features, capacity, durability, and benefits.

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Top Weight Distribution Hitch with Sway Control in 2023

#1. Eaz Lift 48058
  • Material &Finish - steel
  • Lift Capacity, lbs - 10,000/1000
  • Weight, lbs - 96
  • Warranty - 5-year
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#2. Blue Ox BXW 1500
  • Material &Finish - steel
  • with a smooth powder coat (hammered bronze)
  • Lift Capacity, lbs - (GTW/TW)
  • Weight, lbs - 90
  • Warranty - limited lifetime
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#3. Andersen Mfg 3350
  • Material &Finish - metal (metallic)
  • + urethane parts
  • Lift Capacity, lbs - 15,000/1500
  • Weight, lbs - 52.5
  • Warranty - limited lifetime
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#4. Reese 66559
  • Material &Finish - powder-coated
  • Lift Capacity, lbs - 14,000/1400
  • Weight, lbs - 93
  • Warranty - limited lifetime
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#5. Pro Series 499039
  • Material &Finish - powder-coated, solid steel
  • Lift Capacity, lbs - 10,000/1000
  • Weight, lbs - 102
  • Warranty - 10-year
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#6. Curt Manufacturing 17007
  • Material &Finish - forged steel
  • carbide powder coated
  • Lift Capacity, lbs - 10,000/1000
  • Weight, lbs - 85.6
  • Warranty - limited lifetime
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#7. Camco Chem 48733
  • Material &Finish - steel, powder-coated
  • Lift Capacity, lbs - 14,000/1400
  • Weight, lbs - 103
  • Warranty - parts
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#8. Equal-i-zer 90-00-1200
  • Material & Finish – steel, painted
  • Lift capacity, lbs – 12,000/1,200
  • Weight, lbs – 88.6
  • Warranty – Limited Lifetime
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1. EAZ Lift 48058: Best Elite Trailer Equalizer Hitch

best equalizer hitchPromoted as “elite” weight transferring & sway prevention kit, the hitch is characterized by the standard weight rating that is typical for the industry. Meanwhile, 10,000-lbs total and 1000-pound tongue carry capacity are sufficient for the versatile applications, basic towing preferences, and requirements.

The assembly comes with the typical-diameter (2-5/16-inch) hitch ball, a perfect anti sway appliance with U-bolts, as well as the chains beneficially pre-installed. That’s why, the sway prevention set is easy to mount and pretty flexible, providing a 6-inch height setting.

Interesting information

The weight distribution system is produced by the famous Camco Manufacturing, Inc. that is an experienced company, producing various automotive accessories, including towing products since 1966. It’s a US-based producer, with the headquarter in North Carolina. Having got 5 manufacturing facilities in the USA and one in China, the company is proud of its top-quality products, superior service, and competitive pricing.

Thus, the hitch is really durable. The shank is made of the strongest steel. It has 4 holes, so no drilling is required anymore. The weight distribution hitch is hefty and heavy-weight. Meanwhile, it may require some adjustments, as only the basic parts, including the sway ball, but not the hardware, are made of steel. The bolts, washers, and nuts are a bit flimsy, as usual, so you may use them or buy and utilize the most reliable ones.

The sway prevention hitch is covered by a 5-year warranty, that is quite moderate for the industry. It works quietly and pretty forcibly, being virtually the best equalizer hitch, meeting the basic towing needs and requirements.

  • adjustable;
  • no-drill installation;
  • quiet;
  • made of steel.
  • some flimsy parts or hardware are included.


The Eaz Lift 48058 highly-recommended weight distribution hitch is heavy and solid, coming with the steel basic parts. Its weight rating is quite sufficient; the mounting is not complicated; the operation is quiet and efficient.

2. Blue Ox BXW1500: Best High-Capacity Sway Control Hitch

blue ox weight distribution hitch reviewsTowing your caravan quite often, especially in winter, on icy and snowy roads, when the weather is harsh and windy. Select the really reliable, heavy-duty hitch with the perfect sway prevention feature. It is capable to support the loaded trailers with weight up to 15,000 lbs, up to 1500 lbs tongues, without any noise or discomfort.

The weight leveling kit is proudly produced in the USA (in Pender, NE state), in a factory with a longtime experience that started working since the early 1980s as Automatic Equipment Co. This prominent producer stands out by the top quality and sophisticated, open design hauling products. Consisting of spring bars, latches, brackets and pre-adjusted, easy-to-use heads, they are geometrically optimized, well-built.

Features and Specifications

Any additional adjustments are not necessary. The heads are open, providing easy access to the ball to tighten it. The torsion bars are beneficially made of top-grade steel, being able to flex and rotate 90 degrees. They are self-locking, including no extra pins or clips, able to back up, requiring no stops to fix the chains.

Thus, being virtually the best weight distribution and impactful sway control hitch, the device is intuitive to setup. Very good instructional videos can be watched on the manufacturer’s website. Additionally, the system enables the best possible usability, driving stability and handling improvement.

It completely eliminates sway, even in strong winds, providing amazingly smooth, safe, quiet rides. Generally, I guess, it’s the best self-adjusting weight distribution hitch with reliable sway control, high-capacity, long-lasting and noiseless.

The sway prevention system keeps the caravan perfectly centered. It fits minivans and pickups up to ¾ tons rating, like F150 or Chevy 2500 HD.

  • fast to setup, hook and disconnect;
  • noiseless;
  • lifetime warranty;
  • all-weather no-sway results;
  • inter-changeable torsion bars.
  • you can get grease from the hitch while putting it on;
  • the U-bolts may wear out during heavy use and require replacement.


The SwayPro BWX1500 weight leveling hitch from Blue Ox is high-capacity, noiseless, durable and reliable. Thanks to the innovative design, it’s simple to setup and adjusts, use and disconnect when necessary. Providing the premium stability and safety on the road, completely eliminating sway. The weight carrying, sway control kit can be used when the wind blows high; it only can result in the U-bolts wearing.

3. Andersen Mfg 3350: Best Universal Anti Sway Hitch

anti sway trailer hitch reviewsA lightweight, but high-capacity weight transferring appliance is beneficial while you are striving for the unparalleled safety on the road. Consisting of the metallic-finished chain, a ball, and the lifting brackets, it’s self-adjustable, requiring no technical stops.

Andersen Hitches is a US-based, family-owned company that has 50+ years of faultless experience. Having got an innovative and spacious fabrication complex in Idaho Falls, the brand is famous for its top-quality products and unique technologies.

Thus, the weight distribution hitch is revolutionary in terms of technologies and materials. The kit is sway eliminating, anti-bounce, providing really smooth and noiseless trailer’s towing. It’s based on motion-dampening mechanism, including the patented springs, made of urethane.

Useful information

The installation and handling are amazingly easy due to the light assembly’s weight. The complete setup may take no more than half an hour. The sway eliminating set includes the standard, 2-5/16 ball that moves with the coupler, requiring no grease. The brackets and essential hardware are enclosed.

The hitch fits the 5-6-inch frame caravan’s brackets, rising and setting the bars. A clear and complete fitment guide is provided on the manufacturer’s website. The system provides 4-inch drop/rise, following the situation on the road. Finally, to remove it, just pull the pin out.

  • lightweight;
  • simple, innovative design;
  • quiet;
  • intuitive to install and remove;
  • anti-bounce.
  • it can make an unpleasant sound when turning a tight corner;
  • the plastic insert and bushings may require replacement in some years.


The 3350-model sway control appliance from Andersen Hitch is high-capacity, lightweight and self-adjustable. It’s grease-free, moving without any noise, produced from modern materials, fitting all caravan and truck models. So, I’d recommend it as the better weight distribution hitch with modern anti-sway control.

4. Reese 66559: Best Trunnion, RV Weight Distribution Hitch

best rv weight distribution hitch guideFeaturing not the highest loading capacity in the towing industry, the hitch stands out by innovative design and really robust shank. It completely eliminated sway, standing out by the impactful pads on the equalizers. The leveling system is efficient on the highways even when a strong crosswind blows, providing smooth, well-controlled and soft rode.

The sway control kit prevents wagging and pitching, being virtually quiet during the hauling. It improves the truck’s brake control and handling, evenly apportioning the load forces.

Useful accessories

The weight distribution appliance features the thick, 30-inch spring bars, the lifting brackets, a steady-flex trunnion head, being powder-coated, sleek and long-lasting. Even the hardware is solid and reliable that is not common for the sets of automobile parts and accessories. Lifetime warranty speaks for the system’s durability.

Standing out by significant weight that makes about 93 pounds, the sway control assembly is hefty. All your family members or several friends would come together to carry it to the garage. The distribution hitch is produced under Reese brand by the famous Horizon Global Corporation that started operation in 1952 in North America (Plymouth, MI) that is recognized as the premium towing systems’ manufacturer. So, I think, this weight apportioning kit is produced in the USA, being reliable and top-quality. I highlight it among the best sway control systems thanks to its usability and durability.

The weight distribution device accurately fits 2” receivers and (according to the producer’s website) 5”-7” frames when it does about top-mount couplers. Bottom-mount ones work also on the 4” frames perfectly well. The hitch is fast to install, easy to connect and uncouple. The installation video and the guide are freely accessible, helping with the mounting perfectly well.

However, the top-quality, highly-efficient hitch also has some drawbacks. The hitch ball isn’t sent with the parcel. The part is to fit the sway prevention system, being 1-1/4-inch in diameter. Additionally, the powder coating is thick and available inside the threads. It might eliminate corrosion completely, but inserting the bolts isn’t the easiest actually, requiring applying some physical strength and a suitable torque wrench (3/4”-drive or 1/2”-drive).

  • durable;
  • thick powder coat;
  • easy to connect;
  • no-drill, intuitive installation.
  • the hitch ball is offered at additional cost.


The Reese-branded 66559 weight distribution hitch is robust, highly efficient in preventing sway, durable and top-quality. It’s quiet in operation, intuitive to install, easy to disconnect or hook up.

5. Pro Series 49903: Best Welded Weight Distribution Trailer Hitch

best travel trailer hitches guideLooking for a forcible weight distribution accessory, pay your attention to this high-performance kit. It is efficient even when you experience side winds on the highway, passing a lot of other vehicles when the traffic is high. Coming with the adjustable spring components, the weight carrying hitch is perfectly flexible, a bit heavy-weight, but quite practical and reliable.

The weight transferring set is ready-to-mount, pre-installed, including a hitch and a sway balls, the essential hardware. The torsion devices and rounded, welded, made of top-grade, solid steel. An instructional video is available and it can help you significantly with the setup. The user manual is a bit complicated, unfortunately.

Additional information

So, the hitch is intuitive to collect and mount, easy to setup and use. The mounting commonly takes up to an hour. Just turn the washers and the rivet on the head, changing the tilt, according to the available trailer’s particularities. The shank’s height is also adjustable with the bolts easily.

Meanwhile, the weight distribution hitch is seemingly made in China, being delivered with a Reese label on it. I would say, it’s top-quality, well-designed and user-friendly, but it still may require frequent lubricating, for example, using a grease gun. The hitch can make some noise, especially by turning or backup.

  • adjustable hitch’s head and bars;
  • made of thick steel;
  • 10-year manufacturer’s warranty;
  • flexible.
  • a bit noisy without lubrication;
  • heavy-weight.


The Pro Series 49903 leveling hitch is heavy-weight and ready-to-install, adjustable and efficient. It’s produced in China, attributed to the famous Reese brand, being still well-made, produced from steel.

6. Curt Manufacturing 17007: Best Load Leveling Hitch

best load leveling hitchGoing camping or visiting some attractions for a couple of days, don’t forget about a hitch to eliminate any bumps or sway. The weight distribution assembly by Curt is really amazing, allowing smooth towing, as the weight is distributed evenly to all pickup truck’s and caravan’s axes.

The hitch is really well-designed, high-capacity and reliable. It’s not too heavy in terms of the weight, but able to handle up to 14,000 lbs. of weight totally. The sway prevention assembly includes 2” * 2” hitch heads, round bars, attachment tabs, an adjustable shank, the hardware. Additionally, it’s beneficially covered by limited lifetime manufacturer warranty (one-year on the finish and parts).

The bars are beneficially produced from steel, forged, powder-coated, to ensure the premium corrosion resistance, durability, and anti-scratch protection. It’s easy to setup and disconnect, as it requires only removing of the pin and clip.

More information

However, the hitch ball is absent in the parcel, and it’s necessary to buy a 2-5/16-inch one separately, preferably made by Curt Manufacturing, obtaining the best compatibility. A receiver lock can be bought optionally to protect the pin from being removed, making the hitch theft-proof.

As to the installation, it’s quite intuitive. But the manual is not completely clear for the beginners or the drivers, going to deal with towing for the first time. I would suggest putting the bottom adjustment bolt in at about 3 quarters and using 5 washers. The parts require some lubrication. Adjustment is pretty simple, taking only a couple of minutes and it can be performed on the road.

  • simple-to-adjust;
  • corrosion-resistant and durable;
  • precise leveling abilities;
  • heavy-duty heads included.
  • a 2-5/16 ball is to be purchased additionally.


The 17007 leveling hitch by Curt manufacturing is high-capacity, advanced by design and efficient, including the perfect sway reducing feature. It’s heavy and bulky, but top-quality, easy to set up and heavy-duty. The weight distribution kit is premium by carrying capacity and user-friendly.

7. Camco Chem 48733: Best Trailer Weight Distribution System

best trailer weight distribution systemBeing definitely manufactured by the famous Camco Manufacturing, Inc. Company, the sway control set is top-quality and highly recommended to all travelers. Being designed for leveling tongues that weight up to 1000 pounds, it’s highly adaptive and user-friendly.

The hitch includes no chains, but it lets the trailer turn easily, performing flawlessly. The Recurve R6 sway control kit’s design is innovative, providing the premium ground clearance. It automatically disengages on tough corners or on the icy roads when you don’t need it. This way, it makes maneuvering much smoother than the similar weight distribution hitches allow.

Interesting benefits

The hitch looks subtle and sleek due to the black finish; it’s really massive and heavy-duty. The installation is not complicated or time-consuming. Only the instructions are a bit long and not too clear. The bar mounts are a bit flimsy, twisting excessively. Additionally, the lanyard pins are easy to lose. In this case, the manufacturer sends the replacement ones very fast.

  • innovative design;
  • highly efficient on the corners;
  • heavy-weight;
  • heavy-duty.
  • common mounts and pins issues.


The Recurve R6 (48733) weight distribution hitch by Camco is innovative by design, top-quality and solid. It works perfectly well on the corners, disengaging when the sway control system is not necessary.

8. Equal-i-zer 90-00-1200: Reliable Sway Control Hitch

reliable sway control hitchGoing to the Lake or having a comping trip, feel confident about it. The hitch by Equal-i-zer keeps your family and trailer safe. It comes with advanced towing technology. Sway control is beneficial, as it eliminates uncontrolled dips and bumps on the road. It’s high-performance, giving no chance to your camper to sway.

75 years of dedication, make the company leading and reliable. Ed Hedgepeth founded it in 1945 in Utah. Initially, it worked as Mobile Manufacturing. Then moved from one city to another (Salt Lake City –Lindon – Provo). Nowadays, it gets special (reader’s choice) awards every year. It’s a reliable proof of the products’ quality and usability.

Having the hitch installed, you can drive safely. Any quick maneuver doesn’t cause lane wandering. Gusty winds don’t keep you from driving. 4-point hitch is unrivaled. It ensures the highest level of resistance to sway. It distributes the caravan’s weight to all axes. The accessory improves braking and steering.

Features and Benefits

The hitch consists of the strongest, high-grade American steel. It includes a pair of 12-inches long shanks and a head. Control brackets and 36”-long spring bars are its essential parts. Find a couple, two, three rivets, washers and installation hardware inside the parcel. Installation is intuitive. But the ball is not available. You’ll have to buy it additionally.

  • reliable;
  • heavy-duty;
  • easy-to-use;
  • intuitive to install;
  • durable.
  • no ball included;
  • might make some noise while turning.


90-00-1200 hitch by Equal-i-zer is a beast. 4-point design is beneficial. It hauls well, distributing the trailer’s weight to all axes. The hitch ensures maximum safety on the road, improving braking. Additionally, it’s durable, top-quality and easy to install.

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Buyers’ Guide

Is a weight leveling and distribution system an unnecessary gadget, recommended by obtrusive sellers or an essential towing accessory? Let’s check it.

When Do You Require a Weight Distribution Hitch?

When you buy a caravan to go camping or sightseeing, you could mention that it’s quite large and heavy. Your pickup truck is definitely powerful and impressive, but its weight is significantly less (50%, at least) than the camper trailer’s tonnage. So, a towing device is commonly required by the vehicles’ manufacturers. It’s necessary to ensure all road users’ safety.

What Does a Weight Distribution Hitch Actually Do?

The set levels the caravan, transferring the weight to all axes, making the tongue be perfectly leveled. The advanced weight distribution kits stand out by the built-in sway reducing features. They provide the necessary towing safety, preventing lane wandering, making driving soft and quiet, improving the tow vehicle braking and steering.

Thus, selecting the best weight distribution and anti-sway hitch to haul the camper, consider:

  1. the necessary capacity;
  2. the kit’s ease of setting up and adjusting;
  3. the type of the torsion bar;
  4. the finish;
  5. availability of the basic parts.

The principal ratings, indicative of the weight distribution hitch’s performance are GTW and TW.

Gross (total) caravan’s weight or GTW shows the tonnage of the completely loaded trailer that is being towed.

TW (tongue caravan’s weight) designates the tongue mass, including the weight of the stuff delivered behind the rear tow vehicle’s axle, for example, in the pickup truck’s bed.

Tongue weight commonly makes from 9% to 11% (or up to 15%) of the trailer’s tonnage. Thus, before selecting the suitable system that performs weight carrying and distributing functions, it’s recommended to measure the loads delivered in the cargo area and inside the trailer. This way, you avoid raising or lowering the front truck’s end. The suitable-capacity weight distribution hitch provides level, well-controlled, smooth travel. The rating is to be indicated in your truck’s and the caravan’s owner manuals, and should never be exceeded.

Spring Bar Types For Weights

The weight distribution system commonly comes with one of 2 spring bar types, such as:

  • round (intuitive to setup, providing better clearance);
  • trunnion (standing out by higher load capacity).

The anti-sway option is essential to improve control and braking. Eliminating any risk of the trailer falling on harsh corners or bumps with the nearest vehicles due to abrupt wind or the trailer radius overbalance.

Carbide or black powder finish is preferable as it ensures great, sleek appearance and premium durability, making the hitch corrosion-resistant and high-performance.

All the weight distribution assemblies I recommend you are user-friendly and intuitive to setup. The installation takes up to half an hour, requiring only common tools and basic skills.

Finally, the pre-assembled kits that have all the essential parts included are preferable. Otherwise, compare the total weight distribution hitches’ costs, adding the optional components’ prices.

How to Properly Set Up the Delivered Weight Distribution Hitch?

The kit installed to the receiver commonly includes:

  • a class 3,4 or 5 hitches (it should have a weight rating label attached);
  • a shank;
  • a head set;
  • 2 bars with chains or without them;
  • 2 lift brackets.

A hitch ball may be included or recommended to buy separately.

Thus, mounting the properly fitting weight distribution kit:

  1. level the caravan’s tongue, paralleling it with the parking field;
  2. mount the shank initially, then the hitch’s head and the ball;
  3. add the torsion bars.
  4. tighten the available bolts, connecting the weight distribution assembly.

How to Adjust the Pre-Installed Weight Distribution Hitch?

Level the tongue jack by tightening the ball or the brackets, either by lifting the chains and hooking them.

How to Prevent Bounces, Bumps, and Sway?

Being able to adjust a sway control bar (by connecting its end to your truck’s suspension). Level both the caravan and the light truck and ensure the complete driving and towing safety. Above all, check the wagon’s weight. Using the scale of any kind. Subsequently, distribute the cargo weight correspondingly. All tires are to be equally inflated. Additionally, try to avoid abrupt winds.

Where to Buy a Hand-picked Weight Distribution Hitch?

How to buy a weight distributor and lifting device with the highest rating? First, you can visit the local auto parts store. Secondly, visit the nearest dealer of the manufacturer. And also to glance to the seller of the trailer or service center. The weight distribution set can be installed and adjusted there. But the prices on online shops or platforms like Amazon are more affordable. The information provided is complete and detailed.

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Final Verdict

On my opinion, BXW 1500 by Blue Ox is the good weight distribution hitch w. sway control due to its extremely high loading capacity, durability, and usability. The anti-sway system 3350 from Andersen is lightweight, but it is equipped with some flimsy, plastic parts. The hitch kit 66559 by Reese is one of my favorite accessories as it helps to eliminate any pitching or wagging even in the crosswind.

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