A Detailed Guide To Choosing The Best Backup Camera With Night Vision

best backup camera with night vision reviewsIn the era of technology, there is no need to take a driver assistant if you travel for a long distance. All his or her responsibilities can be replaced with modern devices such as the best backup camera with night vision, for example. This tiny thing has unbelievable properties that help you to control what happens behind your back never turning your head. As a result, you can drive safely and prevent yourself from unpredictable situations. Whether you need to park your truck, ensure that your trailer is attached securely or see the cars speeding you up, this great assistant will help you in these and many other life occasions.

The choice of the best backup camera for truck is a responsible task as every model has its advantages and possible drawbacks. However, a detailed analysis of the products allowed us to select 6 models with excellent characteristics and numerous positive testimonials to help you make your own right choice.

Top Best Backup Camera With Night Vision in November, 2018

ProductScreen sizeWeightCable/wireless 
Rear View Safety
(Editor’s Choice)
7 inches6 poundsCable Check Price
AUTO-VOX4.3 inches1.26 poundsWireless Check Price
Emmacko7 inches3.49 poundsWireless Check Price
ZeroxClub7 inches2.65 poundsWireless Check Price
eRapta7 inches2.2 poundsWireless Check Price
(Editor’s Choice)
3.5 inches2 poundsWireless Check Price

1. Rear View Safety with 7″ RVS-770613 – the best backup camera system for trucks

commercial truck backup camera reviewsDo you want to get a top rated backup camera? This powerful model from Rear View Safety is one of the highest rated camera systems on the web and it is not occasionally. It consists of a backup camera and a rather big monitor to offer a detailed and clear reverse image.

Though it is not a wireless backup camera system for trucks, but there are no troubles with signal or interference as well. The cable is 66 inches long and features very reliable connections. The backup camera and connections are waterproof and can withstand different weather conditions. It is the highest waterproof rating existing nowadays.

The backup camera for night vision features a CCD sensor that makes the picture sharp, bright, and accurate. The viewing angle may reach 130 degrees and prevent you from having dead spots. There is also an adjustable sunshade and an in-built microphone to transmit both the picture and the sound. There are also 18 IR lights in this camera for night vision, so even in the absolute darkness, you will be able to the distance up to 50 feet ahead.

Interesting features and benefits

The monitor features a 7-inch screen that can also display distance grid lines for safe parking. There is a built-in speaker to produce the sound and an auto-dimming function that makes it more visible in ambient light. Another benefit of this system is a multiplexer for 3 channels with the possibility to add two more cameras if you wish.

The outstanding characteristics of this backup camera for night vision make it number one choice of many drivers and it is not surprising at all.

  • Sharp picture;
  • Distant night vision;
  • Possibility to use several cameras;
  • Built-in microphone and speaker;
  • Strengthened cable connections;
  • Automatic dimming function.
  • Cable connection of the system.


This quality backup camera has commercial-grade features and a stunning night vision. You will be impressed by how perfectly it behaves on the road nevertheless what weather is outside. Shockproof and resistant to water, it will manage your safety on the road for many years.

2. AUTO-VOX M1W 4.3” TFT LCD – the best night vision backup camera

best night vision rear view camera reviewsParking in the narrow space can be a problem but with a nice backup camera for night vision even this challenging task can be fast and easy. Prevent your truck from damages and scratches as well as improve your parking mastery using this great camera.

The kit from this brand consists of three pieces: a backup camera for night vision, a monitor 4.3 inches wide and a transmitter that has replaced all the wires. The last one is waterproof and can be installed in any place beside the reverse lights as it must be connected with the rearview camera. It delivers a high-quality picture to the monitor and does not interfere with the work of other wireless devices installed. The monitor works from the power of a car charger that is equipped with an additional USB port to charge other devices simultaneously.

The backup camera for night vision works excellent when it starts getting dark outside. There are 6 powerful LEDs with the power of 26 lumens each that switch off automatically depending on how intensive the light outdoor is. It means that the image delivered to the monitor is accurate and high-quality with every detail visible.

Additional accessories

The installation of the camera takes only several minutes. Buying this camera for night vision, together with the kit you also get a reliable rotating bracket with the silicone suction pad to attach the monitor to the dashboard or windshield. There are also clamps and straps to mount a backup camera and transmitter reliably.

With this truck reverse camera system, you get a perfect view of the area thanks to the fisheye lens installed. You will get pleasure using this backup camera for night vision as it is an excellent performer.

  • Wireless;
  • Lightweight;
  • Easy installation;
  • Excellent picture quality;
  • Designed to park safely;
  • Covers a large reverse area;
  • Provided with a USB output.
  • The monitor can flicker sometimes because of the low signal.


A truck rear view camera from this company is a nice driver assistant if you look for an excellent night vision. Parking becomes a pleasure if you switch on this backup camera in the darkness. It can replace many other devices thanks to the picture of the high quality and a wide viewing angle.

3. Emmako Digital  7” Monitor System Kit – the best rear view camera with night vision

wireless backup camera kit reviewsIt is a widely known fact that quality products have always received many positive reviews. In search of a top-notch backup camera for night vision, you should pay attention to this model from Emmako brand. It has only good night vision backup camera reviews, so you will undoubtedly enjoy its functionality as well.

Emmako kit consists of two pieces: a large monitor that can show the video of 2 ways simultaneously and a backup camera for night vision with a 150-degree viewing angle. The screen can display not only the reverse camera image but also can be connected to another optional camera like a front view camera for truck and cover a much bigger area. This monitor is powered by a car charger from the Cigarette Lighter and has an on/off button to control it easily. The camera has excellent water and fog resistant properties. The signal is transmitted wirelessly and the range it covers is between 80 and 450 feet. It offers excellent night vision and must be connected both to the ground and the taillight to function properly. In addition, there is the no-interference signal in the speed up to 100 miles that offer a quality HD picture.

Interesting features and benefits

The system can be set up to work either when you are driving constantly or when you move backward only. There are three mount brackets included in the package to attach the screen to the dashboard, windshield or leave it hanging.

It is the best backup camera for a truck not only according to the reviews but also excellent properties it has, so a nice clean picture on the big screen will help you to drive safely on the road.

  • Top-rated;
  • Huge cover range;
  • Excellent picture quality;
  • Wide viewing angle;
  • Water and fog proof;
  • Subjected to personal setup.
  • There were no sharp negative reviews.


It is natural that a picture on the bigger screen is more detailed and better perceived, but if it is also a quality one everybody will appreciate it. This camera for night vision will be useful not only in the darkness but also in foggy and rainy weather without the influence on the signal quality.

4. ZEROXCLUB System Kit – the best waterproof backup camera

best waterproof backup camera reviewsbest waterproof backup camera reviewsAre you going to a distant drive and want to take care of your safety? ZeroxClub has created a wonderful assistant that will help you to get a full control of the situation behind your truck, see if your trailer is attached securely and park it in narrow spaces effortlessly.

This backup camera will impress you as soon as you learn all the functions it offers. First of all, you can change the orientation of the picture as well as its brightness depending on the weather conditions and time of the day. Secondly, it is an excellent wireless connection even on long trucks and buses as well as high speed. This no interference camera for night vision works well in the speed up to 75 miles.

Other backup camera characteristics are not less impressive. There is a perfect night vision thanks to 18 IR lights, CMOS sensor and powerful processor installed. The viewing angle is rather wide and reaches 140 degrees. In addition, this camera is not afraid of rain and snow so will help a driver in any weather conditions.

Additional accessories

Together with a backup camera and monitor, you get a full installation kit. There are reliable mounting brackets to hold a camera for night vision, sunshade for a screen and other useful tools.

When you see a super sharp picture of HD quality from your adjustable backup camera, you will love this device forever. However, any issues connected with this camera can be easily solved with customer support due to the lifetime support provided.

  • Nice reception range;
  • Big monitor;
  • Personal adjustment of the picture;
  • Quick mounting;
  • Durable;
  • Waterproof;
  • Instant signal transmitting.
  • Not clear instructions in the guide provided.


Is this backup camera the best for night vision? Of course, it is one with excellent resolution, powerful and instant signal and covering every dead spot. This camera for night vision features all these characteristics and is suitable for vehicles of any size, so you will never regret this bargain.

5. eRapta Camera and Monitor – the best reverse camera for night vision

backup camera system for trucks reviewsThe latest model of eRapta brand was produced in 2018 and this backup camera kit has united a variety of great characteristics to provide the utmost safety on the roads. Unlike many other similar models, the monitor of this kit will not take your cigarette lighter as it must be connected to the hard wire or you can order a standard package with a charger too. Consequently, you can charge any other device without a necessity to switch off the monitor or avoid wire connection using a charger cable.

There is always a question of car owners where to mount backup camera on truck. Of course, the higher it is mounted, the bigger viewing angle you get. You can also install it either on your truck or the trailer to control how well it is hooked. This camera for night vision is a no-interference model that works smoothly even in the speed up to 75 miles. Being water resistant and having a 140-degree viewing angle you will get an excellent picture in any weather. At the same time, 28 powerful IR lights, a CMOS sensor, and a high definition processor make the picture accurate and detailed. Is this a wonderful camera with night vision properties.

Interesting features and benefits

It does not matter if you drive a bus, crane or truck, this backup camera kit will offer a nice signal on the vehicle of any length and voltage. Moreover, a sizable monitor featuring 7 inches displays a bright and clear picture any time of the day.

The mounting process of the camera for night vision takes only a couple of minutes as every tool is included in the package. You will get everything from brackets and cables to screws and a shade – enjoy this quick and simple process using a guide provided.

  • Excellent night vision;
  • Simple mounting;
  • Fits oversized vehicles;
  • Works in the high speed;
  • Good picture resolution;
  • No interference signal.
  • Vague instructions provided.


This wireless backup camera with night vision offers an excellent picture quality that covers 140 degrees. It will be a reliable assistant during long-distance trips and you can control the back of your vehicle on the big and bright screen. Nice choice for every size of the vehicle and driver’s safety.

6. iBall Wireless Trailer Hitch Camera 5.8GHz – the best wireless backup camera for trucks

best backup camera for pickup truck reviewsDo you own any type of a trailer? Are you tired to control if it is still attached to your truck? Get an accurate picture of everything that happens behind your truck with this backup camera for night vision. Thanks to the wide-angle view of 120°, the necessity to leave the cab is absent as everything is reflected on the screen provided. This model has been designed especially for those who want to control the hitch and the ball both on-the-go and during parking. It provides an excellent visibility in low light and even a child can cope with its installation.

The backup camera for night vision from iBall brand is sold in the kit with a 3.5-inch LCD monitor that takes power from the dashboard plug. There is a 6-inch gooseneck to fit the last one. The picture is transmitted with the help of 5.8 GHz receiver wirelessly. The range between the camera for night vision and the monitor can reach up to 25 feet.

Interesting features and benefits

The backup camera is powered by a rechargeable battery that can function up to 3 hours on a single charge. It is also provided with a magnet that makes the installation effortless. Moreover, you can change the camera position each time to control different angles.

This model has been created to connect the truck to the trailer only on low speeds or you may have a diminished performance driving fast.

iBall camera for night vision is highly durable and works excellent in any weather. It was designed in the USA and features an excellent quality.

  • Long-lasting;
  • Wireless;
  • Easy to attach;
  • No drilling;
  • Long-distance transmission;
  • Bright clear picture;
  • Wide view angle.
  • Weak magnet;
  • Works well only on low speed.


Hooking a trailer is not a problem already with this great reverse camera for a pickup truck. A magnet makes the installation fast while a wireless transmission of the picture does not influence its excellent quality. Magnet, of course, it will be better to strengthen immediately. Get this camera for night vision and take control of your trailer fully.

What is a rear camera?

A rear-view camera for vehicles is a type of video camera designed to be attached to the car rear with the purpose to provide help on the road and prevent the appearance of blind spots. The main goal of such a camera is to prevent possible backup collisions, help in parking and control the trailer hooked. It usually features a wide angle to offer the image of faraway objects.

What is the best backup camera for a truck?

It is impossible to select one model of the best rear view camera for pickup trucks. The offer in the market is quite various so every person should focus on those properties of the backup camera that are important personally for him. However, a quality camera should have a wide viewing angle, infrared lights for excellent night vision, powerful processor, and good signal transmission.

Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose a Backup Camera With Night Vision

It is very important to come to the process of choosing a backup camera with responsibility. Many examples feature a low quality of the image, periodic loss of the signal, prohibition to use in bad weather conditions etc. That is why you need to consider several important characteristics when you choose a backup camera for night vision not to regret your purchase.

  1. You buy only a camera or a backup kit

The offer in the modern market is various. You can find a variety of reverse cameras sold without a monitor. It means that you need to pay the extra money and buy a monitor separately. At the same time, it is more comfortable at once to buy a backup camera kit. Where you will get everything including mounting tools, chargers, cables, and holders and prevent yourself from possible troubles.

  1. Power

It is natural that both a monitor and a camera require a source of power. Screens are usually powered through a cigarette lighter or can be connected directly to the hard wire. The last solution is more comfortable as you can use a lighter for other purposes.

Cameras for night vision are most often powered by rechargeable batteries and backlight. It is preferable to use a constant power choice to prevent the camera from switching off in the most unpredictable situation.

  1. Camera characteristics

There are several characteristics of the backup camera to consider:

  • Sensor (CCD or CMOS);
  • Presence of parking lines;
  • Viewing angle (may reach 190 degrees);
  • Presence of IR lights for more accurate night vision;
  • Mounting (license plate, lip, bracket, specific one);
  • Weather resistance.
  1. Size and resolution of the monitor

The quality of the picture delivered depends not only on the camera for night vision but also the monitor. Most of them are LCD ones though it is not surprising to see touchscreens too. It is preferable that a digital picture had a big resolution and HD quality. Moreover, the bigger the screen, the more comfortable it is to control the movement.

  1. Connection between a monitor and a backup camera

Previously, most of the backup cameras used to have a cable signal transmission. Because it was difficult to achieve a high-quality picture on the go with multiple obstacles like weather, other signals or the vehicle body. Today, wireless kits have become technologically advanced and can even exceed cable kits. They are easier to install and remove, as well as do not require drilling.

The Best Backup Camera With Night Vision: Conclusions and Recommendations

It goes without saying that a backup camera for night vision will not replace your truck’s mirrors. But it can enhance the driver’s control of the road. This system offers a number of benefits including easier parking, trailer hook control, eliminating dead spots. But the biggest advantage of this system is safety. We have selected 6 most appreciated backup camera kits for every driver to feel more confident on the road with a reliable digital assistant beside.

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