Best Seat Covers for Nissan Titan

best seat covers for nissan titan reviewsAre you a happy owner of this model? Then you need to take care of acquiring the best seat covers for Nissan Titan! Seat covers are among the most practical car interior accessories. Seat dry cleaning can be quite expensive, while washing covers is usually rather easy and budget-friendly.

Besides, with covers your seats will stay as good as new even after years of usage. Among other things, that adds up to the market price once you decide to sell your car. Sounds like cover seats have only advantages. Then why do so many people disregard them? A common reason is that people love the look of the stock seats and cannot find covers just as stylish and attractive.

Well, that problem can be solved in no time. In this review, we are going to present some of the best quality seat covers for Titan. These items definitely will not interfere with the style of your vehicle interior. With them, you will be able to enjoy all the benefits to their fullest.

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Best Seat Covers for Nissan Titan in 2024

  • Material - Carhartt fabric Black
  • Color/Design -
  • Features - Water-repellent
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  • Material - Faux leather
  • Color/Design - 12 designs
  • Features - Water-, dirt-,
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  • Material - Leather
  • Color/Design - Black
  • Features - Luxurious, high-status
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#4.Exact Seat Covers
  • Material - Neoprene
  • Color/Design - 8 designs
  • Features - Breathable, waterproof,
    stain-resistant, scratch-proof
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  • Material - Faux leatherette
  • Color/Design - 5 designs
  • Features - Universal and custom fit
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1. Covercraft – Best Nissan Titan Seat Covers (Waterproof)

nissan titan seat covers waterproofCovercraft covers are manufactured of proprietary Carhartt fabric. This brand is well-known for its high-end outerwear and industrial clothing. Aside from exceptionally durability, their fabric has other important features. It is fire-retardant and water-resistant – a perfect combination of qualities for vehicle upholstery. Each cover is embellished with the Carhartt logo and carries the brand’s classic styling.

Front row cover set includes matching headrests, armrests and a console cover. The layout of covers makes seat controls and safety elements fully accessible. Care recommendations are very straightforward – just throw them into a washing machine and let dry in the air afterward.

Additional Information

  1. Carhartt fabric.
  2. Black color.
  3. Front row.
  • Made of original Carhartt fabric, which is well-known for its robustness, quality craftsmanship and attention to detail.
  • Customized for each specific year and make of Nissan Titan.
  • Water-resistant.
  • Easy to wash.
  • The fabric may look somewhat crumpled due to the lack of stretch.


These covers are great for families with toddlers and pets, as well as for people whose everyday jobs require transportation of various objects in their vehicles. Made of original Carhartt fabric, they are particularly durable and stylish-looking.

2. CalTrend – Best Faux Leather Nissan Titan Truck Seat Covers

тissan titan leather seat coversThis faux leather cover is a more affordable and ethical alternative to leather. No doubts, leather adds a luxurious touch and speaks of the owner’s status. However, it is rather demanding and requires application of special cleaning techniques. Faux leather is considerably simpler to clean and maintain. Premium-quality leather imitation is almost indistinguishable from real leather, but costs a lot less and does not arouse any ethical issues.

CalTrend covers have texture and finish that look just like high-end natural leather seats. They are made of automotive-grade material, which is more wear-resistant than regular faux leather. Besides, they are resistant to UV-rays, which means that the colors will not fade even if continuously exposed to direct sunlight.

The set includes only covers for a rear bench with headrests. Computer-programmed design ensures a flawless fit for each particular model, year and make.

Features and Benefits

  1. Faux leather.
  2. Available in 12 color combinations.
  3. Rear bench with headrests only.
  • Made of premium-quality faux leather, which is practically indistinguishable from real leather.
  • Easy to maintain, does not require special care.
  • Fade-resistant, durable, wear-resistant, waterproof.
  • Available in a variety of designs to match individual styles and tastes.
  • American-made.
  • Matching front seat covers need to be purchased separately.
  • Can have a specific faux leather smell when new.


CalTrend covers are created with a high level of precision, which makes them almost indistinguishable from original seat lining. They are exceptionally durable and absolutely undemanding in terms of care. This is a great combination of style, practicality and affordability.

3. ZMAUTOPARTS – Best Nissan Titan Leather Seat Covers

faux leather car seat coversThese covers create an impression of an original all-leather interior thanks to the snug fit. Thanks to the precise sizing these covers create a sophisticated look and provide unparalleled travel experience during even the longest rides. This is all-natural automotive-quality leather, just like on stock seats in premium-segment vehicles.

Although leather is a demanding material, taking care of leather covers is even easier than of textile ones. Spills and dust do not penetrate inside the material, so regular wiping is sufficient to maintain the seats neat and in good condition. The main rule is to deal with spills and messes immediately.

Top-quality material ensures extra-durability and extended service life. Reinforced stitches prevent tearing along seams, which are generally considered the weakest spots in seat covers.

Features and Specifications

  1. Natural leather.
  2. Black color.
  3. OEM style.
  • Enhanced durability.
  • High-end materials and premium craftsmanship.
  • Perfect sizing for Nissan Titan Crew Cab S / SV / PRO-4X seats.
  • Classy, high-profile design.
  • Designed with armrests and back pockets for passenger convenience.
  • Only fit on textile seats.
  • Leather is rather sensitive to ultraviolet rays.


These seat covers will serve you years to come if cared for in a proper way. They are customized for 2016-2018 YOM Nissan Titan to create luxurious look and feel of real leather seats. However, you cannot use them to protect stock leather seats, since they are only suitable for textile seats.

4. Exact Seat Covers – Best Machine Washable Car Seat Covers

machine washable car seat coversThis brand offers a set of textile covers for bucket seats and a rear row. They are designed to accommodate side airbags, side controls and lumbar support control. All items come with headrest and armrest components. There is also a cover to accommodate a fold-down console with cupholders on the rear bench. Although this product is designed for Nissan Titan of 2005-2009 YOM, it might also fit some later versions of 2004 Nissan Titan.

The covers are made of durable poly-blend non-stretchy fabric. They feature a simple, but versatile black-and-gray design. Installation and size adjustment are enabled by Velcro straps and buckles. These covers might seem a little baggy, but that is only due to the lack of stretch in the fabric.

The covers can be washed in a machine, so care is not a problem at all. Rugged fabric is able to withstand long rides just as successfully as numerous washes. The fabric does not have a waterproof coating, but it is dense enough not to let the spill and dirt get through right away.


  1. Poly-blend fabric.
  2. Black and gray design.
  3. Designed for 2005-2009 Nissan Titan.
  • Designed to accommodate all components of Nissan Titan seats.
  • Machine washable fabric makes care easy and economical. No dry cleaning is required.
  • Neutral design goes with any car interior.
  • Straightforward installation.
  • The light-gray fabric is likely to catch dirt rather fast.
  • Non-stretchy fabric does not allow to achieve a sleek look as with other covers.


Exact Seat Covers offers a decent solution for earlier versions of Nissan Titan. The product is abrasion-resistant, well-sized and relatively easy to adjust. They might lack a classy appearance, but they will definitely safekeep your seats from damages, liquids and dirt.

5. OASIS AUTO Universal – Best Car Seat Covers for Hot Weather

car seat covers for hot weatherThese customized seat covers for Nissan Titan provide perfect protection and unparalleled style. The US-based manufacturer offers individual approach to each particular order. Each particular cover is manufactured in accordance with the measurements and configuration of the stock seat. That is why they fit perfectly 99% of times.

The item is made of leather. This fabric features several unique properties that make it ideal for automobile seat lining. It is waterproof, durable, resistant to ultraviolet, flame-retardant, easy to maintain, breathable and pleasant to the touch. Neoprene covers are rather thick and have shock-absorption properties.

The product comes in multiple color combinations to complement the design of your vehicle and reflect your individuality. They offer a simple and affordable way to style the car interior according to your tastes.

SCU covers accommodate all the engineering elements of each vehicle, including seat controls, seatbelts, air bags, between-seat console, etc.

Useful Features

  1. Material: leather.
  2. Color options: black, brown, tan, two-color design (black and other colors).
  3. Custom-made.
  • Durable, long lasting and resistant to tear, sunlight, water, oil and grime.
  • Breathable fabric feels comfortable against the skin.
  • Easy to care for.
  • Thick enough to protect the original upholstery from mechanical damage.
  • Multiple designs are available.
  • Great fit without the impression of bagginess or sagginess.
  • One-year limited warranty is provided.
  • Since this product is made to order, there is always a lead time on each order.


When we speak of style, protection, and value for the money, there is probably no better choice than leather seat covers. They add a sporty look to the car interior, making it even more stylish than it originally was. The main advantage of this particular product – customized production – is also a drawback, since it can create some issues. Mistakes in sizing can happen due to the human factor.

Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose a Good Seat Cover for Nissan Titan

Although seat covers are not among the vehicle essentials, they are surely very practical and worth investing into. For someone who has never dug into the subject, it might be hard to figure out which features and characteristics are really important, and which are just an icing on the cake. Material, color, design – these are the things people usually pay attention to. But that is not the most practical approach. We suggest that you look at that from a different angle and take the following characteristics into consideration:

  1. Durability.

As a responsible consumer, you probably expect seat covers of your choice to serve you for a decent period of time. That is only possible if they are made of durable materials, resistant to abrasion, scuffing and all kinds of impacts. Various materials have different properties. Some are only appropriate for mild use. Others, like Nissan Titan tactical seat covers, can withstand all kinds of use and abuse. They are essential for construction workers, farmers, adventure travelers and other people whose vehicles are exposed to rugged use. Such covers are usually rather expensive, but there are more affordable alternatives, such as neoprene.

  1. Resistance to water, dirt, oil, etc.

Protection is a generic  purpose of seat covers. They need to take in all the hardships that may happen on the ride – spills, pet accidents, messes, contacts with dirty and sharp objects, etc. It is highly advisable to choose seat covers that are water-resistant or at least have an insulating layer that does not allow spilled liquids to damage your seats.

  1. Ease of maintenance.

Like we said, accidents happen and it is impossible to keep things from getting on your seats. Naturally, they require regular cleaning. If taking care of covers is not your favorite chore, pick those that are as undemanding as possible. Perhaps the best choice in this respect is faux leather. If you prefer textile covers, choose the ones that are washer-friendly.

  1. Fit.

Many people do not like the baggy appearance of ill-fitted covers and prefer to skip them whatsoever. Finding the covers that are custom-made precisely for a specific vehicle is a far more rational idea. Many manufacturers provide such services. Snug fit makes your seats look as if there are no covers at all.

  1. Warranty.

This is a part many manufacturers and consumers overlook, but in our opinion it is important. Responsible manufacturers provide a limited warranty on seams. As we know, seams are the weakest part of seat covers.

  1. Compatibility.

Imagine you have found a perfect seat cover color combination, but turns out it does not match the rest of the interior. Wouldn’t it be great if you could find matching elements (such as Nissan Titan dash cover) to complete the look? Another situation is when you are buying covers only for one row of seats. Make sure there are matching covers for another row, just in case.


As a driver or a passenger you deal with seat covers on a daily basis and it is important that the experience you are having is the most enjoyable. Of course, if you are unwilling to spend a large sum of money, you can purchase temporary car seat covers for a start. But quite soon you will realize that quality covers would be more beneficial both for you and your vehicle. It is completely unnecessarily to spend a fortune on custom-made high-end products. There are a plenty of great options in all price segments. Some of them are presented in this review. Other brands that are not included to our list are also worth your attention (for instance, Coverking seat covers). The choice is up to you!

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