Tailgate Assists for Pickup Trucks, why to Add Them?

Having got a powerful, heavy-duty pickup truck, you would definitely envision transporting a lot of gear in its cargo area. The back door of the tonneau department is comfortable to use, as it falls down immediately when you pull the handle. With a top-quality tailgate assist for pickup trucks, the opening process would be even easier and faster.

tailgate assist for pickup trucks reviews

Therefore, you can load a lot of stuff, having your hands full with cartons or bags. Avoiding any delays or problems, either sit on the cargo department. Additionally, a tailgate hydraulic assist secures the back truck’s part from dropping down. Helping to avoid it’s crashing down, slipping out cases. Eliminating even the slightest risks of the mechanisms damaging or the driver’s injury. So, let me review 2 popular assist models. Highlighting their features, benefits of use and common issues.

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4 Best Tailgate Assists for Pickup Trucks in 2024

1. Dee Zee DZ43301: An Efficient Tailgate Assist for Dodge Ram 1500

ram 1500 tailgate assist guideWhat a smart idea to use a gas-filled shock to enable the tailgate securing! Before it was invented, the back truck’s door slammed down with the terrible irritating noise, causing the parts and mechanisms cracking. Nobody knows now, what was the first pickup truck to have tailgate assist. Nowadays, with a cool accessory by the famous and experienced Dee Zee Company, the tailgate movement is securely controlled and kept from falling down.

The brand is available on the US truck accessories market since 1977, marking only the most durable, stylish and functional products for Toyota, Ford, Nissan, GM, Honda, and other vehicles.


Quite naturally, the fitment issues are primary for the automotive parts’ selection. The pickup truck-upgrading, tailgate lift assist fits multiple 2009-2018 Ram modifications, and some 2500/3500 models, manufactured between 2010 and 2018. Please, don’t forget to check the exact fit on the Amazon page or on the manufacturer’s website.

The tailgate assist for Ram 1500 is intended for everyday use. It’s top-quality and heavy-duty. One item is sufficient for easy, secure operation. The installation on the left, the driver’s hand is initially recommended by the manufacturers. The assist is purpose-made, custom-engineered, becoming a perfect add and complement to the tonneau cover for Ram 1500. The mounting process is not complicated. Certainly, as all the essential hardware is enclosed. It may take only up to half an hour.

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Additional Recommendations

Meanwhile, I would recommend you to read the instructions before the installation. They are pretty good, clear and complete. The nutsert tool is beneficially included, as well. However, it would be useful to wrap some turns of electrical tape on the metal screw, below the available spacing washers to create a sort of bushing, so they turn easily and stay perfectly centered.

  • custom-engineered;
  • heavy-duty;
  • easy-to-mount;
  • great end result.
  • flimsy hardware;
  • the nutsert would also require preliminary adjustment.


The hydraulic tailgate by Dee Zee Company that fits most Ram 1500 truck modifications is top-quality, well-designed and heavy-duty, highly recommended for the pickup truck owners.

Video: Demonstration video how to install tailgate assist for Dodge Ram 1500

2. Dee Zee DZ43204: A Heavy-Duty Truck Tailgate Assist Shock for Ford F150

ford f150 tailgate assist guideThinking over the fuel economy, the truck’s cargo bed aerodynamics’ improvements. Consider purchasing and installation of the suitable, waterproof and smooth tonneau cover for f150. Lowering the back tonneau door may be also considered for the purpose. But it’s not efficient, actually.

Therefore, to provide your convenience and complete safety during the cargo loading, think over the installation of the pick up truck-compatible, tailgate lift assist. It’s intended to adjust the tailgate’s slop angle, keeping it from falling down. The lifespan of your cherished pickup truck’s back door is extended, helping you to avoid additional vehicle maintenance expenditures.

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Additional information

One assist kit is sufficient, to be installed from the driver’s (left) side, preferably. No-drill mounting is entailed, as all the essential parts and consumables are enclosed to the parcel. The item is simply connected to the factory cables.

You would only need to tighten the bolt, using the common hand tools like the wrenches (torx-style or Allen ones). Several pieces of duct tape would be also helpful. Apply them to the mounting joints to prevent corrosion and the parts loosening issues. Some sticky strip is included, but it’s not efficient. The wrenches and a thread locker are available in the kit work well.

Thus, the tailgate hydraulic cylinder is installed within several minutes only, and it keeps the back truck’s bed door from dropping uncontrolled. So, it’s highly recommended to be purchased and installed by the truck owners by themselves or to be presented as a gift to the off-road driving enthusiasts.

  • fast installation;
  • intuitive, clear instructions with pictures;
  • all the essential tools and hardware included;
  • heavy-duty.
  • a bit noisy during the operation and slow in winter.


The tailgate assist for Ford F150 is perfect, heavy-duty and intuitive to install. It’s helpful in preventing the accidental tailgates’ crashing down, securing the stuff loading process.

Video instructions on install tailgate assist for Ford F150

3. Winunite Tailgate Assist for F-150: Easy to Install Tailgate Assist

easy to install tailgate assistHave you got a powerful Ford F-150 vehicle? You are lucky. It’s a great pickup truck. Your vehicle is luxurious and high-capacity. But it’s not the only reason to take pride in it. A wide range of accessories for this amazing off-road vehicle is available now. It would be difficult to select the best tailgate assist.

Manufacturers offer several top-quality options. Are there any differences? I guess this perfect accessory is made in China, as well as similar items. It’s top-quality and efficient. The tailgate assist works great. It lets your truck’s tailgate glide safely and slowly down. Open it easily when your hands are full of tools, equipment, luggage or bought items. It makes no noise.

Some information is deficient. Thus, this accessory is made of high-quality material. What is it? I guess it’s metal. This tailgate assist weighs several ounces more than similar products. Is it because of the Torx wrench? The parcel includes it. Meanwhile, manufacturers provide a 1-year warranty on this accessory. It’s sturdy and heavy-duty.

General Attention

Winunite tailgate assist fits 2004-2014 F-150 models. But not all of them. Is your vehicle flare-side? It might be called “step-side”. If its wheel wells are located outside of the bed, the accessory doesn’t fit your truck. The piston would be too long. The tailgate assist fit traditional, style-side vehicles.

Install it to flat bed wall panel, on the driver side. When wheel wells are inside, nothing prevents you from doing it. So, installation is easy. It takes 20-30 minutes. You don’t have to remove your tailgate panel or drill holes in it. Installation instructions are short but easy-to-follow. Pictures are available. Is the font too small? I don’t think so. It’s standard.

  • top-quality;
  • sturdy;
  • easy-to-install;
  • includes hardware.
  • fits only style-side F-150 vehicles.


Tailgate assist by Winunite fits style-side Ford F-150 models. It’s study, easy-to-install, top-quality. I highly recommend it.

4. YepWell Shock Struts: Good Tailgate Assist

good tailgate assistMy dear F-150 owners! Get one more offer now. If your trucks are produced in 2004 or 2014, you are seasonal drivers already. So, it’s time to use this perfect accessory. It keeps your tailgate from slamming down. The assist controls its drop rate. Now even your 6-year old son or daughter can open the tailgate easily and safely.

Well, what is the DZ43200 part number? It reminds me of a similar product by Dee Zee. But I guess, it’s indicated just for reference. Checking compatibility, you find your accessories easier. But it’s a different product. Its packing and materials are dissimilar.

So, I guess, quality of this product is a bit worse. It works. The tailgate assist is reliable. It withstands heavy-duty daily use. Install it on the driver’s side. Connect it to your available factory cable. Installation is not complicated. Find hardware in the package and follow the instructions. Only the application is a bit different.

Additional Information

The tailgate assist fits Crew, Extended and Standard Cab Ford F-150 models. If your vehicle was produced from 2004 to 2014, it might be your choice. Additionally, it fits 2006-2008 Lincoln Mark LT modifications.

  • wide compatibility;
  • good quality;
  • easy to operate;
  • efficient.
  • flimsy bracket and Torx wrench;
  • vague directions.


I highly recommend YepWell tailgate assist to Lincoln Mark LT owners. If it’s the only accessory that fits your vehicle, buy and install it. Do you have an F-150 pickup truck? Fortunately, better-quality offers for your vehicle are available. Difference in prices is insignificant. I would compromise it.

Final Verdict

Thus, when the tailgate of a car is supported by the hydraulic mechanisms, you may feel completely secure. The tailgate falling down, any damages or injuries are beneficially prevented. Fuel economy issues are definitely secondary to safety reasons while these tricks efficiency is quite controversial.

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