How to Lift Front End of Truck

Having got your powerful and impressive pickup truck, you may want to upgrade it, improving its off-road performance and making it look really cool. Additionally, you may need to level your vehicle, wondering, how to lift front end of truck.

Benefits and Disadvantages of Lifting Your Truck

how to lift front end of truck

Have you noticed that your brand-new pickup truck is a bit higher on the rear side? It’s not a delusion, actually. Most off-road vehicles’ manufacturers make their trucks come with lifted rear sides, enabling heavy cargo loading. It’s essential to compensate the difference, especially, if you mainly drive on highways, paved and city roads.

Having lifted the front of the truck, you’ll get:

  • more clearance;
  • possibility to fit much larger tires;
  • significant aesthetics improvements;
  • better handling (braking and traction, big bump absorption).

Having purchased and installed the best lift kit for Dodge Ram 2500, you amend your vehicle’ functionality, being able to traverse desert and mountain trails, rough terrain, easily and safely.

However, having raised a truck, you lose some higher end aerodynamics benefits (1-2 MPG). Large tow weight could be damaging for the trucks with the raised front ends, namely, the airbags. It might cause nasty vibrations and premature wear.

Therefore, it’s essential to pay attention to the suspension and the frame geometry, the shocks’ length. How to do it correctly, without compromising the ride? Let’s check.

How to Lift the Front of the Truck?

Upgrading your cherished vehicle in a safe and reliable way, without compromising its performance, is possible, using the following suspension system’s parts:

  • torsion bars;
  • coil or leaf springs;
  • solid axles;
  • air or independent suspension.

For instance, the best way to lift a truck 2 inches is to replace the coil springs on the truck’s front side and improve the rear leaf springs by adding more leaves. Body lift that implies accommodating of the gap between the truck frame, including lifting the body wiring, etc. is the cheapest way to lift a truck and the safest one. It doesn’t change the handling, ride, steering and the feel, as the suspension geometry itself is not changed, only the cab and the bed are lifted.

How to Lift a Truck with Torsion Bars?

Multiple four-wheeled truck models, including most Dodge Ram 2500 modifications are equipped with front-end torsion bar suspension systems. These durable metal parts that function as the springs are compact and long-lasting. Additionally, you can replace the torsion bars or adjust their height, by using torsion keys. An adjusting bolt is attached and the suspension becomes softer, the ride is smoother. Actually, it’s the easiest way to lift a truck, as it’s relatively simple, requiring minimal efforts and cash investments.

Spacer lifts can raise your Dodge Ram on 1-2 inches, being positioned between the suspension and its mounting location, from the bottom or top side. Air suspension (by means of smart height sensors) and independent suspension (changing the axle angles) lifts are quite efficient in small amounts (up to 2 inches), as well.

How to lift a truck 6 inches? Only a super-lift, advanced and professionally-designed kit would let you do it. However, don’t forget about driving safety, especially on highways with heavy traffic. Agricultural and farming applications of your massive and impactful vehicle should be also enabled. For example, when you need to go hunting, camping or fishing, on the mountain or desert trails. Or, in particular, for the transport of some large and heavy items, materials and food, this should also be possible. Any risks or enormous impacts on the truck, its systems and mechanisms are to be eliminated.

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